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7 Best Jump Ropes For Double Unders in 2024

Reviewed by: Oleksiy Torokhtiy (21 years of Oly Lifting experience)

For selecting the best jump rope for double unders, consider several factors. The length and weight of the product so that it’s lightweight and comes with an adjustable option to fit your dimensions.

The durability of the rope will depend on the material used to make it, so that’s important to keep in mind as are the materials used for the handle. Lastly, the type of handle matters‌ because it will allow you to keep a firm grip during intense workout sessions.

Jump Rope in Use

Top 7 Best Jump Ropes for Double Unders Reviewed

  1. Froning SR-1F Speed Rope 2.0 – Top Pick
  2. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope – Runner-Up
  3. Bear KompleX Aluminum Speed Jump Rope
  4. RX Custom Jump Rope
  5. RXClub Adjustable Speed Jump Rope
  6. WODFitters Speed Jump Rope
  7. Elite SRS Surge 3.0 Professional Speed Rope
ProductTotalDurabilityQualityValue for Money
Froning SR-1F29.59.51010
WOD Nation2991010
Bear KompleX281099
RX Custom Rope278.59.59
RXClub Rope268.598.5
WODFitters Rope25.588.59
Elite SRS Rope2588.58.5

1. Froning SR-1F Speed Rope 2.0

  • Weight: 0.3 Lb
  • Length: 10′
  • Rope Material: Polyurethane
  • Handle Material: Nylon resin with rubber overmold
  • Color Palette: Black and silver
  • Handle Type: Tapered

We begin our fitness jump rope reviews with the top pick Froning SR-1F Speed Rope 2.0. As the name suggests, this speed rope was made with 4-time fitness Games champion Rich Froning.

So, they curated the speed rope towards experienced individuals who are trying to improve on their speed rope skills and it is the best jump rope for double unders. It is also made of polyurethane material, giving it a unique blend of durability and flexibility.


The polyurethane material aids the speed rope’s durability, but if you’re looking to maximize the rope’s health, it would be better used inside, on softer surfaces rather than outside on harsher ones. 

Typically, one of the first things to break down with jump ropes is the handle because you’re gripping it constantly and your sweat mixes in with the material. But the SR-1F Speed Rope comes with nylon resin handle materials, which are tougher than normal and also have a rubber overmold to give another protective layer.


The main point of the SR-1F Speed Rope is to give you a thin and lightweight jump rope to increase the speed of your workout. The rope is built to do such exercises like the double unders effectively.

While the handle of the speed rope is sweat resistant, so despite the tough workout, you shouldn’t find the handle slipping out or your grip weakening on it.

That’s why this is a great jump rope to learn double unders. 

Value for Money

It is made of high quality material and has several unique durability features, which makes it well worth the money. But one thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t a rope made for beginners. The speed of it can be tricky for newer people to figure out at first.


It is the speed rope for experienced individuals who are trying to improve on their speed rope skills and it is the best jump rope for double unders.

Value for Money:0


  • Made of long-lasting polyurethane material
  • Backed by world class athlete
  • Sweat resistant handles for better grip

Could be better:

  • The handles aren’t adjustable

2. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope
  • Weight: 0.39 lbs
  • Length: 10'
  • Rope Material: Surgical Steel and ABS
  • Handle Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
  • Color Palette: Various choices
  • Handle Type: Tapered with nylon resin

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is specially designed, so even if you have an inaccurate swing, the rope is stable enough for you to recover quickly.

Once the rope is customized to your build, you can go from doing single jumps to doubles quickly because of the shape and design of the speed rope. This makes it one of the best jump ropes for double unders.


The speed jump rope comes with patented steel bearings, along with a nylon steel cable, which makes the rope both quick and long lasting. However, the rope is mainly meant for smooth surfaces. So, if you use it on concrete or asphalt, the coating of the cable will be damaged.


As far as speed ropes are concerned, you’ll have a hard time finding one with better quality than this one. The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope comes with several patented bearings, two at the handles and two at the tips to hold the cable, which makes the jump rope quicker. This allows you to do many jump rope techniques.

Value for Money

The product comes with extra replacement cables in case the cable wears out, so that alone adds to the value of the speed rope. But its own unique features and the fact that it’s made to prioritize quickness for exercises like double unders makes the speed rope well worth it.


The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is specially designed, so even if you have an inaccurate swing, the rope is stable enough for you to recover quickly.

Value for Money:0


  • Patented bearings which aid speed work
  • Easier to stabilize if miss swung
  • Comes with extra replacement cables

Could be better:

  • Can’t use it on all surfaces
  • Can only be adjusted through a wirecutter

3. Bear KompleX Aluminum Speed Jump Rope

Bear KompleX Aluminum Speed Jump Rope
  • Weight: 0.56 lbs
  • Length: Adjustable 
  • Rope Material: Nylon coated aluminum
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color Palette: Black or blue

The Bear KompleX speed rope comes with a patented technology that allows you to adjust the length of the rope to your size within seconds. They also guarantee that the cable will not kink, which is why it’s a good double under jump rope option.


A lot of speed ropes are made of plastic handles and coating, which can break easily. However, the Bear KompleX rope comes with aluminum casing around the rope and the handles are made of aluminum as well, which makes it durable to be used on various surfaces. The versatility of the surfaces makes it a great fitness jump rope for beginners. 


For speed ropes, you want one that is lightweight and thin, which the Bear KompleX rope is. It is designed to master techniques like double unders, but some people have found that the handles slip out or the rope can come out when exercising. 

Value for Money

You get two speed ropes and a special bag to carry them for free when you make the purchase. Plus, the general design and build of the speed rope makes it efficient for most jump rope workouts.


The Bear KompleX speed rope comes with a patented technology that allows you to adjust the length of the rope to your size within seconds.

Value for Money:0


  • Durable aluminum cables and handles
  • Lightweight with special bearings to help stabilize the rope
  • Extra rope and a bag to carry your equipment

Could be better:

  • Handles can slip
  • The rope can come out if not fixed properly

4. RX Custom Jump Rope

RX Custom Jump Rope
  • Weight: 1.3 to 4.1 OZ
  • Length: 7' 10" to 9' 4" 
  • Rope Material: Aircraft grade cable with PVC coating
  • Handle Material: Urethane
  • Color Palette: Various
  • Handle Type: Contoured

As the name suggests, the unique feature of this jump rope is that it’s highly customizable. Typically, a jump rope length can be adjusted to your needs, but the RX Custom Jump Rope gives you cable weight and length options, plus several color choices.


The PVC coating makes the rope lightweight and ideal for double unders, but the material isn’t as long lasting as other types of ropes. The PVC coating especially wears down quickly when you use the rope on harsher surfaces.


You can pick between the lightest and the heaviest weight options to diversify your workout routine, so no matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, you can find an option to give you a quality workout. However, PVC coated jump ropes are better for beginners who won’t put the jump rope through a vigorous workout constantly, as it wears down. 

Value for Money

Although the jump rope is on the pricer end because of all the custom options, you are getting a lightweight speed rope that fits perfectly with your specific dimensions. That can be hard to get with other jump ropes.


Typically, a jump rope length can be adjusted to your needs, but the RX Custom Jump Rope gives you cable weight and length options, plus several color choices.

Value for Money:0


  • Customizable weight and length options
  • Several different color options
  • More suited for beginners

Could be better:

  • PVC coating can wear down quickly
  • Higher price tag

5. RXClub Adjustable Speed Jump Rope

RXClub Adjustable Speed Jump Rope
  • Weight: 0.7 lb
  • Length: 10'
  • Rope Material: Polyester
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Color Palette: Black
  • Handle Type: Rubber

The RXClub set comes with both a lightweight cable for speed work and a heavier jump rope for resistance training. The lighter ones are a great double under ropes. The jump ropes also have a mechanism inserted in them that allows you to adjust them without any tools.


Durability can be an issue with these speed ropes because of the material used. Plastic can break quicker than other types of handle material. While polyester isn’t as long lasting. So, to maximize the jump rope, it’s better to use it on soft surfaces.


Both types of jump ropes are built effectively for this given purpose. The lightweight cable is slim and can perform double unders. While the heavier one is weighted the right amount to give you a taxing workout while not being too heavy to burn out your forearms.

However, the rubber handles can lead to some slippage issue.

Value for Money

Not only do you get two jump ropes but also spare rope, wristbands, and a carrying bag, so you’re getting plenty for your money. But with some durability concerns, you could look for a new jump rope sooner than you wished.


The RXClub set comes with both a lightweight cable for speed work and a heavier jump rope for resistance training.

Value for Money:0


  • Dual cables for speed work and resistance training
  • Ropes can be adjusted without tools
  • Spare replacement rope

Could be better:

  • Plastic handles can break faster
  • Rubber grip not ideal for longer workouts

6. WODFitters Speed Jump Rope

WODFitters Speed Jump Rope
  • Weight: 0.1 lbs
  • Length: 10'
  • Rope Material: Steel cables 
  • Handle Material: Urethane
  • Color Palette: Black 
  • Handle Type: Ergonomic

The WODFitters jump rope comes with ball bearing technology that allows the rope to be spun quickly to achieve double and even triple unders. The lightweight jump rope also has comfortable handles and kink resistant cables. It also comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee.


The cables are specially coated to prevent kink during your workout and the coating also provides more durability for the rope. Urethane material is also supposed to be tougher than rubber, however, extremely thin wires have a higher chance of breaking down. 


The weight of the jump rope is lighter than most of its competition, making it ideal for double and even triple unders. However, because of how quick and lightweight it is, it’s better suited for a more experienced jump roper. 

Value for Money

You have a 60 day money-back guarantee with the purchase, which alone makes it worth the value for your money because you can always return it if you’re dissatisfied.


The WODFitters jump rope comes with ball bearing technology that allows the rope to be spun quickly to achieve double and even triple unders.

Value for Money:0


  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Special coating to prevent kink
  • Ball bearing technology for quicker turns

Could be better:

  • Can lose grip on the handle
  • Thin wire is more likely to break down

7. Elite SRS Surge 3.0 Professional Speed Rope

Elite SRS Surge 3.0 Professional Speed Rope
  • Weight: 4.5oz
  • Length: 10'
  • Rope Material: Nylon coated aluminum
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color Palette: Various
  • Handle Type: Slip resistant

Part of learning how to perform the double under is picking up the rhythm and timing of the movement. The Surge 3.0 helps with this as it has a patented build that creates a whip sound to give you feedback when you’ve performed the technique correctly.


The product comes with rust resistant ball bearings along with nylon coated cables, which are more durable than your normal PVC material. However, it’s still recommended that you use this jump rope indoors.


The jump rope works with dual ball bearings, which allow the cable to whip faster in a seamless manner. While the previously mentioned nylon coating will prevent any major kink during the workout.

Value for Money

The handles of the jump rope work on a screw and key system, meaning you can easily adjust or replace the cables if need be. However, this isn’t your typical fitness jump rope. The lightweight nature of it is mainly curated towards experienced jump ropers or athletes.


The Surge 3.0 helps with this as it has a patented build that creates a whip sound to give you feedback when you’ve performed the technique correctly.

Value for Money:0


  • Rust resistant ball bearings
  • Patented build that creates a whipping noise
  • Slip resistant handles

Could be better:

  • Not as durable on harsher surfaces
  • The lightweight nature isn’t suitable for beginners


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What Are The Benefits Of Using Speed Ropes?

✅ Strengthen Feet and Ankles

It is difficult to strengthen your ankles and feet during a normal workout routine. One of the best ways to strengthen those two areas is through a jump rope as all those micro jumps and double jumps and single leg jumps provide a great load for both the muscles in your feet and ankle, but also the tendons in those areas.

This can then reduce the chances of injuries like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendon strains.

✅ Building Endurance

A jump rope is an extremely effective tool to build cardiovascular and muscular endurance. One way a jump rope can help with your cardio endurance is by teaching you how to control your breathing while you’re constantly jumping and moving. 

There is also a muscular endurance component mainly for your calves and quadriceps muscles. The constant jumping pumps those muscles up throughout the workout and after consistent jump rope sessions, you notice that not only can you jump rope for a longer time, but your muscles don’t feel as tired.

✅ Space Friendly

For cardio options at home, you’re either going to get a treadmill or a cross trainer. But those types of large equipment can take up a lot of space. While for a jump rope, you just need a small space with enough room overhead for the rope to travel. 

Speaking of travelling, you can even bring your jump rope with you if you’re on the move. This helps you stay consistent with your workout, while burning calories and building endurance.

✅ Weight Loss

With a jump rope, you can burn upwards of 300 calories in just 15 minutes. So, if you’re looking to lose weight and maybe your time constricted, jumping rope can be a great way to get you started toward your goal.

Tips From the Champ

You can also perform different workouts to burn more calories, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Jumping rope has several HIIT benefits, as it’s easier to adjust your sprints and cool down moments with a jump rope.

Oleksiy Torokhtiy
Oleksiy Torokhtiy

Olympic Weightlifting Champion

✅ Agility and Balance

Jumping rope has been a go-to exercise for boxers for decades. The reason being, it teaches you to stay on your toes and to keep yourself balanced the entire time.

By being able to hop from one foot to the other, or jump together with both feet, or simply hop on one foot, you are training your agility and your balance. This will make you a more well-rounded athlete and even prevent some injuries.

Jump Rope in Use Review

What To Look For In A Cross Training Jump Rope

1. Weight Of The Jump Rope

You want to get a jump rope that is light as it will allow you to do speed work and perform techniques like the double under. However, you don’t want the jump rope to be too light, otherwise you will have a hard time feeling the rope as you exercise. A heavy rope has its benefits, but too heavy will tax your forearms and shoulders.

2. Thickness Of The Jump Rope

A general rule of thumb is thinner is faster, and thicker is slower. Now, both types of jump rope have their benefits. A thinner rope will be better suited for speed work and double unders, while a thick rope is better for resistance training.

3. Length Of The Jump Rope

Not all jump ropes are the same size. You can run into the common problem of the rope hitting your feet and ankles or the rope hitting the ground and disrupting the jumping rhythm. This happens because either the rope is too short or too long for you. 

You want to step on the cable and raise the handle up, so that they come just shy of your armpit. That is a good sign that the rope will fit your specific dimensions.

4. Durability Of The Jump Rope

This category mainly depends on where you’re planning on jumping rope. If you’re jumping rope on a softer platform, then you can use ropes made of woven cords, as they are light, but aren’t as durable. But, if you’re jumping rope on a harsher surface like concrete, it’s better to have steel rope or beaded plastic rope as they are more durable.

How To Start Doing Double Unders

Step 1:

The set up prior to the jump is key. Make sure the rope is behind you and your feet are together. While your hand positions should be near your hips and slightly forwards. Your wrist should be bent as the flicking of your wrist matters in performing a double under.

Step 2:

When you jump up, don’t bend your knees. You need your legs to be straight because that way you’ll generate enough force to get the right height.

Step 3:

Don’t forget to flick your wrist. The timing of a double under depends on how efficiently you flick your wrist to keep the momentum of the rope going before you land.

Rope Jumping Outside


What Jump Rope Is Used In The Fitness Games?

Athletes in fitness Games bring their personal ropes. These are usually speed ropes that combine lightness and a thin build in order to perform their exercises.

How long should a jump rope be for double unders?

For a double under, you need to account for the height of your own jump and the added inches of the rope as it travels above you. That’s why a general range is that the rope should be 6 to 10 inches over your head. This will give you plenty of room to perform a double under.

How Heavy Is The Heavy Rope In Fitness?

A heavy rope in fitness falls somewhere between 1.5 to 2 pounds. Although you can get ropes as heavy as 5 pounds but that’s more on the extreme end. A 1.5 to 2 pound rope will give you the anaerobic and strength workout you’re looking for.

Are Expensive Jump Ropes Worth It?

Quality always matters and usually a better quality product will be worth more. But it all depends on your needs. If you’re simply looking to workout occasionally with a jump rope, then it might not be worth the extra price.

But if you’re going to be making jumping rope part of your workout program, it’s always good to spend a little extra for durability and material used benefits.


When selecting a fitness speed rope you should aim for a rope that will allow you to perform quick jumps. This means a lighter and thinner rope, but don’t give up the durability of the product for thinness. The Froning SR-1F Speed Rope 2.0 is a unique blend of quickness and durability, which is why it’s the best speed rope for functional fitness. 

What is something you look for in a jump rope? Do you have any special tips for mastering a double under? How do you integrate jump rope training into your exercise program? And what’s the best benefit you’ve experienced with jump rope training? 

Let’s discuss all of this and any other questions you might have in the comment section below! 

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