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Francisco Mosquera Interview At The WWC 2023 In Riyadh

Today we want to present you with an individual who embodies resilience, passion, and technical mastery. This is Colombian weightlifter Francisco Antonio Mosquera Valencia. 

He holds two titles of two-time World Champion and five-time Pan-American Champion across 61 kg, 62 kg, and 69 kg weight categories.

Despite numerous challenges on his way to victories, Mosquera faced serious injuries just 10 days before the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, and then 15 months of recovery, these things made him excel and constantly evolve and set higher standards in the sport. His main secret is dedication, persistent preparation routine, and music that fuels his soul.

Let’s know this Colombian athlete closer, revealing the secrets of his raw form that he translates into an art of form.


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Athlete’s results of the World Championships in Riyadh 2023

This WWC in Riyadh wasn’t the best in his career. Competing at the 67 kg weight division, he did Snatch at the first attempt with 135 kg and it brought him 7th place. The same was with Clean & Jerk – he lifted 176 kg only from the first attempt that finally brought him a silver medal. So, in total, he finished in 4th place.

Francisco said to us that he agreed with the results of his performance. He also had some health issues a few weeks before the competition. So, he had only three weeks of intensive training to recover.

Francisco Mosquera

For now, Francisco competes in the weight category that isn’t listed in the Olympic Games program. To have a chance to step onto the Olympic platform he has to cut or gain weight. A sportsman says that this is exactly what he’s going to show us at the competitions in Qatar. 

To be sincere, it looks quite shocking for him, because when he was in the 61 kg weight class, he showed really great results and got the title of the world champion in 2017. However, he hasn’t performed yet in the 73 kg weight division, but he wants to try it and perform in this weight class at the next competition in Qatar.

About a great win at the Worlds in Bogota 2022

Last year in Colombia, Mosquera won the Worlds in Bogota by beating the Olympic champion from China Chen Lijun by one kilo. It’s interesting for us to know how this great victory influenced his life. Whether he become the national hero in his country? Francisco admitted that before and after the Olympics in Tokyo it was hard for him because his coach left. The World Champion title became his personal victory and it was very good for the Colombian federation. 

Francisco Mosquera

But, it wasn’t something important for the country wholly. He believes that the main reason for this is that a weightlifting sport isn’t so popular there, so it doesn’t have much support and recognition. Unless you’re an Olympic Champion, this is a big problem for every weightlifter.

We asked him our favorite question – Snatch or Clean & Jerk? Francisco said without hesitation: “I love Clean & Jerk. Definitely I love Jerk. It’s easier for me.” Concerning the Clean and Snatch exercise, he joked that they “are divorced” a long time ago. He doesn’t consider himself a bad snatcher, but still, he needs more practice in this exercise.

About Francisco’s meticulous weightlifting technique

Following Francisco’s Instagram, we noticed that he doesn’t use lifting straps while training. Maybe, there’s a secret to his strength… The athlete explained to us that without straps it’s easier to develop natural grip and strength in order to feel the whole movement trajectory better. He doesn’t do that all the time, but when he wants to feel the bar load.

Francisco Mosquera

Many admire how meticulously he applies his technique of weightlifting. And here’s the explanation: Francisco says that he watches the videos of his performances very often and this way he improves his technique. So, he considers himself a technical weightlifter. Nevertheless, he keeps on improving every single detail, and every single movement.

Few words about his training approach and emotional state before the competitions

Now his personal coach is Osvaldo Pinilla who prefers focusing on an athlete’s emotional training and mental preparation. It’s important to stay motivated as it helps in your progress. He said that proper mental preparation assists in tuning up for a good mood, more desire to work harder and more consistently.

The lifter also added that the right mental push, even a step-by-step one, can facilitate the body shape and morphology. As a result, you improve your performance.

Francisco’s approach in training combines body, mind, and spirit that altogether vouches for great performance and mental stability. Such a holistic approach sets him apart from other lifters.

Francisco Mosquera

The next question that interested us was how the athlete prepares for the attempt directly on the platform and what he says himself before the lift. Mosquera admitted that he’s quite an emotional lifter, so it’s important for him to control his emotions to concentrate on his performance and show the maximum. 

He transforms his emotions into his comfort zone and desire to perform perfectly and get great results. He knows how to keep focus on the competition and distract from his fears. Only after the competition he can express his emotions.

After speaking with Francisco Mosquera, we realized that he’s an athlete who combines great mastery and technique, emotions and high determination.

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