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5 Best Cheap Kettlebells in 2024

Reviewed by: Oleksiy Torokhtiy (21 years of Oly Lifting experience)

Kettlebells are not as common as barbells and dumbbells, but they’re amazing for working out either at home or in the gym. They’re especially good for building up explosive power and balance. It can, however, be challenging to find affordable kettlebells because they’re usually expensive. So what are the best cheap kettlebells? In this article, I review my top five…

Our team of certified experts and professional athletes tested 10 cheap kettlebells to find the top selections for you, and 5 of the kettlebells made the cut. The kettlebells underwent a thorough review based on 4 key criteria, with our team dedicating over 40 hours to test them in detail. Besides hands-on testing, we’ve also considered hundreds of customer reviews online. We’re constantly updating our recommendations, so feel free to drop a comment, share your thoughts, and engage in the conversation!

Best Cheap Kettlebells

Top 5 Best Cheap Kettlebells Reviewed

  1. REP Fitness Matte Kettlebells – Top Pick 
  2. GMG Kettlebell – Runner Up 
  3. Balance-From All-purpose Kettlebell
  4. Balance-From Wide-grip Kettlebell – Best budget set 
  5. Mural Wall Art Kettlebell – Best for women 
ProductTotalWeight rangeComfortDurabilityPrice/Quality
REP Fitness4010101010
GMG Kettlebell38910109
All-purpose Kettlebell37101098
Wide-grip Kettlebell3699810
Mural Wall Art Kettlebell3581089

1. Top pick: REP Fitness Matte Kettlebells

REP Fitness kettlebell

REP Fitness Matte Kettlebells are my top recommendation. They’re made from durable cast iron with matte coating that vouches for a better grip. Each kettlebell is marked with kilogram and pound numbers and have color codes on the handles, so it’s easy to define what size to take without interrupting from the training.

  • Weight: 9-106 lbs
  • Material:cast iron
  • Colormatte black
  • Item dimensions: 30-40 mm

Weight Range

These kettlebells have a great range of sizes – from 9 lb to 106 lb. So, it’s easy to fit both men and women, athletes of different fitness levels and goals. With such a variety of kettlebell sizes, you can choose different exercises and perform them with specific number of reps.


Flat base and smooth handles make these kettlebells comfortable to use for different exercises. Thanks to the matte coating, you’ll feel good grip and you won’t slip away from your hands.


Kettlebells from REP Fitness will serve you for a long time. High-quality performance out of weld seams and textured matte coating guarantee the equipment longevity.


REP kettlebells are a worthy investment for your home gym due to their premium quality and a wide range of sizes. Despite they’re quite pricey than other kettlebells on the list, you won’t regret buying them and will stay satisfied with the purchase.


Each kettlebell is marked with kilogram and pound numbers and have color codes on the handles, so it’s easy to define what size to take without interrupting from the training.

Weight range:0


  • A great range of kettlebell sizes
  • Premium-quality matte coating
  • Availability of color coding on the handles

Could be better:

  • Quite costly gear compared to other kettlebells

2. Runner-up: Rogue Kettlebell

Rogue Kettlebell

The GMG Kettlebell is my second favorite entry on this list. This kettlebell is built to the highest of standards and awesome for strength training. It comes with a smooth coating and wide handles to ensure you get a good grip for both single-handed and double-handed movements.

  • Weight: 18 lb.
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Color: Black
  • Item dimensions: 10.24 × 11.42 × 7.88 in.

Weight range

Unlike the REP Fitness Matte Kettlebells, the GMG Kettlebell only features two sizes on the website, making for fewer options. You can either go for 18 or 26 pounds of weight, so make sure that falls under your weight requirements. You might want to consider other options if you're looking for something lighter or heavier.


The GMG Kettlebell comes with wide grip handles with a powder coating to ensure maximum comfort whenever you're using it. It also has a flat base to make it usable for a variety of movements that require dropping to the floor like renegade rows and handstands.


Like REP Fitness, GMG made this kettlebell with a one mold iron cast to make for a seamless product with no weak spots. The cast iron monster is them finished up with a black powder coating to give a solid, nonslip finish. Durability is the least of your worries with this kettlebell.


The GMG Kettlebell is a bit cheaper than the REP Fitness Kettlebells, still providing good value for money. It's a long-term investment that you won't regret. It's durable, effective, versatile, and affordable.


The GMG Kettlebell is my second favorite entry on this list. This kettlebell is built to the highest of standards and awesome for strength training.

Weight range:0


  • Strong and durable
  • Handle suited to any hand size
  • Made in the USA

Could be better:

  • Limited weight options
  • More expensive than the top pick

3. Balance-From All-purpose Kettlebell

Balance-From All-purpose Kettlebell

The All-purpose Kettlebell is another one of the best value kettlebells you'll find on the market. It's built for compound moves for maximum effect by targeting several muscles at the same time. The All-purpose Kettlebell comes with color coded vinyl for clear differentiation between different weights and to give a unique look as well.

  • Weight: 5-50 lbs.
  • Material: Cast iron encased in color-coded vinyl
  • Color: Yellow, blue, green, orange, red, purple
  • Item dimensions: 14.72 × 8.23 × 7.64 in.

Weight range

You can pick from 5 to 50 pounds of weight depending on your level of experience and fitness goals. The kettlebell is color coded with the weight emblazoned across so you can't miss it. As I previously said, lighter weights and more reps are more effective for fat loss while heavier weights with fewer reps are best for strength training.


Like the previous two, the All-purpose Kettlebell comes with wide handles and a flat base for easy storage and a wider range of exercises. The wide handles and vinyl finish make it easy to grip comfortably throughout your workout, whether with one or two hands.


The All-purpose Kettlebell is not seamless like the previous two, but it's still made from very durable cast iron. This solid kettlebell is then covered up in vinyl to prevent any corrosion or chipping, and to give it a glistening look as well.


The All-purpose Kettlebell is not quite as expensive the GMG Kettlebell, and it's cheaper than the REP Fitness. That said, you still get quality value for your money if you invest in it. You can purchase it single or as a pair.


The All-purpose Kettlebell is another one of the best value kettlebells you'll find on the market. It's built for compound moves for maximum effect by targeting several muscles at the same time.

Weight range:0


  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Stretchable
  • Laced sides for high breathability

Could be better:

  • Not one-size-fits-all

4. Best Budget Set: Balance-From Wide-grip Kettlebell 

Balance-From Wide-grip Kettlebell
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Material: Vinyl and filled with cement
  • Color: Red, yellow, blue
  • Item dimensions: 17.5 × 15 × 12.25 in.

Weight range

There are three sets you can pick from, with total weights of 30, 45, and 50 pounds. The 30 and 45 pound sets are split into 3 kettlebells each: the 30 pound kettlebell into 5,10, and 15 pounds; and the 45 pound kettlebell into 10,15, and 20 pounds. The 4-set, 50 pound kettlebell is shared into 5, 10, 15, and 20 pounds.


With a wide grip ergonomic handle, flat bottom, and nonslip vinyl finish, Balance-From pulled all the stops with this kettlebell. It's primed for you to enjoy a wide range of movement comfortably effectively. It goes easy on your hands, and hard on your muscles.


The Balance-From Wide-grip Kettlebell is made from durable vinyl and filled up with cement to ensure you can use it for as long as you want. It's rust free so you don't have to worry about the cement either. All you need to worry about is how many rounds you can go.


The Balance-From Wide-grip Kettlebell is probably the best budget kettlebell on this list because it comes in a set. Unlike the others that comes single, this kettlebell offers you special value for your money. It's cheaper than the others and good enough to serve you well.


With a wide grip ergonomic handle, flat bottom, and nonslip vinyl finish, Balance-From pulled all the stops with this kettlebell. It's primed for you to enjoy a wide range of movement comfortably effectively. It goes easy on your hands, and hard on your muscles.

Weight range:0


  • Wide, ergonomic handle
  • Rust free 
  • Comes in a set to allow steady progress

Could be better:

  • Cement not as durable as cast iron

5. Best for Women: Mural Wall Art Kettlebell  

Mural Wall Art Kettlebell

The Mural Wall Art Kettlebell is my top recommendation if you're a female lifter. It's an adjustable kettlebell that you can switch from 5 to 8, 9, and 12 pounds at will. It's essentially a set of four, but packed into one kettlebell. How cool is that?

  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Material: Metal plates with plastic cover
  • Color: Pink
  • Item dimensions: 12.48 × 8.35 × 7.8 in.

Weight range

The Mural Wall Art Kettlebell doesn't have the really heavy weights so if you're already an experienced lifter, you might want to look elsewhere. If you're either a beginner or just after fat loss, it's perfect for you. You get 5 to 12 pounds of weight to work with.


It comes with a flat bottom and a wide, arched handle that makes it easy to use and store. This makes the kettlebell suitable for a variety of movements without causing any discomfort in your hands.


The Mural Wall Art Kettlebell is made from plastic, so it's nowhere near as durable as cast iron or cement, but it's still good enough to serve you well. As long as you take proper care of it, there's hardly any exercise you'll do with such weights to cause any damage.


The Mural Wall Art Kettlebell provides a set of weights in one kettlebell, and for the price of one as well. It's surprisingly cheap, for all its features. It's not as strong as the others, but it's good enough to serve well, and it's price makes it even more attractive. It's an investment you won't regret.


The Mural Wall Art Kettlebell is my top recommendation if you're a female lifter. It's an adjustable kettlebell that you can switch from 5 to 8, 9, and 12 pounds at will.

Weight range:0


  • Adjustable to different weights
  • Easy to store
  • Pink color for a nice and cute look

Could be better:

  • Made from plastic, which is not as durable as iron or cement
  • Only few, low weight options available


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What Affects Kettlebell Price?

What makes kettlebells so expensive that we're looking for the cheapest kettlebells that won't compromise quality? Here are some factors that affect the price of kettlebells…

kettlebells view

1. Brand

Some brands have built up a reputation of quality over the years. When going for smaller brands, it's almost a risk because you don't really know how good the product is. Established brands alleviate that fear because you know exactly what you get. This extra security that established brands offer raises the price, whereas smaller brands will reduce their prices to make the offer tempting enough for you to take a chance.

Tips From the Champ

As important as the main material is, coating is a huge factor in determining the price of a kettlebell. The coating plays a huge role in making the kettlebell comfortable for use. Is it nonslip? Is it anti rust? Will it chip off at the slightest contact? The better the coating, the more quality the kettlebell. The more quality the kettlebell, the more expensive.

Oleksiy Torokhtiy
Oleksiy Torokhtiy

Olympic Weightlifting Champion

2. Quality

The more quality the kettlebell, the higher the price. This principle applies to every product in the market. This is why the products on this list are so special. They offer you good prices without compromising quality.

3. Weight

The bigger the weight you want to buy, the more you'll have to spend. A 5 pound kettlebell costs way less than a 30 pound kettlebell to make because of the extra resources involves. This will reflect in the prices too. So beginners going for smaller weights won't spend as much as experienced lifters going for the top weights.

What to Look for When Shopping for Cheap Kettlebells ?

When shopping for kettlebells, there are some specific things you should look out for. Just going for inexpensive kettlebells will land you in trouble. Instead, go find the best kettlebell for the money. This means you won't cheat yourself by going for low quality kettlebells. Here are some things to look out for to make sure you get the best kettlebell for money…

workout with kettlebell

1. Handle Width

Good grip is one of the imperatives in any good kettlebell. A wide handle with an arched shape is much better for you because it's easier to hold on to. This makes your workouts more fluid and more effective.

2. Coating

Still on the subject of grip, a good kettlebell must have a nonslip finish that makes it easy to hold well without any chalk. Coating also protects your kettlebell from rust and damage due to any movement you might be making.

3. Size

How heavy are you looking to go? Are you a beginner or a veteran? Each kettlebell comes with a range of weights that you must pick from depending on your needs. Make sure the sizes are accurate and clearly written on the kettlebell.

4. Brand

I already mentioned this, but you should consider brands before purchasing any kettlebell. Rogue Fitness, for example, have built a reputation for different fitness equipment and accessories. This will make their products more expensive. Unknown brands, on the other hand, might not be reliable. It's up to you to consider your budget and assess the risks before making your purchase.


Are Cheap Kettlebells Good?

Not all cheap kettlebells are good. Some are just terrible quality. The ones I have recommended on this list, however, are good enough. They provide a cheap option for you, but there's no compromise with quality.

How Much Should a Kettlebell Cost?

Kettlebells can cost a wide range of prices depending on brand, weight, quality, and other factors. The recommended products on this list are the fairest prices you will get for similar quality, though.

Is There a Difference in the Quality of Kettlebells?

Well, yes, there is a difference. Even on this list we have kettlebells made from cast iron, cement filled vinyl, and plastic. Each of these comes with a different quality. The finishing also differs among kettlebells. It's important that you only go for good quality kettlebells.

Wrapping Up

The best cheap kettlebells provide you with an option that assure quality without digging too deep into your pockets. You now know that brand, weight, coating, and quality of a kettlebell will affect its price; and that you must look out for good grip, size, and pay attention to the brand when shopping for a kettlebell. My top recommendation remains the REP Fitness Matte Kettlebells, but you can go for any of the other options on the list.

Now it's your turn. Do you have any experience with kettlebells? Which of my recommendations caught your attention the most? Is there anything you'd like to add? The comments are open, talk to me!

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