It is a basic strength exercise for the development of a snatch. The bar is on the athlete's shoulders, snatch grip, the center of gravity is in the middle of the foot. The body is tense: the lower back is tight; the bladesare brought together. The athlete performs the smooth dip: the pelvis is withdrawn back, knees are apart and the bar is powerfully pushed with legs after the complete extension of legs, the arms press the bar over the headuntil complete fixation. This exercise allows you to work with a weight significantly greater than 100% in a snatch. It is used in the preparation period for the workout of the upper limbs and stabilizer muscles, 4-8 repscan be performed. In the competitive period, it is often performed 1-2 reps with a weight of 110-120% of snatch, both for the test of overhead bar position and for psychological training. It is great as a warming-up exercisewith small weights as well.