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Karlos Nasar’s Performance at Bundesliga 3rd Session ’23 After His  Overwhelming Win at Grand Prix II

Karlos Nasar is one of the youngest world record holders, who became champion in 2021 at the age of 17. He’s a total and two-time silver medalist at Europeans, four-time Youth European and World Cup Champion.

This week we witnessed the closing ceremony of the Grand Prix II in Doha, Qatar where Karlos hit the podium in the 89-kg weight division. Finally, it was his triumph time as he returned his title. Let’s briefly remind you of this event.

On the 10th of December Nasar performed in his weight category, competing against Antonino Pizzolato, Keydomar Vallenilla, and Lopez Lopez Yeison who created tense competition that day.

He finished with the results of 170 kg in Snatch, striking 223 kg in Clean & Jerk, and 393 kg in the sum, and became the winner of the category.


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So, at the Qatar Grand Prix, Karlos broke another Junior and Senior world record – 223 kg in Clean & Jerk that is 11 kg more than his last attempt. So, he became the ‘GOAT’ , the greatest of all time in his weight category.

Karlos is unstoppable: just after the end of the IWF Grand Prix II in Qatar, he performed at the next Bundesliga weightlifting session held on the 16th of December in Heinsheim.

Karlos Nasar

Considering that he has already proved his power and supremacy in the 89-kg weight division in Doha, yesterday’s evening he showcased the following results: 161 kg in Snatch, 210 kg in Clean & Jerk, and 371 kg in total. All the attempts were successful: 150-156-161 in Snatch, and 190-200-210 in Clean & Jerk.

Thus, he finished first in his team TSV Heinsheim which enabled them to prevail over the A-Team Lifting with an immense score gap.

It needs to be mentioned that in the previous Bundesliga competition on 2nd of December, the Bulgarian powerhouse did 165 kg in Snatch, 216 kg in Clean & Jerk, with a total of 381 kg.

Karlos Nasar at Bundesliga 2023

Being just 19 years old, Karlos Nasar had broken 30 world records. Moreover, despite his Achilles injury and recovery period, Karlos remains in the leading positions by showing incredible lifts.

As we said previously, before the Grand Prix II event, Karlos Nasar even improved his European Championships record and reclaimed his title of World Record holder.

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