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Weider Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review (2024)

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The Weider select a weight review covers categories like weight selection, weight adjustment, design, material and more. The Weider adjustable dumbbells have a weight range from 10 pounds to 50, which is perfectly suitable to get a full-body workout done.

But the two main bright spots of the product are their fast and easy way to adjust the weight, so you don’t have to spend extra time figuring out how to subtract or add the amount you need. The second thing is their space saving component. The set is nice and compact, so you can store it away easily and save yourself from any mess.

Weider Adjustable Dumbbell Set
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Quick Summary: Weider Dumbbells Review

Weider Adjustable Dumbbell Set

The Weider strength company aims to provide the entire home fitness experience as they sell everything from treadmills to machines that target the entire body and free weights like their dumbbell sets. They also come equipped with the iFit app in case you prefer trainer-led exercises. So, you can pick from several workout programs and get fit in the comfort of your home.

  • Number Of Settings: 5 settings
  • Weight Range: 10 to 50 pounds
  • Weight increments: 10 pound
  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 19.3 x 0.04 inches
  • Adjustment system: Selector switch
  • Materials: Metal
  • Additional Features: iFit app
  • Warranty: No Warranty
  • Weight: 111.2 pounds
  • Color: Black

The Weider adjustable dumbbells have a weight range from 10 pounds to 50, which is perfectly suitable to get a full-body workout done.

Weight Selection:0
Ease of Use:0
Materials and Quality:0


  • Easy to adjust weight
  • Space saving
  • Multifaceted to perform different exercises

Could be better:

  • Large weight jumps

Detailed Weider Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

1. Weight Selection

The Weider Select-A-Weight 50-lb. adjustable dumbbell set ranges from 10 to 50 pounds. So, with a singular purchase, you would get a pair of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 pound dumbbells. This is because the weight increments jump up or go down 10 pounds with each change.

This allows you to hit every muscle group, but can be a hindrance when working the smaller muscle groups, like shoulders and biceps, which might not be able to handle 10 pound increases.

So, you might have to get creative with your workout and do higher repetitions or incorporate things like tempo control while working out in order to get a good burn.

However, the weight increment is perfectly fine for leg workouts or back workouts because those larger muscle groups can handle big jumps.

2. Weight Adjustment

These dumbbells use a simple selector switch, which allows you to toggle between different weight options.. All you have to do is decide what weight you’d like and slide the selector pin over, and then either move the pin forward or backward.

It is both fast and efficient, which is a big selling point for this product. If you’re an intermediate lifter or an advanced one, you might be incorporating lifting techniques like drop sets or trying to limit your rest time in between exercises, and for both‌, you want your next weight there and ready to go.

The last thing you want is to mess around with some adjustment system that takes up valuable gym time and makes you miss your optimal window for the workout.

So, the selector switch system will allow you to make progress with your muscle building and strength training routines.

3. Design

The design of the Weider adjustable weights comes with two benefits. First, the shape of the dumbbells, which have wedges so they don’t wobble or move, compared to a spherical dumbbell which will roll one way or the other.

This is beneficial because it adds a stability component to the dumbbells. You can perform exercises such as pushups, planks, and renegade rows with the dumbbells in a safe manner.

The second benefit of the design is that it comes with its own storage rack, which is nice and compact. This means you don’t have to worry about having a messy floor after you’re done working out because all the plates are left on the storage rack when you exercise.

The dumbbell itself fits perfectly in the rack, which can then be moved to the corner of the room or underneath some space to save room for other things.

Also, the design won’t interfere with most of your lifts either. Sometimes when a dumbbell set changes its design too much and goes away from a traditional looking dumbbell, it can get in the way of certain exercises.

But you won’t have to worry about that with the Weider set as they retain much of the spherical shape but just with a few tweaks and changes.

4. Materials & Quality

The Weider set is made of a combination of metal and plastic. This type of combination tends to be great for adjustable dumbbells. The reason being, the metal provides the dumbbell with a tough and durable frame, which is likely to last a long time, even if you drop it a couple of times.

While the plastic coating around the dumbbell is an adding benefit for your floors. The plastic prevents the dumbbells from damaging your floors too badly and can even stop them from scratching your floors.

5. Value for Money

The Weider adjustable dumbbell set is a great money saving product. Largely because it will save you from having to buy 5 different pairs of dumbbells. Typically, if you were to purchase a 10 pound dumbbell pair all the way up to 50 pounds, you’re likely going to need a lot more cash, compared to a single order purchase of the Weider dumbbells.

However, the dumbbell doesn’t come with any warranty. So, if the product gets damaged from use after a while, you can’t send it back or have someone from the company come to you in order to fix any malfunctions. So, keep that in mind when purchasing the product.


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6. Special iFit Feature

If you purchase the Weider select a weight 50 lb adjustable dumbbell set, you will also get a free 30 day trial of Weider’s iFit app. This app can be downloaded on your tablet or smartphone and comes with trainer led workouts for you to perform.

A big hurdle with new lifters can be that they don’t know where to start or what kind of workouts to do. So, the iFit app is a perfect entry point as professional trainers will show you how to workout. Through them, you can make sure your form and technique are correct, so you stay safe and have a fun workout.

You can perform these exercises outside or at the comfort of your home. So, you have more options with your purchase.

Weider Adjustable Dumbbell Set Presentation
Photo by @kchancey5077

Who Are Weider Adjustable Dumbbells for?

The Weider adjustable dumbbells can be great for beginner lifters. As mentioned above, the iFit app makes it easy for those who aren’t well versed in the realm of lifting to know what exercises to do and how to do them. So, a beginner lifter can build up a strong foundation through the Weider set and then move on toward educating oneself even more.

However, the weight range might limit what kind of lifts you can do as a beginner. Still, you’ll be able to do all the typical exercises, but the progress in them might need to be adjusted.

For example, these dumbbells will allow you to do the following exercises:

  • Chest: Flat and incline dumbbell bench press, flat and incline flys, pushups, and floor presses.
  • Back: Single-arm rows, chest supported rows, bench rows, and dumbbell pullovers
  • Legs: Goblet squats, dumbbell squats, different variation of lunges, Bulgarian split squats, dumbbell Romanian deadlifts, and a variation of hip thrusts, including single and double legs.
  • Shoulders: Dumbbell press, lateral raises, front raises, rear raises, and dumbbell upright rows.
  • Arms: Dumbbell curls, hammer curls, incline curls, lying tricep extensions, overhead tricep extensions, and single arm tricep extensions.

1. Intermediate and Advanced Lifter

Due to the increase in weight increments, the dumbbells are well suited for intermediate and advanced lifters. The reason being, if you’ve already been lifting for a while, you might not need the in between weights such as 15 pounds, so you can maximize what you do have.

Lifters in this group will be able to adjust to the weight jump quicker and gain strength.

2. Athletes Who Enjoy Group Workouts

Some athletes tend to prefer a group atmosphere when they workout. But, due to busy schedules or unforeseen circumstances like the pandemic, going to a gym might not be possible. So, having the option of the iFit app, the athlete can hop on into a class with other people and enjoy a virtual group session.

Weider Adjustable Dumbbells Alternatives

Weider Adjustable Dumbbells vs Bowflex Dumbbells

Bowflex Dumbbells

The Weider dumbbells have major advantages over the Bowflex dumbbells. First, the quick and easy adjustment technology. The selector switch makes the weight changing aspect of these dumbbells really efficient, which allows you to have a better workout.

Second, the shape of the product. The shape of a Bowflex dumbbell is longer than normal, which can interfere with your lifting technique and can be awkward to use because you’re not used to that kind of dumbbells.

The Weider set has a different plate shape, but not so different that it causes you to have to change your workout or the exercises you want to do.

Weider Adjustable Dumbbells vs MX Select Adjustable Dumbbells

MX Select Adjustable Dumbbells

Again, the Weider adjustable dumbbells have two advantages over the MX product. First, the storage design. As mentioned earlier, the Weider dumbbells come with a small, compact storage tray, which can be moved anywhere in your house to save space. But the MX adjustable dumbbells come with a more traditional, vertical dumbbell rack, which isn’t as easy to move. So, you need more space in your house to accommodate the product.

The second advantage for the Weider set is that it’s made of metal and plastic. While the MX set is just steel, so, without the plastic encasing, you’re more likely to damage or scratch your floors if you end up dropping the weights.

Weider Adjustable Dumbbells vs NordicTrack Adjustable Dumbbells

NordicTrack Adjustable Dumbbells

The shape of the two dumbbell sets can be the difference maker between them. The NordicTrack dumbbells have a large, octagonal shape to their plates, which can take a little while to get used to. Plus, they might get in the way of some exercises.


What Happens If I Drop the Weider Adjustable Dumbbells?

The Weider adjustable dumbbells are fine to drop, but from a reasonable height. Of course, if you’re dropping the dumbbells from a really high position, then you’re likely going to damage the dumbbells and your floor, too.

But, if you drop the weights from a normal and reasonable position, the combination of the metal and plastic material will keep both the dumbbell and your floors safe.

Are Weider Adjustable Dumbbells Safe to Use?

Any exercise equipment needs to be handled with some degree of caution. There will always be a risk of injury when you’re moving weight, but that risk decreases significantly if you move the weight in a smart manner.

So, the Weider adjustable dumbbells are safe, for the most part, as long as you perform them for the purpose they are built for and do so with good technique.

Are Weider Adjustable Dumbbells Good for Beginners?

The Weider adjustable dumbbells can be good for beginners. Even though the weight jumps between the adjustments can be too much for some beginners, the addition of the iFit app offsets that negative.

The app itself is a great tool for beginners to use, as the trainers that come with the app can show a beginner lifter how to properly workout. This will keep the lifter safe and improve the lifting knowledge.


The Weider adjustable dumbbells are built to provide a full-body workout that challenges you to go beyond your perceived limits through their 10 pound weight increments. Along with their storable and space saving features, the dumbbell’s iFit app can provide great benefits to their customers.

While the design and selector switch technology will allow you to perform many exercises and incorporate different lifting techniques.

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