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9 Best Vibration Plates in 2024

Reviewed by: Oleksiy Torokhtiy (21 years of Oly Lifting experience)

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After stocking up on home gym essentials, you might look out of the box to boost your workouts.

Although not top of mind, vibration plates can be a remarkable addition. These stepping platforms vibrate at a high speed, stimulating muscles and maximizing training benefits. They come in various styles, features, and budgets.

We’ve rounded up the best vibration plates on the market after a thorough examination and expert consultation.

Advocates of whole-body vibration boast about its unreal benefits for weight loss, muscle recovery, enhanced circulation, balance and flexibility, among others. We’ll also delve deep into these claims later in the article.

Our team of experts, led by athletes with decades of combined experience (weightlifters, conditioners, personal trainers, and coaches), has invested over 300 hours testing 17 different vibration plates available on the market.

The goal was to create this list of the 9 best vibration plates available. To identify the 9 best ones, all 17 were tested and rated based on quality, durability, vibration range, features, portability, and value for money. The list below will continue to be updated as our experts test and review new upcoming vibration plates.

Best Vibration Plates

Top 9 Best Vibration Plates Reviewed

  1. Sunny Health & Fitness 3D Vibration Platform – Top Pick
  2. LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Machine – Runner-Up
  3. Best Choice Products Vibration Exercise Platform – Budget Pick
  4. LifePro Waver Mini Vibration Plate – Best Portable
  5. Bluefin 4D Body Vibration Machine – Best Set/Combo
  6. LifePro Rhythm Platform – Best with Handles
  7. LifePro Rumblex Plus 4D Vibration Plate
  8. PowerFit Elite XL Vibration Plate Exercise Machine
  9. FitPulse Pro Vibration Plate Machine
LifePro Waver58.5109.51091010
(Waver Mini)
(Rumblex Plus)
PowerFit Elite53.58.5988.5109.5
FitPulse Pro52.58.510888.59.5

1. Sunny Health & Fitness 3D Vibration Platform

Sunny Health & Fitness 3D Vibration Platform
  • Speed Options: 16
  • Workout Programs: 3
  • Display: Speed, Time, Program, Mode
  • Control Type: Built-in Buttons, Remote Control
  • Item Dimensions: 30.7” L x 18.3” W x 6.7” H 
  • Item Weight: 43 lb
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 265 lb
  • Material(s): Plastic, Rubber, Steel
  • Color(s): Gray
  • Also Included: 2x Tube Resistance Bands
  • Additional Features: 3D Oscillation, SunnyFit App, Non-Slip Suction Cups, Transport Wheels with Handle

The best vibration machine by Sunny Fitness shakes in three directions: 1D (up/down), 2D (right/left), and 3D (combo). Similarly, you have a vast speed range to tailor workouts to your fitness goals. For example, the vibration needed to combat DOMS must differ in intensity and duration sufficient for a warm-up prior to cardio.

In case you have no idea where to start, 10-minute presets will help you pick up the pace. You can keep track of all metrics displayed on a centrally located backlit LCD. There are control buttons on the panel. However, a remote simplifies adjusting your current mode, program, or speed.

The company has put extra effort into construction. Its textured top provides good traction – no matter which positions you use the machine. There are suction cup stabilizers at the bottom. Twist them until the base is firmly planted on uneven surfaces. Remember, you can roll it across the floor with a handle and wheels anytime.

You’ll get a pair of armbands. Anchor them to the pad’s base for pairing vibration therapy with strength training.

The accessories have a three-month warranty, whereas the main platform is covered for a whole year. Lastly, SunnyFit App would admit you to a burgeoning community. It has a digital library, tracking options, goal setting, and leaderboard competitions.


The Sunny Health & Fitness 3D Vibration Platform features a textured top, suction cup stabilizers, portability, included armbands, and access to the SunnyFit App.

Vibration Range:0
Value for Money:0


  • An ergonomically-designed secure stepping platform
  • Easily movable with a retractable pushing rod
  • Multi-directional vibration modes allow for versatile training
  • A big backlit display is easier to read in the dark

Could be better:

  • Only a one-year warranty on this machine

2. LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Machine

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Machine
  • Speed Options: 99
  • Workout Programs: 9
  • Display: Speed, Time, Program
  • Control Type: Built-in Buttons, Remote Control
  • Item Dimensions: 27.3” L x 15.3” W x 5.9” H
  • Item Weight: 33.2 lb
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 330 lb
  • Material(s): Plastic, Rubber
  • Color(s): Blue, Black, Gray, Purple, Red, White
  • Also Included: 2x Tube, 4x Loop Resistance Bands
  • Additional Features: LifePro TV, Whisper-quiet Vibration, Non-Slip Suction Cups, Transport Wheels

LifePro is a leading manufacturer of vibration fitness machines, often compared with Hypervolt and TheraGun. The Waver has no equal when it comes to popularity. It lasted as a runner-up in our list due to the single oscillation mode. You can't go with side-to-side or 3D motion.

The rest of the features are mind-blowing!

P0-P9 programs and 1-99 speed options accent the display, letting you settle at a sweet spot.

However, cranking up to higher speeds may be time-consuming since you’re allowed to increase or decrease one number at a time. Quick-access dials could’ve hastened this process. Imagine pressing a button 99 times if you want to play at the top of the game.

LifePro Vibration Plate instagram
Photo by @myotoniclife

Three LCD windows on the control panel indicate duration, speed, and infrared connection with the remote. These go black once a pre-programmed mode activates. Custom workouts welcome manual input.

Like Sunny 3D Platform, the Waver also possesses suction cups and a grooved surface. The package contains handled resistance tubes as well as four loop bands of various difficulty levels.

LifePro refuses to leave its customers stranded on the way to a healthy lifestyle. You’ll get access to dozens of online videos. The guardian angel library on the official website is full of dynamic training plans. And the support (warranty + library) lasts forever.


The LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Machine is a feature-rich fitness device that includes multiple programs, adjustable speed options, and additional accessories for resistance training, providing a comprehensive workout experience.

Vibration Range:0
Value for Money:0


  • An unrivaled lifetime warranty
  • Provides a range of speed and preset settings
  • 330 lb of load capacity is commendable
  • Grippy rubber surface and suction cups for stability

Could be better:

  • A sluggish speed adjustment process
Budget Pick

3. Best Choice Products Vibration Exercise Platform

Best Choice Products Platform
  • Speed Options: 99
  • Workout Programs: 10
  • Display: Speed, Time, Program
  • Control Type: Built-in Buttons, Remote Control
  • Item Dimensions: 25” L x 13.75” W x 5” H
  • Item Weight: 33 lb
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 330 lb
  • Material(s): Plastic, Rubber, Steel
  • Color(s): Black, White
  • Also Included: 2x Tube Resistance Bands
  • Additional Features: Non-Slip Suction Cups, Transport Wheels with Handle Grip

BCP hunts for high-value products in many industries. This vibrating exercise platform is royalty in its price bracket. It's a low-impact oscillating seesaw coupled with a high-intensity vibration range for a gentle yet effective stimulation of muscles.

The resemblance to LifePro Waver is quite uncanny. It hosts the same number of speed options and workout modes. You’ll get an identical display panel showing power, timer, and current settings.

The layout wins an upside for the BCP monitor. You’ll notice it’s slightly bulged out and tilted up. First, the feedback remains visible throughout different movements. Secondly, you can effortlessly toggle between speeds when doing planks and press-ups. The remote control will come in handy for standing exercises.

However, a few customers have reported the malfunctioning of remote sensors after a 90-day warranty period.

Suction pads prevent slippage and scratches on polished floors. A textured top ensures adequate grip for everyday use. Wearing gym sneakers will further guarantee non-slip performance.

Two medium-strength resistance bands clip to each side of the board. Vibration shockwaves travel up to the legs and core muscles. You can work up your upper body with bands or dumbbells. Affordable pricing is the pivotal advantage of BCP vibration plates. What it achieves under that budget is astonishing.


The Best Choice Products Vibration Exercise Platform is a budget-friendly option that offers an effective workout experience with various speed options and workout modes.

Vibration Range:0
Value for Money:0


  • Decent quality and durability for the price point
  • Easy-to-follow feedback due to a facelift console
  • 10 jumpstart workout programs
  • A built-in carry handle for simple storage

Could be better:

  • Remote sometimes struggles to connect to the board
Best Portable

4. LifePro Waver Mini Vibration Plate

LifePro Waver Mini Vibration Plate
  • peed Options: 99
  • Workout Programs: 9
  • Display: Speed, Time, Program
  • Control Type: Built-in Buttons, Remote Control
  • Item Dimensions: 23.6” L x 13.8” W x 4.7” H
  • Item Weight: 22 lb
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 260 lb
  • Material(s): Plastic, Rubber
  • Color(s): Blue, Black, White
  • Also Included: 2x Tube, 4x Loop Resistance Bands
  • Additional Features: LifePro TV, Easy Storage, Non-Slip Suction Cups, Transport Wheels

True to its name, Mini is the travel-sized version of the original Waver. It’s over 10 lb lighter with a considerably small footprint and low step-up height. You can carry it into a duffel bag and stow it away with little hassle.

Don’t let the size fool you. Mini hides the same 200-watt motor under the hood as its big bro. Speed options, vibration range, included accessories, and preset workouts remain unchanged.

P0-P02 are therapeutic and rehab programs. P03-P06 are geared towards the maintenance of joints and body posture. Lastly, the vigorous programs of P07-P09 promise fat loss, defined muscles, bone density, and diminished appearance of cellulite – score!

However, the drastic cut in size and weight may give way to a jittery performance which, in turn, results in energy loss. If a platform wobbles too much, it disperses energy in all directions instead of only upward transmission into the body.

LifePro fits suction cups into this lightweight machine. Still, the max weight recommendation has stepped down to 260 lbs.

A colossal wow factor is finding a lifetime warranty of commercial-grade models in Waver Mini. It's not only more portable but also cheaper than its standard-sized sibling. You’ll get access to the guardian angel library soon after registration.


The LifePro Waver Mini Vibration Plate is a compact and portable version of the original Waver, offering the same power and features in a smaller size, making it ideal for travel and on-the-go workouts.

Vibration Range:0
Value for Money:0


  • Compact and light enough to take or store anywhere
  • LifePro TV access for a lifetime
  • 4.7” floor-to-board height is suitable for injured or senior users
  • Power and performance of bigger, heavier Waver

Could be better:

  • It can get a little unstable and noisy at high speeds
Best Set/Combo

5. Bluefin 4D Body Vibration Machine

Bluefin 4D Body Vibration Machine
  • Speed Options: 60
  • Workout Programs: 3
  • Display: Speed, Time, Program, Mode, Calories
  • Control Type: Built-in Buttons, Remote Control
  • Item Dimensions: 30.7” L x 18.1” W x 7.3” H 
  • Item Weight: 42 lb
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 260 lb
  • Material(s): Plastic, Rubber, Aluminum
  • Color(s): Black
  • Also Included: 2x Tube, 4x Loop Resistance Bands
  • Additional Features: 4D Oscillation, Triple Motor Setup, Bluetooth Speakers, Transport Wheels

Bluefin 4D is a well-built technological marvel. LED strips, circling the base, and changing colors with intensity are a neat modern touch. A large screen is embellished with colorful performance metrics, including calorie burn.

You can change settings through soft touch buttons or a wearable remote control without fiddling with the monitor. If the sizzle is yet to get wild, connect Bluetooth and stream your favorite music.

The curved top stops you from slipping out of this gizmo. However, its sheer weight is more than capable of holding the ground on its own. On the downside, moving it from one place to another isn’t as easy as with smaller lightweight vibration plates.

Three silent drive motors pulsate in multiple ways at 40hz max frequency. Either go with horizontal, vertical, or a combination of these two vibration modes. 4D massage beads planted into special grooves will whisk you to an ultimate relaxation abode with micro-oscillation waves.

This premium vibrating exercise board comes ready to use out of the box. It’s a complete package. Only money and space requirements can hinder some people from buying it.

There is a set of color-coded loop bands and cords to add resistance to your routine. Besides a user manual and exercise poster, you’ll get a detailed workout and nutrition guide to squeeze the most out of your short sessions.


The Bluefin 4D Vibration Plate is a premium exercise machine with LED strips, a large screen, multiple vibration modes, and 4D massage beads for an immersive and effective workout experience.

Vibration Range:0
Value for Money:0


  • Sturdy and solid aluminum base
  • A user-friendly, watch-style remote control
  • The calorie count is beneficial in weight loss programs
  • Integrated Bluetooth speakers + 4D massage beads

Could be better:

  • No access to third-party apps and training videos
Best with Handles

6. LifePro Rhythm Platform

LifePro Rhythm Platform
  • Speed Options: 99
  • Workout Programs: 3
  • Display: Speed, Time, Program, Pulse
  • Control Type: Built-in Buttons
  • Item Dimensions: 48” L x 27.3” W x 29” H 
  • Item Weight: 57 lb
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 330 lb
  • Material(s): Plastic, Rubber
  • Color(s): Black
  • Also Included: 2x Tube, 4x Loop Resistance Bands; 1x Cup Holder
  • Additional Features: LifePro TV, Pulse Sensor Grips, Whisper-quiet Vibrations, Transport Wheels

Rhythm is a heavyweight whole-body vibration machine. People with balance and mobility issues are at risk of falling. You’ll get sturdy handrails to kick out safety concerns from the wonder-wobble workout.

This safety boost brings a few other benefits. A cup holder has sneaked up, letting you keep beverages close by. Heart rate sensors are mounted so that you can keep tabs on your pulse.

The display gets closer to the eyes. No more crouching down to browse speed and program settings! You can clearly see all stats and make timely changes using any of the six large buttons.

The base vibration plate is full of LifePro’s signature features and everlasting support. The number of auto programs has been dropped to three: beginner, intermediate, and expert. The 17mm amplitude is much higher than regular oscillation. Precisely, you'll feel a significant difference between the same speed settings on Waver and Rhythm.

At this price point, you may hope for Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers, and 3D oscillation. Sadly, you’ll be left disappointed. Also, LifePro must create video lessons for individual models. Lastly, the cumbersome build means you’ll have to dedicate a permanent floor area, much like a treadmill or spin bike.


LifePro Rhythm Vibration Plate is a safe and sturdy whole-body vibration machine with handrails, heart rate sensors, and a user-friendly display for a secure and convenient workout.

Vibration Range:0
Value for Money:0


  • Convenient handles for safety and balance
  • Pulse sensors accurately monitor your heart rate
  • The relatively high amplitude of oscillation
  • A cup holder is a valuable add-on

Could be better:

  • Lack of tech features
  • Heavy and oversized; needs assembly

7. LifePro Rumblex Plus 4D Vibration Plate

LifePro Rumblex Plate
  • Speed Options: 60
  • Workout Programs: 3
  • Display: Speed, Time, Program, Mode, Calories
  • Control Type: Built-in Buttons, Remote Control
  • Item Dimensions: 29.56” L x 18.11” W x 6” H 
  • Item Weight: 30.4 lb
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 500 lb
  • Material(s): Plastic, Rubber
  • Color(s): Blue, Black
  • Also Included: 2x Tube, 4x Loop Resistance Bands; 1x Exercise Mat
  • Additional Features: 4D Oscillation, Triple Motor Setup, Non-Slip Suction Cups, Bluetooth Speakers

Rumbelx Plus is a top-of-the-line LifePro. With three preset and sixty speed options, it’s comparable to BlueFin 4D in many ways. However, these are rookie numbers against 99/9 specs of entry-level Wavers.

The manual indicates that beginner levels range up to 20, 21-40 are intermediate levels, and 41-60 intensity is conducive for advanced users. The illuminating rim changes from green to orange to red, accordingly.

The Rumblex shaking plate reins in a greater variety of training modes. You can choose simple lateral (12 mm), linear (8 mm), and pulse (1.5 mm) motions or spiral combinations of these three.

A wearable remote control, digital calorie counter, curved rubberized surface, built-in speakers, and suction cups underneath round-out features. Three powerful motors work quietly in unison during 4D modes. You can casually watch TV, listen to music, or carry on conversations.

LifePro packs a comfy mat free of cost. It can be used to dampen sound or improve cushioning, depending on your exercise type. A mediocre six-piece resistance band set and lifetime video library access spark no enthusiasm at this price.

Rhythmic throbbing pulsation is a good inclusion. But we missed the soothing micro-oscillation massage of BlueFin, nonetheless.


LifePro Rumblex Plus Vibration Plate is a feature-rich and powerful vibration machine, offering a wide range of preset programs, speed options, and motion modes for an immersive and effective workout experience.

Vibration Range:0
Value for Money:0


  • Extraordinary 500 lb weight limit for a stepping platform
  • Seven training modes with tri-plane pulsation
  • A high-quality PVC exercise mat included
  • Rapid adjustments using dials or watch remote control

Could be better:

  • Less presets and speed options
  • A hefty price tag

8. PowerFit Elite XL Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

PowerFit Elite XL Vibration Plate
  • Speed Options: 99
  • Workout Programs: 3
  • Display: Speed, Time, Program
  • Control Type: Built-in Buttons, Remote Control
  • Item Dimensions: 24” L x 15” W x 4.7” H 
  • Item Weight: 38.5 lb
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 330 lb
  • Material(s): Plastic, Rubber
  • Color(s): Orange
  • Also Included: 2x Tube Resistance Bands
  • Additional Features: Non-Slip Suction Cups, Multiple Standing Positions, Transport Wheels

You may have seen PowerFit Elite at QVC or in TV ads. It's hard to fall for "get slim fast" marketing gimmicks, but body vibration machines have some truth. Of course, visible results need a cautious diet plan on the one hand and a committed sweaty routine on the other. Thankfully, you'll get weekly meal and exercise plans with the purchase.

There are two sizes: Standard and XL. We recommend the latter as the standard dimensions are overly compact. With the larger PowerFit, you don't only expand the size but the weight limit, too. 330 lb load-bearing capacity on a budget platform is literally a mic-drop moment.

Elite marks three-foot placement areas on the grippy top. You can switch your stance to mimic walking, jogging, and running positions.

PowerFit Elite XL Vibration Plate instagram
Photo by @bgoodstudio

Best Choice Products and Hurtle are two close Amazon competitors, each with thousands of positive reviews. BCP clinched a knife-edge lead due to innovative display, consistent quality controls, and ten workout programs.

Customers have noted that a loose power cord accompanies PowerFit Elite. How does breaking off your intensive training to fiddle with electric connections feel? Also, there is no satisfying warranty but a short return and replacement window. The website allows for a 30-day trial at a discounted price with monthly installments afterward.


PowerFit Elite is a body vibration machine that offers visible results through vibration technology and includes meal and exercise plans, different size options, and a high weight capacity.

Vibration Range:0
Value for Money:0


  • Two different sizes to accommodate maximum users
  • Walk, jog, and run stance positions
  • Includes valuable nutrition and workout plans
  • One of the best vibrating platforms under a strapped budget

Could be better:

  • Power cable is prone to falling off mid-workout
  • Less than 12 hz frequency

9. FitPulse Pro Vibration Plate Machine

FitPulse Pro Vibration Plate Machine
  • Speed Options: 3
  • Workout Programs: 10
  • Display: Speed, Time, Program
  • Control Type: Built-in Buttons, Remote Control
  • Item Dimensions: 30” L x 19” W x 5.7” H
  • Item Weight: 48.5 lb
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 330 lb
  • Material(s): Plastic, Iron
  • Color(s): Black, Blue, Gray
  • Also Included: 2x Tube, 5x Loop Resistance Bands; 2x Push-up Bars; 1x Foot Massage Mat
  • Additional Features: 3D Oscillation, Triple Motor Set up, Non-Slip Suction Cups

Here comes another economical alternative from a well-reputed brand. FitPulse garnered a lot of limelight for its Impact massage guns and Classic shaking plates. It’s among a handful of budget-segment manufacturers relying on metal construction. Thus durability is unmatched.

Pro is the classic platform with impressive extras in the package. And it’s the heaviest on our list (excluding Rhythm with long grab bars, indeed). After finishing your workout, moving it is a workout in itself, owing to the absence of transport wheels. Save some energy!

You’ll get resistance cords and bands to intensify muscle stimulus. Additionally, plastic bars will help you stabilize your push-ups, planks, burpees, handstands, tucked planches, and advanced calisthenics moves. Moving on to a firm massage mat, it adds cherry (acupressure points) to the cake (vibration plate).

FitPulse Pro Plate instagram
Photo by @lexwhatwear

You might wonder why high-end BlueFin, LifePro, and Sunny models lack these many accessories. It’s because their prime focus rests on the board. FitPulse lags severely in that case.

There are only three intensity levels, marking unsustainable leaps among increments. Ramping up your endurance is a real challenge. You’ll hardly find a vibration plate with more presets than available speed options. Sadly, it fails to capitalize on 3D vibration.


FitPulse Pro is an economical and durable vibration platform that includes resistance cords, stabilizing bars, and a massage mat, although it lacks advanced features such as 3D vibration and a wide range of intensity levels.

Vibration Range:0
Value for Money:0


  • Bundles resistance bands, push-up bars, and a massage mat
  • 3D oscillation is rare in budget vibration plates
  • Quiet and stable performance
  • A weighted iron-made board is stable and long-lasting

Could be better:

  • No wheels to facilitate moving this heavy machine
  • Only three speed levels


The latest reviews of must-have home gym training equipment, apparel, and supplements that will enhance your performance and bring you new results.

Do Vibration Plates Work?

A high-frequency vibration plate machine props up a destabilizing surface, tricking your body into a counterbalance. As a result, a large part of the muscular structure is recruited. Intensified contraction and relaxation, aka muscle reflexes, use energy and thus burn calories.

The earliest application is credited to astronomers who experience bone loss due to weightlessness in space. NASA attests that standing for 10-20 minutes on a vibrating plate increases bone density. We’ll see other benefits in the coming section.

Noted, research on vibration effects is in the preliminary stages. It should be viewed as an aid or catalyst to achieve your training goals, not a magic wand to do so!

“Research does show that whole-body vibration may help with muscle strength and (…) weight loss when you also cut back on calories. It may also have a role beyond sports and fitness [in] reducing back pain, reducing bone loss, and improving strength and balance in older adults.

And because it can be harmful in some situations, check with your doctor first, especially if you’re pregnant or have any health problems.”

Dr. Edward Laskowski of the Mayo Clinic has issued a detailed commentary on the potential benefits and precautions of using vibration plates.

vibration plate using

What Are the Benefits of Using Vibration Plates?

Experimental studies on vibration plates so far hint at a multitude of health benefits. Let's look at them one by one!

✅ Bone Density

As mentioned above, vibration plates can prevent bone loss. Backed by scientific research, they’re believed to be a potent inhibitor of declining bone mineral density.

Although the exact meditating mechanism is yet to be discovered, scientists believe vibration exercise regulates osteoblasts and osteoclasts: special cells responsible for bone growth and development.

✅ Blood Flow

Regular vibration massage spikes blood circulation in the legs and arms. Similar to the blood, lymph (carrying waste and plasma) also flows throughout our body. Its drainage is essential for the immunity system. Subtle vibrations discharge toxins and circulate fluids in a gentle, harmless way.

When it comes to lowering blood pressure and hypertension, the increased nitric oxide production due to vibration plus exercise is more effective than exercise alone

✅ Weight Loss

A controversial and curious weight loss mantra has taken refuge in vibration plates. Theoretically, you’re exerting yourself and clearing the calorie buildup. Given that you look after cravings, a lean body shouldn’t be a distant dream.

This 2019 meta-analysis and systematic review of six studies proved the effects of whole-body vibration on fat mass/kg. A separate attempt reached identical fat-burning conclusions.

However, both indicated sampling bias and the need for further research to validate a vibration machine for weight loss.

Fitness vibration plate

✅ Balance & Flexibility

Training on a vibration plate can enhance the range of motion. Multiple studies have shown an increase in flexibility. Continuously facing a shaking surface also prepares our brain to detect, adapt, and react – timely and effectively. In fact, you can improve balance performance with vibration training better than traditional exercises.

Considering the available research, the senior population with challenged mobility and coordination can sing praises for vibration plates.

✅ Muscle Recovery

One can’t recommend body vibration machines alone for muscle growth and strength. But there is mounting evidence supporting recovery. The supply of nutrient-rich blood to muscles facilitates healing and repair. More than one investigation into vibration's efficacy for fracture and wound healing recorded an expedited rehab process.

In a random trial of elite hockey playersvibration therapy decreased muscle soreness and inflammation following eccentric training.

Tips From the Champ

A high-frequency vibration plate machine props up a destabilizing surface, tricking your body into a counterbalance. As a result, a large part of the muscular structure is recruited. Intensified contraction and relaxation, aka muscle reflexes, use energy and thus burn calories.

Oleksiy Torokhtiy
Oleksiy Torokhtiy

Olympic Weightlifting Champion

What to Look For in Vibration Plates?

Vibration Plates are among the simplest fitness aids out there. Yet, committing these factors to your memory will help you make an informed decision.

1. Build Quality

The construction of a stepper is critical for safety. Most vibration plates utilize a metal core to cover the mechanical parts inside. The ABS plastic housing ensures that the machine remains easy to handle and free of rust.

Another point of consideration is stability. You'll see rubber feet or suction cups, not allowing the board to slide around while you shed stubborn calories.

Girl training on vibration platform

2. Weight Capacity

The manufacturer lists the max weight recommendation. It's a prominent signal of the plate's overall build. In any case, you should think twice before purchasing any stepper with less than a 250 lb rating.

In the case of vibration plates, the motor determines ultimate capacity. Keep free weights in your calculations if you're willing to spice up therapeutic regimens.

3. Power

A sufficiently powerful motor gives about 200-watt output. However, the direction in which the motor vibrates matters as well. For instance, a 100-watt linear vibration motor can bear as much weight as oscillating motors of twice the output.

Marketing hype has mystified vibration plates to some extent. We can categorize all motors with a myriad of fancy names into two types:

Linear Vibration: Its up/down vertical movement is thanks to an eccentric vibrating wheel in the center and springs at both ends.

Lateral Oscillation: Its right/left horizontal motion is achieved through a four-bar linkage device, the ones you’ve seen in bikes and pumpjacks.

These motors are 1D or one-directional in nature. Widely sold vibration plates allow both of these motions separately or together. A little further on the price range, you'll meet tri-planar or 3D specimens.

They’re the best kinds, shaking plates front and back along with linear and lateral axes. High-end so-called 4D platforms, such as BlueFin Pro and LifePro Rumblex Plus, integrate an additional dimension.

Vibration platform review

4. Vibration Range

The range or feel of vibration differs from one machine to another. Two crucial players actualize these parameters. First is the frequency, calculated in hertz or movements per second. Faster vibrations = More contractions. You should target about 30 Hz motor for effective results.

The second contributor is the amplitude of these vibrations or the maximum distance the upper platform travels. 8-10 mm amplitude is common. As a matter of fact, linear vibration plates move with high frequencies but low amplitude. On the other hand, oscillation boasts a greater distance traveled because of its seesaw motion.

5. Speed Options

One common misconception is that more speed levels mean faster and better performance. A company endows its own rating on each model, not necessarily comparable to a different machine.

99 levels of LifePro Waver do not signal a victory over 60 levels of LifePro Rumblex. The former maxes out at 12 Hz while the remarkable Rumblex ranges up to 40 Hz. Notwithstanding, smaller increments facilitate gradual progress.

6. Workout Programs

Presets are where the deal is closed. A pre-programmed mix of intensity and mode saves a lot of time and hassle of figuring that out yourself. Varying between every two products, there may be programs according to fitness levels (beginner/intermediate/advanced) or training goals (weight loss/muscle growth/injury rehab).

7. Display and Controls

Vibrating plate exercisers are simple machines with a basic console. Even a calorie counter or heart rate tracker amounts to a novelty. You won’t get any integrated functionalities.

Still, the interface should be user-friendly, with intuitive buttons and illuminated digits. Having a remote control device simplifies adjustments. You don't have to hunch for scrolling up speed settings.

Vibration platform exercise

8. Portability

The majority of home-use vibrating exercise boards aren't awkwardly massive contraptions. Yet, tucking them under a bed or cabinet requires a compact size, transport wheels, and handle molds.

Leaving the machine on can cause drifts and jumps at higher frequencies. Don't go overboard with small-from dimensions, as you need plenty of space to stand safely.

9. Value for Money

Price isn't the only factor in a product's value. It's the relationship between what you pay and what you get; cost-benefit analysis, in other words.

Cheaper boards have a low weight capacity, mediocre build quality, and one or two accessories. In any case, you should ask for a warranty beforehand. Many companies allow a limited free trial. You can take advantage, remembering that return and delivery charges are embedded.

10. Additional Features

Depending on your price, the package size and weight keep increasing. Loop and tube resistance bands are common accessories. Other add-ons surge the value. Floor mats, detachable push-up bars and seats, Bluetooth speakers, safety handrails, and LED speed level indicators are a few to name.

In a similar fashion, access to premium apps, video lessons, and professional guides also helps you follow a foolproof path from the outset.

Vibration platform workout

How to Use Vibration Plates?

One thing everyone agrees upon in the case of vibration plates is the multiplied benefit of any training modality paired with it. Whether planning a workout routine to shed extra calories or sculpt your abs, sliding in a vibration platform can do wonders.

1. Resistance

Almost all vibrating boards are equipped with d-rings for clipping resistance cables. You can do a variety of exercises, such as bicep and tricep curls.

Work up your shoulders by crossing bands, holding the right-side handle into your left hand and vice-versa, then mimicking lateral raises you do with dumbbells. Similarly, you can sit down on a vibration plate and do shoulder presses. Butterflies, bent-over rows, and core flies are a few other movements to give a whirl.

2. Calisthenics

Calisthenics marks a balance, strength, and endurance boost. You don't bring free weights or elastic straps in such rhythmic, isometric classes.

Spread a yoga mat under your vibration plate. Then, rest contacting body parts on it. For example, put your hands on when doing planks, push-ups, and hold-ups. Sit on the top rubber surface for raised leg crunches. Keep alternate feet on the platform in split squats and quad stretches.


Do Vibration Plates Burn Belly Fat?

Vibration fitness machines may be effective as far as weight loss is concerned. Combine calisthenics exercises and a calorie-deficit nutrition plan to see rapid results. Anyways, belly fat and love handles will disappear in sync with the entire body. You can't hope to single out and spot reduce.

Is Too Much Vibration Plate Bad for You?

Anything in excess can be harmful. Limit vibration training to one-hour max daily. That being said, credible research isn't abundant regarding vibration plates. According to one study about occupational safety, long exposures to whole body vibration machines are associated with neck, back, and hip pain.


The fitness community was skeptical of vibration aids at first. Their fate seemed to gather dust in a corner. Research studies poured in, and manufacturers reintroduced portable models – speak of a better comeback!

You can definitely shake up your workouts by including vibration plates. Sunny Health and Fitness 3D Platform peaked at our best vibration plate reviews. Try it out once your doctor gives the green light.

We’re collecting testimonies in the comment section. What are your experience and expectations with vibration plates?

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