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Rahmat Erwin Abdullah Interview – at the IWF Grand Prix II in Doha 

Let’s dive into Rahmat Erwin Abdullah’s incredible story – from Tokyo bronze to breaking Clean & Jerk records. This is a journey of triumphs and challenges. Two World records in a month – 209 kg, 201 kg, and an impressive 200 kg at the 2022 World Championships. 

Young, full of energy and power, or whether he chose a win-win strategy is playing into his hands, isn’t it? Let’s define what makes Rahmat one of the most dominant and competitive males in the world.

Rahmat Is On Track to Make History with His Mind-Blowing Records

At just 21, Rahmat secured a Tokyo Olympics bronze in the Men’s 73-kilogram division, dominated by China’s Shi Zhiyong. What makes this story even more special? It’s not just Rahmat’s merit, it’s a dream he fulfilled for his father and trainer, Erwin Abdullah.

Rahmat is a top contender, leading the 73 kg weight class. We couldn’t miss the opportunity not to ask him questions each of you wants to get an answer for.


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In the interview after his performance at the Qatar Cup, we asked Rahmat about his satisfaction with his achievements. But it’s not just about the medals – it’s about Rahmat’s strategic approach to weightlifting.

  • Are you satisfied with your performance?

“Yes, I’m satisfied, but I can do better in Clean & Jerk.

  • What was wrong with your Jerk? The Clean was good, quite slow, but it was nice. But what happened in the Jerk part?

“It was heavy already.”

  • What is your best Clean & Jerk in the competition and during training?

“In competition – 209 kg in Riyadh, but in training, I can’t tell you…)

Rahmat navigates between the 73 kg and 81 kg divisions with a focus on strategy. The 73 kg category is special because it’s an Olympic class, but Rahmat adds a twist by also competing in the 81 kg division. 

Sometimes, he opts for the less competitive Group B to ease the pressure. This not only shows he’s thinking ahead but also makes his competition strategy interesting. It left us curious to know the reasons behind his strategic category choices and where he feels at his best.

  • You’re jumping between categories – 81 kg, 73 kg, 81 kg…So, what is the best weight category for you? And what’s the reason for jumping between categories?

“My best category is 73 kg. The reason why I’m jumping is that I try to minimize my body stress and keep my weight under 73 kilos.

What makes Rahmat truly exceptional is his incredible performance in the Clean & Jerk. Imagine this: in just one month, Rahmat set not one, but two World records in the Clean & Jerk, lifting 209 kg and 201 kg in different body weight categories, namely 73 kg and 81 kg classes. 

He even beat his own record by lifting an impressive 200 kg at the 2022 World Championships. We wanted to know how he achieved such remarkable progress in such a short time, especially considering the immense physical challenges of competing at such a high level.

  • How did you manage to break two world records in different categories just in a month?

“Simply)) it’s easy for me to tell you about it, but it’s hard to do in real life. Day by day, always discipline.”

As Erwin says the key to success is to empty his mind every time he performs. The main point is to stay calm and not waste any energy.

Proper Nutrition and Elaborate Training Routine to Fuel Up the Performance

As we explore Rahmat’s journey, we touch upon the crucial role of nutrition. It’s not just about eating; it’s about fueling up smartly for the unique demands of competing in multiple weight categories. We asked Rahmat if he follows any strict diet and what his favorite food is.

  • Do you follow a diet? Can you tell us what you eat during the day and how many times?

“I can say that I make my own personal diet by myself. For example, less for 73, less carbs, and more protein. If I’m going to the 81-kilo division, then I need more carbs.”

  • What is your favorite food?

“Meat – chicken or beef.”

  • You have a huge difference between Snatch and Clean & Jerk. For example, here your Snatch was 161 kg, Clean & Jerk – 200 kg, and more. So, it’s always something between 45-50 kilos that is a huge difference. Tell me what the reason is? Does it mean that you can’t realize your power in Snatch?

“I think my Clean & Jerk is special.”

  • Do you have any common technique mistakes that you’re hearing from your coach? 

“For now maybe…I make mistakes very rarely. I think my father knows that my technique is perfect. He just let me take care of it, because it’s already good.”

He said that he owes his parents so much. His father started teaching him about technique when he was just four.

Rahmat’s Clean & Jerk Power: The Story Behind the Number

Analyzing Rahmat’s performance, it’s clear he’s a powerhouse in Clean & Jerk, lifting 209 kg. However, his Snatch performance is a bit lower, with a significant difference of over 50 kilos between the two exercises.

Considering Rahmat’s strength in Clean & Jerk, if he could match it with a 170 kg Snatch, he could become a new Total category leader. The challenge is adding 25 kilos to his Snatch, making it an attention-grabbing fact.

We’re eager to hear from Rahmat himself about the reasons behind this difference in his performance. What’s the story behind the numbers?

Now, let’s shift our focus back to Rahmat’s training routine. We know that every athlete has their favorite movements, the ones that fuel their passion and drive their performance. So, we asked Rahmat about his go-to exercise, the one that makes him feel unstoppable in the gym and on the platform.

  • What is your favorite movement in weightlifting?

“Of course, Snatch and Clean & Jerk, especially with straps. I’m very excited if my training includes lifts with straps.”

  • Do you have problems with grip?

“Not really, but I can say that all the pressure is on your thumbs. I can’t say it’s a problem, but it hurts.”

All eyes are on the big moment, the Paris Olympics. Wrapping up Rahmat Erwin Abdullah’s story of success, we asked him about what’s next. 

  • What is your next competition?


  • In what category do you plan to compete?

“For now, I plan to compete in the 73 kg category because it’s an Olympic category.”

Breaking the C & J Record at the Worlds in Saudi Arabia: the Theory of Success

At the World Championship in Riyadh, he was at 76.67 kilos, Rahmat didn’t cut weight for Riyadh to compete in the 73 weight category, but he put on weight to move into the next class of 81 kg. At this event, he set the Clean & Jerk Senior World Record as well.

By the way, the difference between his Snatch (145 kg) and Clean & Jerk (209 kg) was an impressive 65 kilos.

Just in a month, at the 19th Asian Games, he was performing in the 73-kg weight class, resulting in the new Record break in 201 kg. He also had a 43-kg gap between Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

What can we say based on such data?

He cut weight: this fact proves that even after losing 4 kilos Rahmat can show such great results and, what’s more, he managed to lift bigger weights, namely he added 13 kg in Snatch.

Last December Rahmat competed at the Qatar Cup and this was one of his best performances in his career. First of all, he competed in the 81 kg weight class, which means he didn`t cut weight and had ideal conditions for lifting really heavy weights. 

It was a C&J World Record attempt. As a result – three silver medals in snatch, C&J, and total at the  Qatar Cup and 2 new personal records in snatch and total.

“Becoming stronger requires time”: this phrase means that Rahmat Erwin is a very powerful athlete showing his monstrous potential in Clean & Jerk and result in progress.

Rahmat Erwin


We did our best to shed light on the most demanding questions: how is it possible to switch between the weight classes, show unbelievable lifts, and continue to contest with a 2-week recovery in between competitions, etc. Indeed, Rahmat is reshaping the landscape of men’s weightlifting with his incredible lifts.

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