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The Best Gifts for Functional Fitness Athlete: A Shopping Guide for You

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Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, a special event, or even an apology, getting a gift for a fitness lover can be tricky. It’s even trickier when they’re a functional fitness athlet. So what are the best gifts for functional fitness?

In this article, I’ll suggest some amazing gifts for your functional fitness loved one that will blow their mind even if you’re on a budget. First, the short answer.

It’s only fitting that the best gifts for functional fitness athlets would be functional fitness equipment and accessories that they would love to take to the gym with them. You can get everything from books and jump ropes to dumbbells and a PYRO box.

Now, let’s get into the deep of it.

Functional Fitness Training

Gifts for unctional Fitness Athlet 

Are you scratching your head searching for functional fitness Christmas gifts to get a special man in your life? Perhaps it’s a birthday, or even a recent accomplishment you’d like to celebrate them for.

I’ve got the best functional fitness gifts for him and you can take your pick of the lot. In fact, whether man or woman, this list is guaranteed to light a bulb in your head. Let’s check it out…

Gifts for Less Than $50

Don’t cancel your gift plans just because you can’t afford to go premium. There are a ton of amazing gifts that can brighten up your favorite fitness athlet’sface, and they won’t even cost up to $50! Let’s have a look at some…

1. A Book About Functional Fitness

A book is one of the best presents you can get anyone, and a book about functional fitness is perfect for a functional fitness athlet . Hard Work Pays Off by Mat Fraser is super relatable and full of practical steps, especially for a beginner.

Mat Fraser doesn’t kid anyone in his book. There are no false promises of a six pack in one week, but he gives valuable information and tips to boost the efficiency of your exercises.

It’s full of assignments and exercises you can actually do, and get better. Get this book to help your functional fitness athlet push beyond their limits. After all, readers are leaders.

hard work pays off book

2. A Gift Card 

Gift cards can be really sweet and heartwarming when done right, and what better way to put a smile on your functional fitness athlet’s face than a functional fitness gift card? The Rogue Gift Card is guaranteed to be a hit with your functional fitness athlet. It comes in an eye-catching matte black color and you can customize it with a special message of your choice.

It’s pocket friendly and simple, but profound and heartwarming as well. It can also be readily available within 24 hours so it’s the perfect last minute gift.

Rogue Gift Card

3. A Jump Rope

The jump rope is one of the functional fitness gifts you can’t go wrong with because every functional fitness athlet will use a jump rope at some point in their fitness journey. It helps build muscle speed, control, and coordination. What’s amazing about this is that you can get not just any jump rope, but one of the best in the world.

The WOD Nation speed jump rope is as good as they come. It comes with an advanced bearing system that makes it spin super fast with nearly no friction to hold it back. It’s amazing for hitting incredible speeds, and that’s what functional fitness athlets are all about. Get the rope and watch them break into a huge grin.

WOD Nation speed jump rope

4. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are particularly great for strength training or physiotherapy. They help activate your functional fitness athlet’s muscles and control their movements to keep them in good form. Rogue Echo resistance bands are among the very best on the market.

These bands are made from durable latex rubber so you can rest assured they will serve for a long time. You can pick from the different color coded resistance levels depending on how hard your functional fitness goes.

Rogue Echo resistance bands

Bands 0-2 are good enough for some warm up or rehabilitation work; bands 3-4 will keep you strapped for some more intense movements like bench presses; and bands 5-7 are built to serve experienced functional fitness athlets doing high level movements.

5. Wrist Wraps

Another option among functional fitness gift ideas. Wrist pain when lifting is one of the functional fitness athlet worst nightmares. It’s an incredibly frustrating injury to sustain while lifting or doing any other movement. Wrist wraps reduce the risk of a wrist injury by miles, and none more than WBCM velcro weightlifting wrist wraps. They’re made to keep a functional fitness athlet’s wrist locked in form and to provide extra support.

WBCM velcro weightlifting wrist wraps

They come with a unique design that enables them to keep your functional fitness athlet’s wrist snug and comfortable as they provide top notch support during lifting. Put a smile on their face and help keep them safe all in one go!

6. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are one of the best additions you can make to your functional fitness athlets inventory. An alternative to barbells, kettlebells allow workouts that require more flexibility and ease of movement. They also help develop explosive power. As far as kettlebells go, you can’t do much better than a Rogue kettlebell.

Rogue kettlebell

It’s made of ductile iron which is better and more durable than the usual gray iron and features a beautiful E-coat finish that gives it an amazing rough texture that still allows easy cleaning.

Rogue Fitness then finishes off this exquisite work of craftsmanship with a gloss that rates an astonishing 22 GU(gloss units). For perspective, the Rogue powdercoat kettlebell has its gloss ratings between 0.5 and 1.5.

7. Lifting Straps

When lifting, grip is one of the biggest issues for functional fitness athlets. Getting a good grip on the barbell helps make the whole workout move smoothly as it should. Lifting straps help secure the functional fitness athlet’s grip by attaching their hand to the barbell. As far as wrist straps go, WBCM lifting wrist straps are as quality as it gets.

WBCM lifting wrist straps

They’re made to provide support and comfort to the wrist during lifting, and could become your functional fitness athlet’s favorite gym accessory. Put a huge smile on their face by helping make sure their arms stay steady and their grip remains true.

8. Grips

Lifting grips are another amazing gym accessory that helps functional fitness athlets keep a tight grip. They’re strapped on like wrist wraps, but come with a hanging part that fits around the barbell so that your wrist grips the barbell directly over it.

RIMSports weightlifting grips are of the highest quality. Made with a special, patented design, they come with a premium silicon padding that keeps your fitness athlet’s grip locked in no matter how heavy they’re lifting. It also comes with a lifetime warranty so you never have to replace it!

RIMSports weightlifting grips

9. A Shaker

The Blender Bottle V2 Shaker Bottle is a water bottle and then some. It’s perfect for making protein shakes or mixing up other fluids that are great for functional fitness athlets. There’s hardly anything more important than diet when it comes to fitness, and these fluids are a huge part of your fitness athlet’s journey. This is a chance to be part of that.

The Blender Bottle V2 Shaker Bottle

It can take up to 28 oz. and comes with a top notch, 360 degree whisk made from surgical steel. It’s nothing too fancy, but it gets the job done cleanly and efficiently. It also comes in different colors in case your functional fitness athlet is one for some variety.

10. Thumb Tape

In trying to get a good, firm grip on the barbell, functional fitness athlets often put their fingers under so much stress that their skin might blister. Lifting thumb tape is used to protect sensitive areas from all that stress to keep the skin fresh.

The WBCM lifting thumb tape is professionally designed by world and European champion, Oleksiy Torokhtiy, so you know it’s built for the big boys. It’s made from cotton and is extra stretchy so that your skin remains snug underneath it. It comes in different colors, too, so what’s not to love? If your functional fitness athlet likes to stack massive weights, this is a perfect gift.

WBCM lifting thumb tape

11. Water Bottle

Special diets and protein shakes are cool, but water remains a basic necessity for the human body. Staying hydrated, especially during workouts, will only boost your productivity and keep functional fitness athlets healthy. This makes the H20 Capsule a total no brainer.

H20 Capsule

It can take up to 2.2 liters of water, or whatever else your functional fitness athlet fancies without any leaks. It also comes with a mindblowing storage feature that allows your functional fitness athlet to store your phone and other small items in the water bottle itself. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

12. Grids

Foam rolling is part of a set of techniques called self-myofascial release techniques. It essentially helps to warm up the body and loosen muscles, especially if there’s any tightness or soreness.

It also serves as a form of self massage and helps improve body posture. It’s a super effective way for functional fitness athlets to warm up before a workout or recover after a workout.

The Grid from Rogue Fitness is the perfect foam roller for your functional fitness athlet. It’s designed to replicate the hands of a skilled massage therapist in 3 main areas.

The Grid from Rogue Fitness

The high and firm areas represent fingers,the tubular areas simulate the grip of outstretched fingers, while the low and flat areas simulate the palm. It’s up there among the best gifts for functional fitness lovers, a makeshift spa experience, if you like.

13. Protein

You probably know this, but I’ll say it again for emphasis. There’s hardly anything more important to a functional fitness athlet than diet. Whey protein is one of the most important nutrients for boosting performance, strength, and muscle mass.

Top on the list of the most reliable protein powders on the market is the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

It’s the best selling whey protein in the world, and not without good reason. There’s no specific formula on how to take it, whether before or after meals and exercises. It also comes with no banned substances so there’s no chance of you accidentally getting a loved one disqualified during a competition.

Your functional fitness athlet definitely knows this product, you can even impress them with your knowledge.

14. A Training Bag

Get your functional fitness athlet a bag that can take all their gym accessories so they don’t leave anything lying around. A bag helps keep all the equipment safe and helps maintain order and organization. Once setup, all your functional fitness athlet has to do with a good training bag is pick it up and head out.

NOBULL Waxed Canvas Traditional Duffle

nobull canva bag
  • Capacity: 31.66 L
  • Type of a bag: Duffle
  • Dimensions: 24’’L x 12’’W x 7’’D
  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Ivory, alpine, toffee, black, grey, fallen rock
  • Best for (men/women/unisex): Unisex
  • Best uses for: Gym, travel, weekend trips
  • Shoe compartment: No
  • Additional features: Water resistant YKK® Uretek zippers; Two interior side pockets and one slip pocket on the outside; Adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap with lockable length adjustment
  • Package: Bag

The best option on the market is the NOBULL Waxed Canvas Traditional Duffle. It’s made from durable waxed canvas and it’s built to withstand the rigors of daily use, travel, gym, etc. The spacious main compartment gives you enough room to carry anything you need and the pockets keep things organized.

Gifts for Less Than $100

If your budget is more than $50, but still lurking below $100, here are some amazing options for you…


The latest reviews of must-have home gym training equipment, apparel, and supplements that will enhance your performance and bring you new results.

1. Weightlifting Belt

If your beloved functional fitness athlet is a heavyweight lifter or looking to start lifting, a weightlifting belt is a superb gift. A weightlifting belt helps lifters strengthen their core by building up intra abdominal pressure. It also provides extra support to the back and helps stabilize lifters as they master the form and technique or push their maximum weights higher.

The WBCM leather weightlifting belt is built to take heavy weights. It’s made from leather and comes with a steel double prong buckle that makes it strong enough to take all the punishment without flinching. Help your loved one break past that plateau safe and sound.

WBCM leather weightlifting belt

2. Knee Sleeves

Most functional fitness movements involve bending of the knee, and injury can be painful and tedious to nurse. Like wrist wraps for the wrist, a knee sleeve provides awesome support to the functional fitness athlet’s knee.

It also compresses the knee so that blood flow is increased in the knee to reduce pain or inflammation. The compression also doesn’t limit movement in any way so your functional fitness athlet can be as flexible as they want.

Rogue knee sleeves are built to provide firm and comfortable support. They’re made from a special blend of material to ensure durability and efficient service, especially effective when the functional fitness athlet is already struggling with some knee pain.

Rogue knee sleeves

If this sounds like something your functional fitness athlet is going through, imagine the smile on their face when they see a much needed source of relief.

Gifts for More Than $100

If you want to go premium, the more the merrier. Here are some amazing gifts that will have your functional fitness athlet’s hanging.

1. Functional Fitness Shoes

Whatever anyone sets out to do, it’s important to ensure they have the right footwear. Functional fitness shoes are specially designed to keep functional fitness athlets safe, boost the effectiveness of their workouts, and have them looking good while they’re at it.

There’s one shoe that combines an eye-catching look with topnotch efficiency for exercising. The Nike Metcon 7 Amp for men is a functional fitness athlet’s paradise. It provides a solid footing and enough aeration to keep your fitness arhlet’s feet comfortable.

If there’s a special man on your mind, this is the perfect functional fitness arhlet gift for him.

Nike Metcon 7 Amp

2. Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are an awesome, but often overlooked, alternative to barbells and kettlebells. They activate arm muscles much more than a barbell and train balance and control into the arms. They also allow more flexibility and wider range of movements than the barbell. When talking about functional fitness gift ideas, this is a personal favorite.

The Bowflex Select Tech adjustable dumbbells are a premium, high quality gift that will send your fitness arhlet’s mind spinning. It’s adjustable from 5 lb. to 52 lb., and is awesome for full body strength training.

Bowflex Select Tech adjustable dumbbells

It also comes with a one year JRNY membership which features access to training classes and many other cool stuff. Why stop at a gift for one day when you can make it year long?

3. A PLYO Box

PLYO boxes are great for jumping exercises and help build explosiveness and agility. These jumps also increase muscle control and burn through calories. Rogue PLYO boxes are my top recommendation in this category. They’re solid, easy to assemble, and come with a one year warranty just in case you run into problems. Your functional fitness arhlet will not see it coming.

Rogue PLYO boxe

Pair up your PLYO box with Rogue Lacrosse balls and you’ve got a complete package for explosive power development. If you think the PLYO box alone would impress your functional fitness athlet, imagine the look on their face when they see the pair.

And yes, you will be excited seeing your friend’s face after unpacking it 🙂

Rogue Lacrosse ball


What’s the Best Gift for a Functional Fitness Athlet?

The best gift for a functional fitness athlet is anything that would make them better at what they love so much. Whether it’s a book about functional fitness, a super cool accessory, or a heavyweight dumbbell, I’m sure your functional fitness athlet would be in love. 

What’s the Best Present for a Functional Fitness Girl or Woman?

Whether it’s your wife, daughter, or any other important woman in your life, the best functional fitness gifts for her are right there on the list. You can go for something feminine like a good skin prep and pain reliever ointment. You can also go for something that works both ways like functional fitness shoes.


The best gifts for functional fitness athlets are things that help them do what they love so much. You no longer have to scratch your head thinking of a gift for him whenever those special occasions roll around. Pick from the best Christmas gifts for functional fitness athlets you will find anywhere and leave them with a big, silly grin on their face. Not just Christmas, too, because who says gifts must be once a year? Not me, that’s for sure.

I’d like to hear from you now. What gift caught your attention the most? Is there anything you know your functional fitness athlet would love to get? Did I leave out any other amazing functional fitness gift ideas? Talk to me in the comments!

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