7 Best Bosu Balls in 2023

A BOSU ball - sometimes called a stability half ball or balance half ball - is a fitness tool for simulating uneven surface exercises.

With it, you can work on improving balance, stability, and coordination, as well as develop core and upper and lower body strength.

Here are the 7 best BOSU balls to get in 2023 and detailed breakdowns for each to help you choose the right one for you.

 In a hurry? 

In a hurry?

In a hurry and can’t keep reading? How about you check out the YES4ALL BOSU BALL.

The Standard Version of their Premium Half Peanut balance ball trainer has a 25 inch diameter sizing fit for most athletes, is made from high-grade PVC that held the largest amounts of weight of all BOSU balls, and comes at a great value-for-money ratio.

7 Best BOSU Balls In 2023

Top 7 Best Bosu Balls Reviewed

We tested dozens of BOSU balls in various settings, including at home, outside, and at the gym.

The main characteristics we looked for were how stable each BOSU was, how much pressure they can withstand, how easily it can be carried and stored by a single person, and whether or not we were satisfied with it for the price we paid.

Out of all the tested products, we decided seven were worth looking at for anyone wanting to purchase a BOSU ball.

Before going into detailed reviews for each, here’s a short tabled summary of how they performed compared to each other.

ProductFinal ScoreStabilityDurabilityPortabilityPrice/ Quality
Bosu Home38.599.51010
BOSU® ELITE38101099
REP Fitness3799910
Nice C35998.58.5
Yes4All Premium Half Peanut Balance Ball

My top pick from the best half ball balance trainer is made by the home sporting goods brand Yes4All.

The company was named top 8 in the exercise and fitness category on Amazon for its number of sales and customer relations in 2021.

The Standard Version of their Premium Half Peanut balance ball trainer has a 25 inch diameter sizing fit for most athletes, is made from high-grade PVC that held the largest amounts of weight of all BOSU balls, and comes at a great value-for-money ratio.

  • Material: High-Grade PVC
  • Item Weight: Around 15 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: ‎880 Pounds
  • Diameter: 25 inches
  • Color Palette: Black, Blue & Black, Ferrari Red & Matt Black, Ocean Blue & Goldfish Orange, Royal Blue & Starlight Silver
  • Features/Included components: Standard package includes an air pump, plug, and ruler tape, Combo package includes an additional five loop resistance bands

The ball has textured surfaces on both the flat and round sides for added grip and extra comfort.

It features an incredible 880-pound maximum weight capacity, so you can freely do weighted exercises on it as well without worrying about breaking it.

The flat side has two recessed handles that can be used both for gripping in various exercises or easily carrying the half ball around.

Both include an air pump, air plug, and ruler tape, while the combo version adds an additional five loop resistance bands, and two balance pods depending on your purchase choice.

Apart from the standard black, it comes in four other unique color combinations depending on the version you select.

39Expert Score

Yes4All Premium Half Peanut Balance Ball its the best half ball balance trainer is made by the home sporting goods brand Yes4All.



  • Made from high-grade PVC

  • Lots of additional content in the package, including five loop resistance bands, and two balance pods in the combo package

  • 880 pounds maximum capacity, highest on the list

  • Textured surface on both sides for improved grip

Could be better:

  • Not all color choices are available in both the standard and combo package

Bosu Home Gym Original Balance Trainer

Many fitness companies have made their own variations of the half medicine ball, but you can never go wrong with the original BOSU ball.

Years ago it set the standard for balanced half balls and very few products are comparable to it in terms of quality for price.

  • Material: Rubber
  • Item Weight: Around 8.8 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Diameter: 26 inches
  • Color Palette: 16 color combinations including black, orange, green, purple, blue, and more
  • Features/Included components: Anti-skid feet, air pump, workout guide, 1-year warranty
bosu ball

photo by bosu_fitness

The ball is made of strong non-slip, non-marking, burst-resistant rubber that provides better grip and can withstand higher pressure.

Every package comes with a free and easy-to-use inflation pump.

At 300 pounds of weight capacity, it can carry the weight of most athletes and allow most people to perform weighted exercises too.

It weighs around 8.8 pounds and has two handle spaces on the bottom which can be used for exercise assistance or easy carrying.

The flat side features six rubberized non-skid feet that prevent it from moving during high-impact exercises.

The product was originally designed and is manufactured in the U.S., where it underwent stricter quality control particularly for rubber safety.

The ball surface is a standard ribbed pilates ball pattern that helps you feel out the center without having to look down

However, there is no additional grip pattern on the flat surface - which is a bit of a letdown compared to other products.

38.5Expert Score

Bosu Home Gym Original Balance Trainer made of strong non-slip, non-marking, burst-resistant rubber that provides better grip and can withstand higher pressure.



  • The original BOSU ball, over 20 years on the market

  • 16 color combinations
  • 6 rubberized anti-skid feet
  • Smart device app with additional workouts and charts
  • Made in the US

Could be better:

  • The standard medicinal ball pattern doesn’t provide much surface grip


BOSU® Elite By WeckMethod

For those of you looking to spend a little extra to get the best possible product, I recommend the WeckMethod BOSU® Elite stability half ball.

It merges the soft surface of the BOSU ball and stability of the balance board to create one workout tool capable of being used individually or in combination with other equipment for increased difficulty.

This is a product that fits well into any sports facility, fitness center, or home gym.

  • Material: Rubber
  • Item Weight: 19 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds
  • Diameter: 26 inches
  • Color Palette: Gray/Black
  • Features/Included components: Textured surface, hand pump, air plug, user manual, 2-year limited warranty
bosu elite

photo by gltrob

This dome is very durable and supports up to 450 pounds, which is above average compared to similar products.

The material it’s made from is latex-free and doesn’t leave behind the “plastic” smell like that on cheaper exercise balls.

The numbered power line and textured surface allow you to simply measure your feet or hand placement visually or by touch.

The center of the half ball is labeled the “power zone” and offers the highest return on energy expenditure during spring load movements by providing more resistance.

The honeycomb surface provides excellent grip during exercises, particularly when used with bare feet and hands.

Additionally, using it barefoot or with your hands will give you a better grip on the exercise.

38Expert Score

BOSU® ELITE BY WECKMETHOD merges the soft surface of the BOSU ball and stability of the balance board to create one workout tool capable of being used individually or in combination with other equipment for increased difficulty.



  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Honeycomb surface offers better grip

  • Numbered power line

  • “Power zone” with added resistance

  • Made of latex-free rubber

Could be better:

  • The flat side is not intended for use by the manufacturer and any resulting damage won’t be covered by the warranty

4. REP Balance Ball Trainer - Budget Pick

Rep Fitness Balance Trainer Ball

REP Fitness is well-known in the home gym community for making quality workout equipment at affordable prices.

Their balance ball is a good choice for the average-sized athlete shopping on a budget.

It comes in a single blue surface and black bottom color and with a standard pilates ball ribbed texture.

  • Material: N/A 
  • Item Weight: 12 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: N/A
  • Diameter: 24 inches
  • Color Palette: Blue/Black
  • Features/Included components: Medicinal ball texture, air pump, arm resistance bands come in the package

Each purchase comes with a free foot air pump to easily adjust the inflation level, which is also used to set the overall resistance of the ball.

Since it can be set for very light resistance and is meant for lower capacity, this ball is best suited for beginners, recovering athletes, or seniors to do basic stability and balance training.

The package includes two free arm resistance bands that can be attached to the half ball for added exercise variety.

37Expert Score

REP Balance Ball Trainer is a good choice for the average-sized athlete shopping on a budget.



  • Affordable choice

  • Arm resistance bands included in the package

  • 30-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t fit your needs

  • Resistance can be adjusted by inflating or deflating the ball

Could be better:

  • No official material and weight capacity info

  • Some users say the flat side is not usable for exercising as the air cover can fall out

Pure2Improve Balance Ball

The Pure2Improve (P2I) balance ball is a premium product you’d expect to find in a high-end gym or fitness center.

The inflatable ball is made from durable rubber and can withstand high weight capacity, so it’s suitable for training with added weights.

The only slight downside and reason why it’s not higher on the list is the noticeably higher price compared to similar performing products, while not adding any special features that set it apart.

  • Material: Rubber
  • Item Weight: 15.43 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: around 440 pounds 
  • Diameter: Around 23 inches 
  • Color Palette: Red 
  • Features/Included components: non-skid base, 4 rubberized anti-marking feet, 3-month guarantee

Each stability ball comes with a set of resistance bands that can be attached using their metal carabiner.

The side attachment loops can be used for various other attachments, including any other resistance bands you have.

The flat surface has four rubberized feet that prevent slipping and don’t leave markings on the floor.

That side can also be used for exercises without the worry of the rubber ball deflating or breaking.

36Expert Score

The Pure2Improve (P2I) balance ball is a premium product you’d expect to find in a high-end gym or fitness center.



  • Premium build quality

  • Non-skid, anti-marking base

  • Metal loop on the side allows you to attach your own arm resistance bands

  • Both the flat and round surfaces are usable for exercising

Could be better:

  • Quite expensive compared to similarly performing products

ATIVAFIT Balance Ball

Compared to similar products, the ATIVAFIT balance ball immediately stands out for its unique anti-slip surface pattern.

The half ball is made from non-toxic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), making it environmentally-friendly and good for at-home or public gyms.

  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Item Weight: 10 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 660 pounds
  • Diameter: 23.4 inches
  • Color Palette: Black, Blue, Gray, Purple, Pink
  • Features/Included components: Pair of resistance bands, air pump, valve plug, six rubberized feet


photo by blowersss

It boasts an impressive 660-pound maximum capacity, the second-highest on this list only behind my top pick.

This not only makes it great for heavier athletes, it also opens up a lot of workout possibilities for weighted exercises such as squats.

The flat side features six rubberized feet to improve ground stability, and features a fine anti-slip texture for exercising as well.

However, the flat surface has a large hole in the middle where it’s supposed to be inflated, making the center of it practically unusable.

Each package comes with a pair of resistance bands, an air pump, and one valve plug which adds good value for money.

The ball can be inflated or deflated in a matter of seconds using the pump, making it easy to carry and store it away when you’re not using it.

35.5Expert Score

ATIVAFIT Balance Ball boasts an impressive 660-pound maximum capacity, the second-highest on this list only behind my top pick.



  • Impressive 660-pound maximum capacity, noticeably higher than average and is the second highest on this list

  • Unique surface pattern

  • Easily inflates and deflates for storage and carrying

Could be better:

  • The center of the flat surface has a large hole for the inflation area, making it unusable for some exercises

 Nice C Half Ball

Last but not least, we have the Nice C Half Ball.

In terms of specs, it comes in fairly standard sizing for a good price, making it a well-rounded, affordable purchase.

  • Material: Acrylonitrile But, Plastic, Rubber
  • Item Weight: around 9.2 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
  • Diameter: 23x24.5 inches
  • Color Palette: Gray, Purple
  • Features/Included components: Pair of resistance bands, foot pump, anti-leak plug, non-skid feet, non-slip texture

The construction is made from non-toxic, chemical free materials including acrylonitrile but, plastic, and rubber.

The non-skid feet at the bottom and non-slip texture on the ball allow you to safely perform various movements, including stepping, jumping, and running.

That said, the diameter has a somewhat small footprint, so this product may be better suited for athletes with smaller shoe sizes.

35Expert Score

Nice C Half Ball comes in fairly standard sizing for a good price, making it a well-rounded, affordable purchase.



  • Water-proof and stain resistant surface, easy to clean

  • Eco-friendly materials - ABS plastic, non-toxic PVC

  • A pair of resistance bands, a foot pump, an anti-leak plug, and an instruction manual all come with the package

Could be better:

  • The smaller diameter leaves a small footprint

What Are the Benefits of Bosu Balls (Half Balance Balls)?

Benefits of Bosu Balls

Improving Balance and Stability

The half yoga ball creates an uneven exercise surface that engages stabilizing muscles, safely and gradually improving your balance and stability over time.

Research shows that improvement in static and dynamic balance can be seen in just six weeks of using a stability ball.

Building Core and Lower Body Muscles

Standing, or should I say balancing on the half stability ball provides an excellent workout for your core, and develops the lower body, joints, back, and hips, among other muscle groups.

It does this by constantly keeping them engaged to maintain balance.

Developing Better Coordination

Developing Better Coordination

Although balance and coordination are often used synonymously, there is a difference.

Balance refers to a person’s ability to engage with different terrain without losing control, while coordination refers to their ability to use multiple body parts at the same time - which reduces risk of injury.

As well as improving balance, the half exercise ball stimulates coordination development.

While balance is considered primarily a physical trait, coordination is a neurological process.

Using a balance ball can be life-changing for people with coordination problems, such as for people recovering from brain injuries/operations, and senior citizens.

Large Exercise Variety

The main exercises BOSU balls are used for such as running, stepping, or simply balancing.

However, those are not the only exercises you can do with a half physio ball.

With some creativity, you can use them to increase the difficulty of popular exercises such as squats, push-ups, planks, lunges, glute bridges, and more.

Use the balance ball as your surface instead of solid ground and the possibilities are endless.

Just make sure you're surrounded by a safe environment and that you’re not doing something outside of the ball’s specifications.

When Do You Need a Bosu Ball (Half Balance Ball)?

Balls balance

A half balance ball is suitable for people of all ages and athletic levels who want to improve their balance, stability, coordination, core strength, and diversify their workout routine.

Athletes can use it for near a full-body workout using it either as the main exercise tool or standing platform.

Professional athletes that shift their weight from one leg to another in their sport can use them for important warmups and muscle memory upkeep when not playing.

Often referred to as the half physio ball in these spaces, it’s commonly used in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

It’s especially good for recovering from injuries that affect a person’s balance and stability, such as lower body muscle groups.

Regular exercise on them helps reduce the risk of falls among seniors.

Reports show that BOSU balls showed noticeable balance improvement in age groups 60 and over.

Half workout balls can help pregnant women (especially pre and post-labor) or people who’ve recently lost a lot of pounds, as it helps them safely retrain their balance and stability and adjust to new weight.

What to Look For in Half Medicine Balls?


As long as you’re not misusing the BOSU ball, you should have no issues with its safety.

If you follow the manufacturer's guidelines and safety precautions listed on the spec sheet or in the user manual, you won’t run into problems.

For example, you shouldn’t push the half exercise ball over its indicated weight limit.

That said, due to the nature of balance exercises, improper form and technique can lead to safety issues and potential injury.

Make sure to do pre-exercise warmups and, before stepping on the stability half ball, check for wear and tear.

Once you’ve visually inspected the ball's condition, check that it’s properly inflated and isn’t leaking air.

Half Medicine Balls


The lifespan of BOSU balls depends on factors such as usage frequency, storage conditions, and the quality of the ball itself.

With proper usage, your half yoga ball will last anywhere from one to two years.

All products on the list have good durability for the price as long as you stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

However, it is to be expected that a more expensive half stability ball with higher build quality - such as burst resistant rubber and non-degrading PVC - will outlast a budget choice over time, unless misused.


BOSU balls are lightweight and can easily be carried around by an adult or stored when not in use.

Most BOSU balls come with a pump for easy inflation, and the half dome on them can be deflated to make the item more compact.

They typically have some form of grips you can use to carry them and some BOSU balls even come with a carrying case for added convenience.

BOSU balls are a popular choice for at-home training since you can carry them from room to room.


Keep in mind that price VS quality can be subjective.

There are no bad products on these lists - all of these are personal recommendations at various price ranges.

While premium products will outperform budget friendly in terms of overall specs, that doesn’t mean a less expensive product won’t fit your needs just as well.

Each product breakdown should help you better determine which one is for you, so you can get a good quality product without overspending.

The top choices on my list usually strike the best balance of quality for the price.


Are Bosu Balls Good for Balance?

Yes, a BOSU ball is used in a variety of exercises that target balance, stability, coordination, and core strength.

For this reason, other common names for it include half physio ball and a half stability ball.

Which Is Better, Bosu Ball or Wobble Board?

The BOSU half exercise ball has characteristics that make them superior to wobble boards overall.

Both are used for balance training, but half workout balls have both a soft and hard exercise surface.

Additionally, BOSU balls can be used on both sides, while wobble boards aren’t made with this in mind.

Bosu ball alternatives such as the wobble board can be noticeably cheaper, but they have lower durability and can’t withstand higher impact exercises before breaking and aren’t as multi-purpose as the Bosu.

Which Side of Bosu Is Harder?

BOSU balls have two main sides - the flat platform and the half medicine ball - both of which can be used for exercising.

The flat platform provides a hard surface to work out on, while the half yoga ball has a round surface that changes shape from pressure.

Generally, the flat platform side is easier to use as it provides an even surface to stand on that spreads out pressure evenly, while the ball side is harder to exercise on due to uneven pressure.


These were the top 7 best BOSU balls you can get for your home or commercial gym.

I found the Yes4All Premium Half Peanut to be the best half ball balance trainer, but I encourage you to check the other options out as well.

BOSU balls are great for training your stability and core, and you can use both the flat and round surfaces for many other exercises as well.Balance practice is often overlooked, but very important for maintaining full control of your body, especially as you age.

Do you perform balance exercises?Have you used the BOSU or other half workout balls?Leave a comment letting me know and remember to follow me on social media for more workout tips, product reviews, and other fitness content.


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