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Keydomar Vallenilla wins the gold in Santiago 2023, lifting 383 kg of pure iron

As we all know, the municipality of Peñalolén still hosts weightlifting competitions, which are traditionally considered to be the forerunners of new hopes in the sport. On Sunday it was just the start of another men’s 89 kg category, where Keydomar Vallenilla, an athlete from Venezuela, took the lead.

Keydomar Vallenilla, top athlete from Venezuela

Fans say they initially bet on him as one of the main contenders for the gold medal because he already holds the record in this discipline. Obviously, he came to the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games probably to test himself and maybe pick up another award. He succeeded and still took first place despite the good and prepared athletes in this event. 

Colombian athlete Yeison López at the competition

He was actually the best in the competition. He was able to show great strength in the snetch by lifting 172 kg. Subsequently, he lifted even more, namely 211 kg, which totaled an astounding 383 kg of pure iron. 

Category Exercise Gold Silver Bronze
89 kg
Snatch 🇨🇴Yeison López 177 kg 🇻🇪Keydomar Vallenilla 173 kg 🇨🇺Olfides Sáez 156 kg
C&J 🇻🇪Keydomar Vallenilla 178 kg 🇨🇴Yeison López 205 kg 🇨🇺Olfides Sáez 201 kg
Total 🇻🇪Keydomar Vallenilla 179 kg 🇨🇴Yeison López 382 kg 🇨🇺Olfides Sáez 357 kg

In second place you can observe another strongest athlete, whose name is Yeison López. He is from Colombia and he lifted a total of 382 kg, which is 1 kg less than the winner. This is also a magnificent result, but the statistics do not spare anyone. 


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Cuban athlete Olfides Sáez in competition

In third place we see a resident of Cuba. Olfides Sáez was able to lift a total of 357 kg. Although this is a significant weight, but he was far behind the first two medalists

We will most likely see all of these athletes in the field of large-scale competitions where weightlifters participate. We will be watching their progress and be the first to inform you in case they show themselves.

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