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Best Gifts For Weightlifters in 2024

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Whether it is the festive season approaching or when you have a few birthdays coming up, surprising your friends with the best gifts for weightlifters will be highly appreciated among lifters. The following weightlifter gift ideas would allow you to spoil some of your friends and your relatives when you can.

We have identified gifts for lifters from all walks of life. Bodybuilders, weightlifters, and fitness enthusiasts should find some great use for these gifts if they are to buy something for a specific time of year we often celebrate.

What are the best gifts for weightlifters? Gifts like wrist wraps, weightlifting belts and trainers are all useful gifts. Smaller gifts like water bottles and event protein power can save them some money. We could also recommend adding a good book or gift voucher as interesting gifts.

Best Gifts For Weightlifters

Best Gifts for Weightlifters

When it comes to finding gifts for your weightlifter friends, it could often be daunting. However, there are a host of different gifts that are great for people in the fitness industry. These range from the coveted wrist wraps to the weightlifting belt and things like the water bottle thrown in for good measure as affordable gift ideas for bodybuilders or weightlifters.

Gifts for Less Than $50

Weightlifting gear and accessories might seem expensive, but they don’t need to be. For less than $50, there is a multitude of different gifts that your friends and family members could use for years to come. The following gifts are some of the best affordable gifts to use when you are lifting weights.

1. Wrist Wraps

One of the important safety and support accessories fitness enthusiasts always need is a solid set of wrist wraps. Once you have a good pair of wraps, you have some support and you can easily make sure that your wrist is protected. The WBCM Premium Velcro Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps are an effective option, which provides incredible stability and comfort.

They are multifunctional, which means you can buy these wraps for anyone lifting weight, whether they do fitness, powerlifting, or when casually working out in the gym. The combination of a thumb loop and solid Velcro strapping means they should stay in place sufficiently while you are working out.

If you have a friend that enjoys lifting weights of any kind, the wrist wraps from WBCM would make the perfect professional gift. The other upside is that these wraps are not that expensive either, ensuring you have excellent value.

WBCM Premium Velcro Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

2. Lifting Straps

One of the best gift ideas for bodybuilders is the WBCM Lifting Straps. These lifting straps are designed by a professional powerlifter for other lifters of all kinds and the unique design certainly makes it stand out. The combination of heavy-duty cotton, leather, and neoprene ensures you have a durable lifting strap to last you many years.

The maximum weight for these straps according to a strength test has been rated at over 770-pounds, which means the average lifter should have plenty of functionality when using them. They are available to fit all sizes and include great moisture-wicking capabilities. This means you can use them for prolonged periods.

WBCM is becoming one of the most well-established brands due to the science backing their products and with such affordability, these barbell straps would ensure you have great safety when performing lifts. You should consider buying them as one of the ultimate gifts for yourself or some of your weightlifter friends during the festive season.

WBCM Lifting Straps

3. Gift Card

Unless you spend every minute with your friends, it is often hard to know what they have or how you can support them with new gear. The gift card is a great way of giving them something but ensuring that they can find the products they need. Gift cards are now also digital, which means they work for online purchases.

The Rogue Gift Card would give the person full access to the Rogue store. You can buy gift cards of almost any price you desire, which means if you see something your friend might like, you can buy a gift card if you are unsure about sizing. The Rogue gift card should allow them to buy any of their wonderful fitness products.

Since these gift cards can be purchased at any value, you can easily find the one you could afford. This is a great way to find a balance between you affording a gift and giving something to someone. We would recommend the Rogue gift card for those that are unsure about which gift they need to buy.

Rogue gift card

4. T-Shirt

We all need something comfortable and breathable for training and when you look at some of the elite brands; it is easy to see why many people avoid them due to pricing. However, the WBCM Men’s T-Shirt V2 Classic is one of the most unique t-shirt options available and features 95% cotton and 5% elastane for comfort and durability.

The benefit of these materials is that you can wear them for all fitness endeavors and the moisture-wicking would ensure the shirt is dried out rapidly whilst you are working out. You can also wear these shirts for everyday activities due to their stylish design. The real kicker is the miniature workout program on the back, which gives an aura of professionalism.

You can find these shirts in various sizes, but keep in mind that they should be washed with similar colors to ensure that colors do not rub off on one another. Compared to some of the elite brands, this is one of the more affordable options. We would heavily recommend this shirt for the overall value it offers.

Warm Body cold Mind t-shirt v2

5. Shaker Bottle

One of the first changes we often make when working out is diet. While you can still rely on whole foods, things like protein shakes and smoothies often work wonders to get all your micronutrients and ensure your macros are accounted for. The shaker is the perfect blender bottle, allowing you to mix your favorite shakes on the go.

The BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle offers you a 28-ounce capacity (goes up to 45oz), with markings, which go up to 22 ounces. Due to the design, you can even carry the shaker in your car and the design makes it perfect to fit into various cup holders. The blender ball and inner whisk would simplify the blending process.

A shaker is a great tool to have and you will eventually find yourself using them for your protein shakes or other shakes you prefer when working out. Instead of buying one of the most expensive brands for the name, this one is ideal and offers the ultimate functionality.

Blender Bottle shaker bottle

6. Lifting Tape

One of the most frustrating parts of working out, especially with heavier weight is calluses. While you can deal with these when training, they become frustrated when you are lifting in competitions. Eventually, the calluses would rip open and this can expose the open skin causing a painful burning sensation.

The WBCM Lifting Thumb Tape is one of the ultimate options you could use and its tearable design makes it easy for you to set up the tape over your hands and palms. The tape is designed to give you a grip when you are using it and provides exceptional relief for almost all parts of your hands while providing additional grip.

At such an affordable price, those that prefer not wearing gloves and want to improve their grip while minimizing skin tears should consider this tape. It is one of the easiest and most effective options you could use to improve lifting performance without buying expensive gear. You can even buy bulk orders, which would include free shipping for more than 48-rolls.

Warm Body Cold Mind lifting thumb tape

7. Jump Rope

While not everyone prefers cardio with the jump rope, it remains one of the best options for those looking to lose some weight and burn calories. The jump rope allows the average person to burn anywhere between 200 and 300 calories in 15-minutes, but which jump rope option should you consider for your workout?

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is one of the best options on the market today and offers a variety of different features that make them impressive. The 2.5mm coated cable is small and would easily pass through underneath your feet, while the 10-foot length is adjustable when you need something shorter for exercising.

Aside from the fast bearings, this should be one of the tools in your kit you get great use from when working out. While you might find cheaper options available, none of them have the same quality features. This should be one of the ultimate jump ropes for performance.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

8. Bottle for Water

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things that you could do. However, finding the right container to store your water in is also important for training. The 2.2-liter Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve is one of the most functional and elegant options on the market today and features a customizable sleeve.

This would allow the user to store their water bottle and keep it cool for extended periods, while also providing solid storage for things like straws. The bottle is leakproof and BPA-free, which also makes it the healthier water bottle option. We like the additional storage sleeve, which keeps your phone safe and out of harm’s way when training.

There are numerous other options for you to rely on, which might be cheaper, but none of the competing water bottles have these same features that would ensure you have adequate storage. It is easy to drink from and we would recommend it for anyone looking to ensure hydration whilst working out.

H2 Capsule water bottle

9. Lifting Chalk

Having a secure grip when lifting heavy weights is an important part of working out. You will need to make sure the weights do not slip from your hands and the WBCM liquid chalk provides you with the ultimate opportunity to do this.

Aside from giving you extra grip, it would help to reduce the effects of weights that could lead to significant skin injuries. It also helps when opening those frustrating jars that often need plenty of hot water to loosen the lid. The liquid chalk would provide an excellent grip, which could also improve your lifting capabilities.

If you have a friend, who is a serious lifter, the lifting chalk would be a great way to treat them if you want to buy a gift. Amateur lifters rarely buy chalk, but if they receive it as a gift, they could learn the value of it and improve their performance. This would be a great way to help your friends improve their lifting performance at a cheap price.

Warm Body Cold Mind liquid chalk

10. Protein Powder

Aside from creatine, protein powder is one of the most studied supplements on the market today. It not only provides essential amino acids, which speed up recovery but serves as the building blocks for muscle growth. The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is one of the most popular options on the market today.

It provides around 24 grams of protein per serving, which only adds 120 calories to your diet. It has set an incredibly high standard for other protein powders, which is why it is still used as the measuring stick when people come across new protein powders. With simple mixing and great flavors, it would be one of the ideal products.

Many might argue that Optimum Nutrition is an expensive brand, but with all the scientific evidence backing the product, you truly get what you are paying for. If you are unsure which protein power you should choose among the hundreds of brands, this should be one of the best options you could consider.

Gold Standard whey protein

11. Training Bag

NOBULL Waxed Canvas Duffle

nobull canva bag
  • Capacity: 31.66 L
  • Type of a bag: Duffle
  • Dimensions: 24’’L x 12’’W x 7’’D
  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Ivory, alpine, toffee, black, grey, fallen rock
  • Best for (men/women/unisex): Unisex
  • Best uses for: Gym, travel, weekend trips
  • Shoe compartment: No
  • Additional features: Water resistant YKK® Uretek zippers; Two interior side pockets and one slip pocket on the outside; Adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap with lockable length adjustment
  • Package: Bag

You can have all the gear in the world, but you need somewhere efficient to store this gear when you are traveling.

NOBULL Waxed Canvas Duffle is a fantastic choice, especially if you get it as a present for someone. Its quality is exceptional and the rugged style is hard not to like. 

The bags is made of waxed canvas and it has durable YKK Uretek zippers. It can withstand anything – intense workouts, different weather conditions, travel, weekend getaways, and more. It has two interior pockets and a convenient slip pocket on the outside. The interior is very spacious and the bag doesn’t get bulky once you fill it up.

There are two traditional straps, plus an adjustable shoulder strap to make carrying it easy. The adjustable strap features a lockable length adjustment mechanism, which means it stays in place regardless of your movements. The total capacity of the bag is 31.66 liters, which is very generous. 

This is ideal for anyone who appreciates a bag that is a blend of style, functionality, and durability.

12. Barbell Collars

Once you have the weights loaded on the barbell, they are still loose and you can find them falling off if you are not balanced when working out. The barbell collars are the perfect option that would keep your plates safe and secure while working out. It also prevents injuries if the plates tilt in one or the other direction.

The WBCM Barbell Collars Pro is one of the most fascinating options on the market today and features a simple locking mechanism that clips over the bar instead of having to slide it into the weights from the side. They have been crash-tested, which makes these collars efficient when you do exercises that require you to drop the bar.

These collars are available in a variety of colors and they are inexpensive for the value they provide. In essence, you will only ever need two of these collars and they fit over all 2-inch Olympic bars. This would make the perfect once-off gift for someone looking to expand their gear if they are just starting.

WBCM Barbell Collars Pro

13. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are some of the most underrated training accessories and many people only start incorporating them later on in their lifting career. Resistance bands help lifters with general mobility work while adding additional resistance to some of your lifts. They have universal uses when it comes to fitness.

The Rogue Echo Resistance Bands are some of the best options on the market today and you can find them in a variety of resistance levels. The resistance levels vary by color to ensure that each person can find the ideal resistance band they would need. They are portable and easy to carry along, and you can also use them by themselves for workouts.

These resistance bands vary in price depending on the level of resistance they offer. However, they are also seen as a once-off purchase. You will only need to buy resistance bands once and they should ensure you have optimal functionality for your workouts.

Rogue resistance bands

14. Weightlifting Socks

Wearing the right footwear when weightlifting is important and often improves the lifting capabilities due to the comfort it provides. The WBCM Long Weightlifting Socks are knee-high in their design and they are constructed from antimicrobial yarn. The additional mesh helps to dissipate heat and moves moisture away from your feet.

One of the great features that all lifters would enjoy is the targeted cushioning of these socks. They provide additional comfort to the footbed of the lifter, which improves shock absorption. To reduce significant foot fatigue, you can heavily rely on arch support, which should make it much easier for users.

While lifting socks are not mandatory, serious lifters know the importance of being comfortable when lifting heavy weights. Not only does it improve lifting confidence, but reduces pain and fatigue. As a gift, this would be one of the best options to ensure you remain comfortable and functional when working out.

Warm Body Cold Mind weightlifting socks

Gifts for Less Than $100

If you have serious lifters like your friends or family, treating them with something a bit more expensive is often a great way to help them improve. There are numerous gifts for you to choose from, but the following options are some of our favorites when it comes to weightlifting gifts. Here are a few that we would recommend:

1. Weightlifting Belt

The weightlifting belt is the ideal gift for powerlifters and bodybuilders pushing their limits. While there are hundreds of lifting belts on the market today, the WBCM Leather Weightlifting Belt is one of the top options on the market today and the belt features two layers of leather protection with a flexible edge for mobility.

Users can choose from one of 7 different lengths for this belt and durable pronged rollers would ensure that it does not slip or move around when you are using it. It also fits the IWF standard height of 10cm while having an ergonomic shape that would automatically contour around your torso.

Users can choose from the numerous available sizes, which should enable each person looking for a new belt to find some use for these. They are reasonably priced and much like other accessories, you only need to buy one of these belts and it could last you a lifetime.

WBCM Leather Weightlifting Belt

2. Knee Sleeves

As lifters get older, they often suffer from pain around the joints. The knees are some of the first joints to start showing signs of possible injury or pain. However, the Rogue 5mm Knee Sleeve is one of the most functional options for those looking to work through the pain and deal with possible injuries.

It is only 5mm thick but offers enough compression to keep your knees from buckling and also ensures safe movement when performing movements like the squat or deadlift. The main purpose of these knee sleeves is to help the lifter be more comfortable, without directly obstructing their range of motion and damaging the form.

They tend to be expensive and you might find cheaper options available, but testing reveals that some of the cheaper brands could significantly restrict the range of motion and they often compress too much. These Rogue knee sleeves also dissipate moisture efficiently, reducing the build-up of sweat, which could force you to take them off.

Rogue 5mm Knee Sleeve

3. Weightlifting Shoes

Like the weightlifting socks, the footwear you choose could make or break your workout routine. Having the right shoes would give you stability on the ground and ensure that you don’t have to deal with significant foot fatigue. For this reason, we have chosen the Reebok Men’s Lifter PR II Cross Trainer for lifting

The shoe features an EVA midsole, which molds to the shape of your foot when you are wearing them. They include a breathable upper, which should enable air to comfortably pass through the shoe when you need some breathability.

However, one of the main reasons for us including a shoe like this has to be the price. Lifting shoes can often cost you hundreds of dollars, especially from the top brands. Fortunately, these shoes are functional and offer you the best possible value for your money, whilst improving your lifting. If you are looking for gifts for a bodybuilder, this is a gift you should choose.

Reebok Men’s Lifter PR II Cross Trainer

Gifts for More Than $100

Buying a more expensive gift would be perfect if you have serious weightlifting friends. Weightlifting can be an expensive hobby and if someone assists you with a few gifts throughout the years, it does help the budget somewhat. If you want to buy an expensive gift, here are a few that you can choose from that we would recommend:


The latest reviews of must-have home gym training equipment, apparel, and supplements that will enhance your performance and bring you new results.

1. Adjustable Dumbbells

Visiting the gym each day is not always possible. Since we tend to spend most of our daily lives working, it can be tiresome to visit the gym each day. However, a set of custom dumbbells would help to keep your workouts flowing at home. It would save you plenty of time driving to the gym and waiting for weights during peak times.

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells can replace up to 15 sets of dumbbells and range from 5 pounds to 52-pounds. There is no need for constantly removing plates as they simply click off when you turn the dial on the sides of the dumbbells.

Since these dumbbells can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of different weights, they are ideal for training every aspect of your body. The only downside is the price, but you can use them forever, and should be the perfect once-off gift. You can also buy them for yourself to start training at home before hitting the gym.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

2. Barbells

If you want to expand on the home gym and you want to perform more functional weightlifting exercises, you could consider a barbell. Much like you would find in the gym, the Rogue 45LB Ohio Power Bar is one of the top options on the market and features a 205,000PSI steel bar with the ideal setup for standard plates.

It features a patented knurl pattern, which means you won’t need additional cushioning for exercises like squats and the bar would work without being abrasive or having sharp edges that would constantly press into your neck.

Unfortunately, the barbell does not come with any weight, but it features the universal sizing that you need to load normal plates on the bar. Essentially, the bar would be ideal for powerlifters but would work for almost any form of working out.

Rogue 45LB Ohio Power Bar

3. Lifting Singlet

WBCM Weightlifting Compression Singled S-2

wbcm siglet s-2
  • Material: Supplex Sport
  • Inseam: n/a
  • Sizes: S to XXL
  • Color palette: Black with Blue/Yellow Print on the side

Clothing can play an important role when it comes to weightlifting. Lifters need some mobility and freedom to ensure the range of motion is not hampered by any means. The lifting singlet is one of the best clothing items, which ensures this full range of motion and makes lifting easier.

WBCM Weightlifting Compression Singled S-2 is designed to meet the needs of serious lifters. It’s made of Supplex Sport, which is a specialized kind of material that enhances durability and longevity and it can withstand super intense workouts. 

The singlet is reinforced in high-contact areas and this ensures that the singlet maintains its integrity over time. It offers reliable support and protection in areas where it matters most. But durability is not the only amazing feature this singlet has – it also looks great!

The color palette of black with blue and yellow print on the sides adds a touch of flair and makes it stand out, and the use of sublimation on the side panels makes sure that the brand logo retains its vibrant, crisp colors even after you’ve washed it a bunch of times.

The color doesn’t bleed at all. The sizes range from S to XXL, so anyone can find their size easily.


What Does Every Weightlifter Need To Get Started?

Depending on your goals and what you aim to accomplish, the gear that you need might vary from one person to the other. The best gifts for bodybuilders might not be the same as powerlifting gifts. However, some of the most important gear items to consider would be weightlifting clothing like the singlet. Additionally, having the right socks and shoes would ensure the perfect range of motion without necessitating possible injuries.

Additional accessories like wrist wraps and lifting straps can be added to your gear over time and you will notice the difference these could make when it comes to your performance. Adding to the most important gear items, the WBCM Leather Weightlifting Belt is one of the best Christmas gifts for bodybuilders.

Which Gift Any Weightlifter Will Appreciate?

Before you buy the best gifts for powerlifters, you should consider asking your weightlifting friends what they already have. Most weightlifters will add new gear items to their arsenal over time and you want to avoid buying any duplicate items.

Since weightlifting is already an expensive sport when we factor in things like memberships to fitness clubs and diets, the WBCM Leather Weightlifting Belt is something every weightlifter would appreciate. Instead of having to buy a cheaper belt, you can surprise them with this full leather belt and it would make a big difference to their performance. We would recommend it among the top bodybuilder gifts you can buy.


Whether it is Christmas gifts for weightlifters or you have Black Friday deals approaching, gifts can always make the heart smile and for weightlifters, there are numerous gifts you can choose from. Whether you are reading this to buy a gift or you want someone to buy you a gift for weightlifting, we would love to read your comments on the best gift ideas for weightlifters

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