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Top 3 Exercises for Jerk Dip & Drive

An important condition for a high result in jerk is the quality of the phases – dip and drive. Athletes often perform the dip too quickly or shortly, and drive – not powerful enough or not in full amplitude.

Top 3 Exercises for Jerk Dip & Drive

These mistakes may have several reasons:

  • lack of movement understanding;
  • insufficient technical and coordination work;
  • low strength levels in muscle groups that perform these elements.

These are my TOP 3 exercises for working out the dip and drive and strengthening muscle stabilizers.

1. Jerk With a Pause in a Dip + Jerk

The complex is for working out drive amplitude and jerk power. At first, the athlete performs a smooth dip with a pause at the lower point and pushes out the bar from “dead point”, after this performs the jerk with an emphasis on an instant switching from dip to drive. There is an option of performing in push jerk and split jerk. The recommended period: preparatory. Load: up to 80%, 1-2 reps per exercise.

2. Jerk Drive With a Pause + Jerk Drive

The complex is for working out the dip stability, strength and power of drive. The athlete performs a smooth dip with a pause at the lower point and powerfully straightens the legs, simulating the drive of the bar from the “dead point”, then performs the dip and drive with an emphasis on an instant switching from the dip to drive. The recommended period: preparatory. Load: up to 110%, up to 2-4 reps.

3. Jerk Support

This exercise needs the static work performance for a time (4-8 sec). Holding the bar with heavy weight (100% and up to 120%) leads to the development of the starting position before the JERK, and also makes it possible to work out the muscular feeling and balance of all parts of the body with a heavy weight on the chest.


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Performing this exercise well helps to cope with a feeling of fear of the weight and pressure of the barbell in preparation for JERK from the chest, and also strengthens the stabilizers.

Remember that if in this exercise you planned a heavy load (100% or more), and before there were front squats, you can simply add the weight of 10%, but if before front jerk or pull was performed, it is better to start to perform JERK SUPPORT with 70-80% and with a 10% to move up. For safety reasons, this exercise is best performed from the racks or blocks.

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