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5 Best Deadlifting Socks in 2024

Reviewed by: Oleksiy Torokhtiy (21 years of Oly Lifting experience)

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Deadlifts are well known for being one of the best compound exercises for building strength, power, muscle, and improving sports performance.

However, repeated sets of this exercise can cause scraped shins from the barbell coming into contact with the shins.

To reduce contact with the barbell when lifting, athletes use deadlifting socks. I’ve reviewed the best deadlift socks so you’re able to get rid of the bleeding shins and focus on better performance.

Whether you’re just starting out deadlifting or already at an elite lifting level, adding deadlift socks to your gym back can be a great addition at a fraction of the cost of most other deadlifting accessories.

5 Best Deadlifting Socks in 2024

Top 5 Best Deadlifting Socks Reviewed

  1. Warm Body Cold Mind Long Weightlifting Socks – Top Pick
  2. THEFITGUY Deadlift Shin Guards – Runner-Up
  3. Bear Grips Deadlifting Socks
  4. Eleiko Compression Socks
  5. RockTape Rock Guards

The table below summarizes the most important factors to consider when choosing the right pair of deadlift socks for you.

ProductTotalPrice/ QualityDesignComfortCompressionDurabilityProtection
Bear Grips579.59.59.59109.5
Top Pick

1. Warm Body Cold Mind Long Weightlifting Socks

Warm Body Cold Mind weightlifting socks
  • Sizing: Small, Medium, Large
  • Material: 78% Micro Acrylic Fiber, 22% Elastane
  • Compression: Reinforced Arch Support 
  • Color Palette: Red + White
  • Features: Targeted Footbed Cushioning, Advanced Mesh Design

Founded in 2016 by Olympic gold medalist Oleksiy Torokhtiy, WBCM initially found fame for its catchy t-shirt slogans. Following this, the brand expanded to produce high-quality weight-lifting accessories and apparel including belts, bags, wraps, straps, socks, grips, and chalk.

Taking my number one spot for the best deadlift socks is the Warm Body Cold Mind (WBCM) long weightlifting socks.

One of the big selling points making these socks stand out is the high-quality material blend. They are made from antimicrobial yarn composed of 78% micro acrylic fiber and 22% elastane. The elastane allows the socks to stretch and mold around your shin and foot, providing excellent compression with the long sock design.

Warm Body Cold Mind Long Weightlifting Socks Instagram
Photo by @torokhtiy

As the socks are made using antimicrobial yarn, they are great at keeping moisture and heat away from your feet during grueling workouts. They do this using an advanced mesh design that’s comfortable on the skin and easy to wash when you’re done working out.

If you’re looking for added support around the bottom of your feet, Warm Body Cold Mind has designed the socks with targeted footbed cushioning for added shock absorption. This gives you more confidence to drive off the floor if you’re performing dynamic lifts such as snatches alongside deadlift movements.

If you struggle with pain in the arches of your feet, the socks have an annular arch compression zone providing arch support and reducing foot fatigue.


Overall, the WBCM Long Deadlifting Socks are made from high-quality material and have some great design features, making them a great overall deadlift sock choice.

Price/ Quality:0


  • The Antimicrobial Yarn meshed material keeps feet and shoes clean
  • 22% Elastane composition helps the socks to comfortably sit against your skin
  • The arch compression helps to reduce fatigue

Could be better:

  • The socks aren’t suitable if you want longer covering up to your knees

2. THEFITGUY Deadlift Shin Guards

  • Sizing: One Size Fits All
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Compression: Shin Guards
  • Color Palette: Black
  • Features: Adjustable Straps

THEFITGUY was founded by two guys who are passionate about fitness and wanted to create original fitness products that offer great value for money. The brand manufactures and sells lifting aids, accessories, and apparel.

THEFITGUY Deadlift Shin Guards are a great runner-up sock choice that functions as durable shin guards for added protection and peace of mind when lifting. 

Made from thick 5 mm neoprene material, the shin guards provide durable protection allowing you to focus on proper technique whilst minimizing the incidence of scraped shins. This also helps to keep your calves warm, preventing unwanted muscle cramps when exercising.

A great feature of THEFITGUY shin guards is that they can be slipped on and off with relative ease, taking out the need to remove your shoes and socks when wanting to use them. Simply slip them on over or under your gym clothes and get lifting.

With this, you’re able to smoothly transition between gym exercises without wasting time or lowering your desired intensity.

The shin guards measure 11.8” long and have been made with a one size fits all design that caters to most shin sizes. The three handy straps adjust from 13-18” at the widest point catering to most calf sizes.

THEFITGUY shin guards can be worn over clothing, on the skin, and during all seasons making them great throughout the whole year.


Overall, THEFITGUY has designed an awesome pair of shin guards that are easy to use and offer great shin protection when lifting. They are my runner-up deadlift sock choice.

Price/ Quality:0


  • Three adjustable straps that keep the shin guards firmly secured when lifting
  • Easy to wear over clothes and take off/ put on without trouble
  • Thick 5mm neoprene provides comfortable shin protection

Could be better:

  • The one-size-fits-most sizing may not accommodate some users

3. Bear Grips Deadlift Socks

Bear Grips Deadlift Socks
  • Sizing: X-Small, Small, X-Large
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Compression: Contoured Calf Sleeves
  • Color Palette: Black
  • Features: Elastic Foot Harness, Silicone Band

Founded in 2014, Bear Grips create products from scratch using customer feedback and minimal designs whilst focusing on peak performance. Their product range includes lifting socks, straps, wraps, gloves, and apparel.

The Bear Grips Deadlifting Socks have been upgraded from the old design to now feature a sleeve-like design that you pull up and secure with the foot harness that straps under your feet.

Something that immediately stands out with Bear Grips products is the aesthetic designs and interesting color choices. These come in black or camo, with the large Bear Grips logo in white at the front of them.

Bear Grips Deadlift Socks Instagram
Photo by @bear_grips

Like THEFITGUY shin sleeves, the deadlift socks are made from 5 mm thick durable neoprene which is usually only seen on shin guards. This is an excellent design feature from Bear Grips, providing comfortable shin protection and compression when wearing the socks correctly. 

To avoid the socks slipping down when working out, Bear Grips have included a handy silicone band at the top that wraps around your calf to keep them in place. 

The elastic anchor foot harness that goes under the soles of your feet prevents the socks from sliding around or moving up during activity. Alongside this, the contoured stretch fit allows the socks to mold around your leg shape, with sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large.


Overall, the Bear Grips Deadlift Socks look great, feature protective 5mm neoprene padding and come in a decent side range.

Price/ Quality:0


  • The silicone band at the top of the socks helps to keep them from sliding down during exercise
  • The socks are available in a good size range from X-Small to X-Large
  • The 5 mm neoprene padding is not usually seen on deadlift socks, providing excellent protection

Could be better:

  • Some adjustable straps would be a good addition to help with the overall fit

4. Eleiko Compression Socks

Eleiko Compression Socks
  • Sizing: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Material: 76% Polyamide, 13% Cordura, 11% Elastane
  • Compression: Back Calf Compression Zone
  • Color Palette: Black + Gray
  • Features: Cordura Shin Panel Protection, Reinforced Toe and Heel Support

Founded in 1957, Eleiko focuses on premium, precision-crafted strength and fitness equipment that's made to perform. Their product range includes weights, barbels, lifting gear, and accessories such as compression socks.

Eleiko is well-known for producing premium lifting equipment and accessories, with their high-quality compression socks making an excellent deadlift bag addition.

Constructed using a 76% Polyamide/ 13% Cordura/ 11% Elastane blend, the Eleiko Compression Socks offer a good mixture of comfort, protection, and breathability.

The Polyamide is waterproof and quick drying, making it a great material choice for socks undergoing heavy intense exercise use. The lightweight Elastane allows the socks to stretch, increasing comfort and overall sock durability.

The 13% Codura mixture is from the protection shin panel at the front of the socks, designed to prevent scraping, and is heavily used in industry as a material that’s extremely resistant to wear and tear.

The compression zone at the back of each sock provides added support around the ankle joint, improving overall lifting confidence and performance. Eleiko has also included cushioning on the foot arches that help to absorb pressure and high-impact abrasion.

A more uncommon feature of the Eleiko Compression Socks is the reinforced toe and heel support that further increases the durability and overall quality of the design.

The socks come in black + gray and have size choices ranging from Small to X-Large.


Overall, the Eleiko Compression Socks are constructed using a high-quality material blend and have some extra design features such as the toe and heel support.

Price/ Quality:0


  • The hybrid material blend gives a perfect mix of durability, comfort, and protection
  • The reinforced toe and heel support stops the socks from wearing down as easily and provides added lifter comfort in a different foot area
  • The Codura shin panel material is well-known for being heavily resistant to wear and tear, providing great shin protection

Could be better:

  • Some design features to keep the socks in place would be a good addition

5. RockTape Rock Guard Leg Compression Sleeves

RockTape Rock Guards
  • Sizing: Small, Medium
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Compression: Shin Guards
  • Color Palette: Black, Manifesto
  • Features: Silicone Beading, Meshed Back

RockTape was created in 2009 as a brand of kinesiology tape. Since then, the brand expanded its product range to include creams, mobility aids, and compression clothing such as deadlift socks.

The new and improved shin guards from RockTape are arguably some of the most comfortable shin guards, with the synthetic 4-way stretch design allowing them to contour around your calves perfectly.

RockTape Rock Guards Instagram
Photo by @rocktape

Like my other shin guard sock choices, they are made from premium 5 mm neoprene which is the high industry standard, providing comfortable shin protection. 

Another unique feature of the RockTape Rock Guards is the built-in silicone beading which keeps them from slipping or moving during exercise.

The meshed back combined with the perforated neoprene design gives the shin guards good breathability and allows them to dry fast after a workout or when they are washed.


Overall, the RockTape Rock Guards are extremely comfortable, provide good shin protection, and feature silicone beading to stop them from moving.

Price/ Quality:0


  • The 4-way stretch design means the guards contour nicely around different leg shapes and sizes
  • The silicone beading keeps the guards perfectly placed during strenuous activity
  • The meshed back allows the guards to breathe and dry quickly when washing

Could be better:

  • You need to take your shoes off when bringing the rock guards on and off


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What are the Benefits of Using Deadlift Socks?

Here are some of the benefits of deadlifting in socks:

✅ Protection 

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of wearing socks to do deadlifts is the shin protection it provides.

When deadlifting, the barbell comes close to your body and often scrapes against your shins on the way up. By providing a protective layer, deadlifts socks help to prevent skin irritation and place all your focus on performance.

✅ Support

Deadlift socks are designed to offer foot support, specifically in the arch of your foot. This increased arch support helps with balance and comfort when lifting.

Benefits of Using Deadlift Socks

✅ Ventilation 

Deadlift socks are made to absorb sweat and provide excellent foot ventilation during intense, long-duration workouts. This helps to reduce unwanted odor and stop your gym shoes from getting wet every session - not something anyone wants!

✅ Compression

Compression helps to apply pressure to your feet and shin areas, supporting joints and tendons that may be weak or previously injured. By wrapping tightly around your feet, ankles, and shin areas, deadlift socks are great for providing compression when deadlifting.

Tips From the Champ

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of wearing socks to do deadlifts is the shin protection it provides. When deadlifting, the barbell comes close to your body and often scrapes against your shins on the way up. By providing a protective layer, deadlifts socks help to prevent skin irritation and place all your focus on performance.

Oleksiy Torokhtiy
Oleksiy Torokhtiy

Olympic Weightlifting Champion

When do you Need Deadlifting Socks?

If you’re wondering if you need socks for deadlifting, here are some of the possible situations:

  • When performing gym exercises where the barbell may make contact with the shins. These include deadlifts, cleans, snatches, and rows.
  • You’re a general gym goer who struggles with bleeding shins when lifting
  • You’re a deadlifter at any level looking for that extra performance boost
  • You find that your feet get too wet and make your shoes smell when exercising
  • You would feel more confident lifting with added shin support

What to Look for in Deadlifting Socks?

When deciding which powerlifting socks to purchase, consider the following factors:

1. Function

The function of deadlift socks relates primarily to the materials they’re made of and any added features that might help an athlete. This also relates to durability meaning how long the socks will last.

In terms of materials, think about what you want the socks to do. Socks made of neoprene and spandex will stay against your skin and stretch well compared to materials that are designed to provide more protection like cotton. 

Some socks will have thicker material at the front to stop the barbell from rubbing against your shins when lifting. Other features to look out for include adjustable straps, compression areas, heel support, and shin protection.

Strongman Doing Deadlifts

2. Comfort

Whilst deadlifting socks are designed for protection and compression, you want to make sure they function as well-fitting socks.

Make sure you choose the right size so that they sit comfortably against your foot and ankle without moving around or having extra material in certain areas. The last thing you want to be worrying about when you’re looking for that added performance is fit.

3. Sock Thickness

Most deadlift socks feature a relatively thin design to allow air circulation around your feet. Some brands design thicker socks or place extra cushioning in certain parts for greater foot protection.

For some users, thicker socks may be a little too restrictive. If you want a more flexible fit, go for a thinner sock design. 

4. Moisture-Wicking Capability

Let’s face it - intense workouts make your feet sweat and after a while, shoes start to smell. Some socks may use hydrophobic material that helps to keep your feet dry during longer or more intense gym sessions.

Make sure to read reviews regarding this factor before purchasing to see how well the socks work in reality.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

This may not be high on the list of importance, but it’s still something to bare in mind if you have two similar products that you’re struggling to choose from.

If you want to match or contrast your gym outfits, see if the socks you like have different color options and which ones are most suitable for you. Some socks may also have cool artwork or logos on them, both of which may appeal.

Girl deadlift workout


What Size Deadlift Socks Should I Get?

Deadlift sock sizes are based on a combination of shoe size and sock length. Preferred sock length can be measured from the floor to the top of your shin.

When deciding which size to get, consider both measurements for the perfect fit.

What Kind of Socks Should I Wear for Deadlifts?

When deciding what type of socks to wear for deadlifting, consider the issues you may be trying to solve such as bleeding shins, and the comfort you require.

If you’re looking for added compression and don't need too much protection, compression socks may be fine. If you often suffer from bleeding shins, go with shin guards.


Out of the five deadlift sock choices I’ve reviewed above, the Warm Body Cold Mind (WBCM) Long Weightlifting Socks are my top pick best workout socks.

They are made from a high-quality material blend with plenty of handy features built-in, all at a nice price point.

Do you wear deadlift socks, shin guards, or sleeves? Have you used any of my 5 choices? Let me know in the comments!

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