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Simon Martirosyan at the WWC 2023 in Riyadh: A Big Proud of Armenia with High Dedication and Passion for Weightlifting [Interview]

The 9th day of the Qualifying competition at the WWC in Riyadh brought us an opportunity to take an interview with an Armenian weightlifter Simon Martirosyan competing in the 109 kg weight division. He’s a two-time World Champion, twice European Champion, two-time Olympic silver medalist, and a total Record holder in the 109 kg weight category.

A captivating weightlifting path from Juniors to Olympic Champions

He’s one of the most prominent lifters who is known for his high determination, commitment, and persistence. For Armenians, weightlifting is a national sport, with deep traditions and great respect. So, Simon’s path in weightlifting started with his family: he started lifting weights at the age of twelve, but first, he joined boxing classes. His father and uncle also were weightlifters and participated at various competitions. Simon admitted that weightlifting is his big passion, job, and hobby, overall this is the whole world for him.

First, he transited from the Junior weight class of 85 kg to 105 kg which became more optimal for competing at the Olympic Games at that time, and finally stopped at the 109 kg weight category. However, he even gained more than 120 kg because of specific nutrition plan and sports supplements which was too much for him as he felt uncomfortable to compete. That’s why he lost weight and returned to 109 kg.

Observing the Armenian national team, there are other two heavyweights, besides Simon: Varazdat Lalayan and Gor Minasyan. Despite the fact that the latter competes for Bahrain, all Armenian athletes support each other during training sessions and performances, treating each other with honor and respect as well. Simon said that they aren’t his opponents, his only rival is the barbell and himself.


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Prior mistakes and current training objectives

It was interesting to hear about the specific strategies that Simon implements to gain such incredible results. The Armenian athlete said that after the European Championships in 2021 in Moscow when he failed his C&J with “no lifts” of 227 kg, he couldn’t say that he was at his peak shape and wasn’t pleased with his results overall.

Martirosyan added that now he returns to the young Simon who is satisfied with his results and feels comfortable in his body to lift heavier weights. He thinks that currently, his technique is well, there are no problems with C&J, and he’s confident in this exercise for 100%. While in Snatch he loses speed a little.

About the training schedule

Speaking about his training routine, Simon works out every day for two sessions, except for Monday – it’s a day off. He also does jogging, stretching, and warm-up before weightlifting sessions. We noticed from our conversation that he prefers accessory training and there’s no wonder: every extra supplementary exercise such as back extension, sitting presses, and triceps workout help him prevent injuries and maintain good condition.

So, we learned many interesting facts about Simon’s journey in weightlifting, his training routine, mindset, and challenges that made him stronger. He’s absolutely a dedicated athlete and a true pride for the Armenian nation. 

Let’s observe how this talented lifter will perform at the Qualifying session soon and then at the Games in Paris. Stay tuned and get subscribed to our channels for more eye-grabbing information about the most prominent athletes of this Championships.

Read the full report about each day of IWF World Championships 2023 in Riyadh prepared by our media team. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay updated and follow this great event in the Olympic weightlifting world with us from the very beginning till the end!

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