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My Top 3 Exercises for the Split Jerk Stability

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One of the problems in split jerk is poor stability when fixing the bar over the head. Athletes often find the mechanics of clear foot putting hard, uncomfortable or not clear.

My Top 3 Exercises for the Split Jerk Stability

There are several decisions:

  • Understanding and practice of technology as a whole. Recommend working out with Split MAP (VIDEO)
  • Performing special exercises for stabilizer muscles and working out this phase of the movement.

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This is my top 3 exercises for the split jerk stability:

1. Push Press in Split Position

An auxiliary exercise is for the training of coordination and muscle strength of stabilizers in the split position. The split position must correspond to the working split position during the Jerk. The dip and drive must be performed at the minimum but the comfortable amplitude.

The duration of bar fixation overhead is 2-3 seconds. Recommend performing the exercise both in the working position and in the opposite one to avoid asymmetry of muscle tone and harmonious load distribution. The recommended period: preparatory and transitional. Load: light and medium, 3-4 sets, 3-6 reps per side.

2. Press in Split Position + OHS

This exercise is for the training of coordination, core muscle strength and upper body stabilizers. The starting position in split must correspond to the working split position during the Jerk. First, one performs all presses, overhead squats into full amplitude.

Perform a set on one side and then the next set on the other one to avoid muscle tone asymmetry. The recommended period: preparatory and transitional. Load: light and medium, 3-4 sets, 3-6 reps per side.

3. Drop Split Jerk

An auxiliary exercise is for working out the drop under the bar. The exercise is performed with PVC, in the warm-up, as well as to develop the technique of this element. The athlete takes the starting position – standing on toes, PVC is on the head, hands are relaxed.

It is necessary to go down as quickly as possible to the position of bar fixation above the head. An important point of this exercise is that the athlete should try not to push the PVC, but on the contrary push against. The recommended period: preparatory, transitional and sometimes competitive. Load: 2-4 sets, 4-8 reps.

Write in comments about your exercises to improve stabilization in the split jerk.


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