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    When we are talking about obtaining the full value of hormones, I always mean the presence of the correct sources of fat (top-5 fatty foods, omega-3) in the food basket.

    Everyone knows that the bulk of saturated fats are from food products of animal origin, and unsaturated fat is represented in plant food. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and we will talk about one of them today.

    I am talking of course about Coconut, which in its fat composition has predominantly saturated fatty acids (solid fats) with medium chain triglycerides - lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. That is the reason why coconut oil at room temperature is usually solid.

    The superiority of these acids is: for their assimilation, there is no need to be transformed into a micelle, they bind to the albumen protein (albumin) and go directly to the liver. And it means the body receives energy at once, which can be used in the training process. That is how coconut earned its fame as a "fat burner". But, it should be noted that 1 gram of any fat contains 9 calories, so even with a beneficial product as coconut, you must use it in proper measure.

    Medium-chain Triglycerides (MCTs) can be passively absorbed in the large intestine, and thus can provide a higher carbohydrate and protein intake for athletes.

    Their influence on cholesterol levels is well studied: they reduce the "bad", and increase the "good", which is very important for the normal operation of the cardiovascular system.

    The benefits of coconut does not end with the vessels and heart. Lauric and caprylic acids affect the development of the correct intestinal microflora directly, while destroying pathogenic bacteria, especially yeast-like Candida fungi.

    The presence of fiber in coconut will prevent problems in the working of the gastrointestinal tract (prevention of constipation), and a sufficient amount of iron will help maintain hemoglobin (prevention of anemia).

    Coconut oil withstands high temperatures, so if you are going to fry something (of course, it is better not to), then this kind of oil will be ideal for those temperature conditions.

    Coconut can be consumed in chunks, as well as in cream, milk and coconut water. All these products contain medium-chain fatty acids and electrolytes, which have an anti-inflammatory effect on both the musculoskeletal system (prevention of arthritis) and, in general, the whole organism.

    Coconut milk is best consumed independently from the coconut at home, or choose one that does not contain preservatives, stabilizers and sugar.

    In general, coconut is a miracle product which you must include in your NUTRITION PLAN, at least several times a week, to guarantee your health and a colossal level of energy.

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