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6 Day Olympic Weightlifting Program

Olympic weightlifting, an intricate blend of power, technique, and determination, requires dedicated training.

For those eager to dive deep into this discipline or refine their edge, a meticulous six-day regimen can be a good plan for comprehensive competition preparation. 

6 Day Olympic Weightlifting Program

Make sure to provide 10-15 min warmup before and cool down and stretching after each session.

How to read Olympic weightlifting training plan load

In Olympic weightlifting and strength training there is a standard form of writing planned load. Coach give a prescribtion that athletes need to do on the each training in specific way.

Let`s talke a look on certain example:

It means that in this specific exercise – Back Squat, athlete will do for
1 set for 4 reps on 50%, 3 sets for 4 reps on 65%, 1 set for 4 reps on 75%,

% – counts from actual 1 RM, means that if your current 1 RM 100 kg (220 lbs), athlete work 1 set for 4 reps on 50% – 50 kg (110 lbs), 3 sets for 4 reps on 65% – 65 kg (143 lbs), 1 set for 4 reps on 75% – 75 kg (165 lbs)

Day 1

Specific Warm-up (2 rounds)
Good Morning 8 reps
Box Jump 6 reps
PVC Muscle Snatch + OHS – 6+6 reps

50% 2/3+2; 60% 2/2+2; 70% 3/2+1

Snatch High PULL
60% 2/4; 70% 3/3

50% 3/3; 60% 1/3; 70% 2/3; 75% 2/2

Female Squat Back View

Day 2

Specific Warm-up (2 rounds)
Hyperextension 10 reps
Gakk Squat 15 reps
PVC HIP Clean BALANCE 6 reps

CLEAN from blocks + Front SQUAT
50% 2/3+2; 60% 2/3+2; 70% 3/2+2

CLEAN Pull from blocks
70% 2/3; 80% 2/3; 90% 2/2

Military PRESS with Rubber Bands 3 sets / 5 reps

Day 3

Specific Warm-up (2 rounds)
Reverse Hyperextension 10 reps
PVC Snatch Balance 6 reps
PVC Snatch onto the plates 6 reps

SNATCH + Hang SNATCH above knee
50% 2/1+3; 60% 1/1+); 70% 2/1+1; 75% 2/1+1

Snatch Hang PULL above knee
60% 1/3; 70% 2/3; 80% 2/

50% 2/3; 60% 1/3; 70% 2/3; 80% 1/2; 90% 2/2

Depth Jump 3 sets /5 reps

Deadlift Outdoor

Day 4

Specific Warm-up (2 rounds)
Good Morning 8 reps
PVC Elbows Rotation 8 reps
PVC Muscle Clean + Sots Press 6+6 reps

50% 2/3; 60% 2/2; 70% 3/2;

50% 2/2+3; 60% 1/1+3; 70% 2/1+2; 75-80% 2/1+2

Back SQUAT with pause
50% 2/3; 60% 1/3; 70% 3/2

Day 5

Specific Warm-up (2 rounds)
Reverse Hyperextension 10 reps
Gakk Squat 15 reps
PVC HIP Snatch BALANCE from the toes 6 reps

​​Hip SNATCH + Overhead SQUAT up to 40% 10/3+2

Barbell Squat JUMP 15-20 kg 5 sets /5 reps

Day 6

Active Recovery & Mobility

Light Cardio (20 min)
Maintaining an elevated heart rate but allowing muscles to recover.

Stretching & Flexibility (20 min)
Focusing on muscle groups heavily worked during the week.

Squat on Competitions

Streamlined Recommendations for Steady Progression

Progressive Overload: Increase loads by 2-2% either weekly or bi-weekly, ensuring consistent yet manageable growth.

Deload Weeks: Every 4-6 weeks, reduce weights by 40-50% for recovery and muscle adaptation.

Volume-Intensity Trade-off: When raising intensity, slightly reduce volume, and vice versa.

Self-assessment: Periodically film and review your lifts to refine technique and form.

Technique Variations: Introduce lifts like pause squats or hang snatches after mastering basics to challenge and progress further.

Rotate Accessory Work: Change accessory exercises every 4-6 weeks to target diverse muscles and avoid plateaus.

Active Recovery: Incorporate sessions focusing on mobility and light activity, aiding in muscle recovery.

Listen & Adapt: Pay heed to your body’s signals and adjust when needed.

Prioritize safety and technique above all, ensuring long-term success and reduced injury risks.

Gym Heavy Squats


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This six-day Olympic weightlifting template can offer profound growth in strength, form, and technique. For more details, check this weightlifting program, designed to improve your power & speed in the snatch and clean. Keep in mind, commitment, correct progression, and rest are as vital as the workouts themselves.

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