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Rahmat Abdullah VS Rizki Juniansyah: The Ultimate Weightlifting Battle

Welcome to Torokhtiy Media, your window into the thrilling world of top athletes in Olympic weightlifting. Today, we dive deep into one of most exhilarating rivalries: Rahmat Abdullah versus Rizki Juniansyah.

These two titans of the weightlifting world have pushed each other to the limits in their quest for supremacy, setting records and capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

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From breathtaking lifts to nail-biting showdowns, join us as we explore every facet of this fierce competition. Who will lift their way to the top? Stay tuned as we break down their journey, their battles, and what makes this rivalry so captivating.

Let’s begin by delving into the backgrounds of our two champions, Rahmat Abdullah and Rizki Juniansyah. Both hailing from Indonesia, they were destined for greatness in the world of weightlifting, thanks to their family legacies and early exposure to this sport.

Rahmat Abdullah, a name synonymous with Indonesian weightlifting royalty, grew up surrounded by champions. His father, Erwin Abdullah, won silver at the 2002 Asian Games in Busan, while his mother, Ami Asun Budiono, was also an elite weightlifter.

Guided by his parents, Rahmat started learning weightlifting techniques at just four years old. This early start set the foundation for his future success.

Rahmat Abdullah at World Weightlifting Championships 2023

Rahmat’s calm demeanor and strategic approach were evident from a young age. In the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, Rahmat carved out a name for himself, winning a bronze medal in the 73 kg weight division with 152 kg in snatch and 190 in C&J respectively.

His continued progress during these 4 years saw him setting world records in both the 73 and 81 kg categories, showcasing his exceptional talent and adaptability.

On the other hand, Rizki Juniansyah, another Indonesian sensation, began his weightlifting journey under the watchful eye of his father, Muhammad Yasin, a former national weightlifter and chairman of the All-Indonesian Weightlifting Association in Banten.

Training from a young age, Rizki’s discipline was nurtured in a competitive yet supportive family environment.

Rizki’s rise was swift and impressive. At just 16, at the Asian Junior Championship, he broke the junior world record in snatch 139 kg, which had stood unchallenged for years.

His continued success saw him dominate at the Junior Worlds 2021 in Tashkent, winning all gold medals and breaking records in the snatch with – 155 kg, clean & jerk – 194 kg, and total – 349 kg, respectively. These early achievements were a clear indication of his future potential.

Both Rahmat and Rizki have not only inherited their families’ legacies but have also forged their own paths to greatness, setting the stage for their intense and exciting rivalry on the international platform.

Rizki Juniansyah at Asian Weightlifting Championships 2024

Rahmat Abdullah and Rizki Juniansyah have carved out remarkable careers in weightlifting, each with their own set of victories and challenges.

Rahmat Abdullah’s career is decorated with extraordinary achievements. As we mentioned earlier, he is an Olympic bronze medalist in Tokyo 2021. Also, he is 2-time World Champion in 2021 and 2022, as well as winner of Asian Games and Championships.

During his amazing career, he set 5 world records. The most impressive are 209 kg in C&J in the 81 kg category at the 2023 Worlds in Saudi Arabia. And an astonishing 204 kg in the 73 kg weight class at the Asian Championship in Uzbekistan last February.

His adaptability and skill in both weight classes underscore his exceptional talent. Rahmat’s ability to set new records and consistently push the boundaries of his performance.

Rizki Juniansyah’s ascent has been equally impressive. His senior career highlights include a silver medal at the 2022 Worlds in Bogotá and another at the 2024 Asians in Tashkent. Both times he was second after his teammate Rahmat.

However, Rizki faced significant challenges, including bombing out in the clean & jerk at the 2022 Asian Championship and the 2023 Grand Prix.

Despite these setbacks, Rizki’s determination saw him through a difficult period. After undergoing appendicitis surgery in late 2023, he made a remarkable recovery. His comeback at the 2024 World Cup in Phuket, where he set a new world record in total.

The rivalry between Rahmat Abdullah and Rizki Juniansyah has been marked by intense competition and incredible performances at major weightlifting events. Their head-to-head battles have not only thrilled fans but also pushed both athletes to new heights.

Rahmat Abdullah at Asian Weightlifting Championships 2024

First time they met at the platform of the Worlds 2022 in Colombia. In this battle Rahmat Abdullah won with a 5 kg gap in total and a World record 200 kg in C&J. In the same time Rizki with 155 kg got gold in snatch and with 192 kg won two more silver medals in C&J and total, respectively.

One of their most memorable encounters was at the 2024 Asian Championships in Tashkent. In the snatch, Rizki demonstrated his precision and power with 3 successful lifts of 146 kg, then 152 kg, and a new personal record of 158 kg. This result brought him a silver medal and second place after Rahmat, who confidently managed a strong 159 kg for a gold in snatch.

In the clean & jerk, Rizki opened with a solid 180 kg, followed by successful lifts of 187 kg and a personal best of 195 kg.

However, Rahmat’s strategy and strength shone through when he opened with 195 kg and then made a successful 2 world records in a row: 202 kg attempt and then brilliant lift at 204 kg. Rahmat’s performance secured him the gold, while Rizki had to settle for silver despite his impressive lifts.

Their rivalry continued a few months later at the World Cup in Phuket. This competition was crucial as it was a key Olympic qualifier. Rizki’s snatch lifts were 155 kg, a missed attempt at 164 kg, followed by a successful 164 kg, setting a new +6 kilos personal record in this exercise.

Rahmat, on the other hand, opened with 155 kg, then managed a consistent 160 kg in snatch, but failed on 162.

Rahmat Abdullah at IWF World Cup 2024

By the way the winner in snatch was a Chinese legend Shi Zhiyong who took gold with 165 kg.

In the clean & jerk, the pressure was palpable.

Rizki opened with 192 kg.

Rahmat, aiming to outlift his rival, started with 195 kg.

Then Rizki made a huge 9 kilos jump and secured a successful lift at 201 kg, showcasing his incredible form.

Rahmat`s team made a decision to wait until Rizki Juniansyah will use all his attempts and then will go for gold in C&J and total.

Rizki asked for 203 kg, but after his heroic 201 it was almost clear that this bar will be too heavy for him today. Actually, this step was very tactical – to make Rahmat order more.

And this act was fateful in this battle.

To fill the gap and get the victory in total Rahmat ordered for the second attempt, the weight 2 kilos over his personal best – 206 kg.

And then something completely unexpected happened.

He confidently cleaned, but in the jerk drive phase made a minor technical mistake and couldn’t secure the bar in overhead position.

After this Rahmat Abdullah had a whole 2 minutes to recover and focus, to make it happen. It seemed as though something broke inside him and he sat on the stairs in disbelief of his missed attempt.

And then in less than 20 seconds he immediately stood up and went back to the platform for his third attempt. It happened so fast and unexpectedly, that his coach and father Erwin Abdullah didn`t have a chance to react to stop him and make him wait for more recovery and refocus.

In the clean bar path was a bit in front, so clean recovery was heavy and with bad form. Unfortunately, during the jerk setup, it was obvious that a miracle would not happen.

Rizki Juniansyah’s successful C&J at IWF World Cup 2024

No one ever could expect and imagine such a drama would happen. This rush was a 100% tactical mistake and the price was very disappointing – losing the Olympic spot.

Meanwhile, Rizki’s historic win was more than a victory! His participation in a key qualification event, the World Cup in Phuket, where he set a new world record in total, has not only secured his spot at the Olympics but also signaled his readiness to challenge the best.

The rivalry between Rahmat Abdullah and Rizki Juniansyah goes beyond the competition platform. It is a driving force that has pushed both athletes to their limits, honing their skills.

Their battle count for now is on Rahmat`s side: two victories at Worlds 2022 and Asians 2024 and one for Rizki at the Thailand World Cup.

Their intense battles are not just about who lifts the heaviest weights, but about the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Moreover, their rivalry has had a significant impact on their personal growth. Together, they embody the perfect blend of mental and physical strength, inspiring the next generation of weightlifters.

Their competition has also propelled Indonesian weightlifting onto the global stage. It has brought attention to the country’s rich weightlifting heritage and highlighted the potential of its athletes. The legacy of their battles will continue to inspire and motivate aspiring lifters for years to come.

Hopefully we will have a chance to see the next battle of these Indonesian prodigies at the upcoming World Championship in Bahrain in December this year.

Rahmat Abdullah at IWF World Cup 2024

As Rahmat Abdullah and Rizki Juniansyah continue to shape their legacies, their rivalry remains a testament to the power of real Olympic weightlifting competition. Their battles have pushed them to new heights, setting records and inspiring lifters around the world.

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Stay strong, stay focused, keep lifting!

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