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Functional Fitness Games Open Equipment List

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Interested in the functional fitness Games Open equipment list to prepare well for the competition? Take a look at our comprehensive review of the items necessary for participating in the annual functional fitness qualifications and train for it scrupulously.

Functional Fitness Open Equipment List: Why Are These Tools So Vital in the Preparatory Stage?

Want to try yourself in functional fitness 2023 Season? Use the functional fitness Games Open equipment list to improve your performance, strengthen your body, and develop muscles to crush everyone during the Open stage. With a regular prep regimen, these items will increase your potential significantly.

Functional Fitness

2023 Functional Fitness Season Schedule and Fitness Games Equipment List Needed for the Competition

1. Barbells (35 lb, 45 lb)

Being one of the most versatile and universal equipment, barbells are an integral part of any fitness box. None of the functional fitness competition can do without this tool and the 2023 season isn’t an exception. There’s no difference in what division and age group a participant is, male or female, everyone performs a set with a barbell.

Have a look at a barbell we recommend you to try: Eleiko Performance Weightlifting Bar 35 lb/ 45 lb is a Sweden high-quality bar tailored specifically for Olympic weightlifting for functional fitness to get the most out of it.

Eleiko Performance Weightlifting Bar

Due to optimal rotation under the load, refined knurling, and sleeves, you’ll benefit from a high-performance workout by improving your strength and speed. If you’re serious about high results in functional fitness, the Eleiko bar is exactly what you need to gain better sports conditions.

2. Standard Bumper Plates and Collars

Bumper plates are also included in the functional fitness Games Open equipment list. Whether you’re in the Rx’d, Scaled, or Foundations division, you should train with diverse weight plates before the competition itself.

Considering that there are three stages in the functional fitness, the weight of bumper plates will vary depending on the exercise complexity and athlete’s division. Therefore, if you’re tuned for passing the whole Open stages, you’d better have a bumper plate set with diverse weights, plate amounts, and dimensions.

Plates and Collars

To prepare well for the functional fitness, REP Fitness Bumper Plates are a worthy option for you. Having a low bounce, it’s easy to control a barbell in case of a drop. Plates are highly durable: they can withstand more than 12k drops.

REP Fitness Bumper Plates

This feature makes this set perfect for functional fitness, and HIIT sessions, powerlifting, and weightlifting. It’s possible to choose plate sets from 160 lb to 340 lb total with 1.0” to 2.8” in diameter.

Additionally, you get collars that will keep your bumper plates in place avoiding their slipping off. So, you don’t need to worry about your safety, outward plates move, and their sudden drop during the sets.

3. Dumbbells (20 lb – 70 lb)

Being among the most important tools in the functional fitness Open equipment list, dumbbells are a good substitute for barbells that are also widely used in fitness battles to perform biceps curls, shoulder raising, and chest fly exercises.

Dumbbells Workout

So, while preparing for the Open stages, you can use dumbbells for coordination and muscle balance improvement, perform GPP that supports your overall physical condition, and correct your technique.

Rogue Dumbbells with a wide weight range will help to get prepared properly for this serious competition. With rubber-covered hex heads and chrome handles, these dumbbells are highly durable making each lift comfortable and balanced.

Rogue Dumbbells

A great benefit of Rogue Dumbbells is their versatility, so you can duplicate barbell training, practice single-arm sets, dumbbell lunges, push press, and snatches.

4. Kettlebells (35 lb, 53 lb, 70 lb)

Kettlebells are a good weight accessory included in the functional fitness Games equipment list. During your prep period, you can practice traditional kettlebell swings, deadlifts, farmer’s carry, and thrusters. These exercises will strengthen several muscle groups simultaneously, develop your mobility and endurance to perform exercises AMRAP.

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell Kings equipment will diversify your workout of any intensity level. With a powder coat, you can be sure about a safe grip and you won’t drop it with sweaty palms. Unlike the majority of kettlebells, these ones are made from a single piece of cast iron without welds which makes them more durable.

Even when a kettlebell comes out of the mold, you won’t tear up your hands and wrists with rough edges and uneven surfaces. Kettlebell Kings are out of imperfections and painted with high-quality powder coating with a smooth finish and grip texture.

Thanks to the innovative painting process, kettlebells will withstand any abrasion, drop, and exhausting workouts.

Kettlebell Kings

5. Medicine Balls

Med balls are also included in the functional fitness Games equipment list and are essentials for all functional fitness contests worldwide. You’d try exercising with them before the Open stage to check your stamina and grip power to bring your best scores.

Medicine Balls Training

When performing such standard fitness exercises as ball squats and wall-ball shots, you’ll enhance your power, coordination, balance, and core muscle stability.

With such a regimen, you’ll succeed in developing explosive power, speed throws, and body endurance for performing decent results in the Open stage even if it’s your first time. Yes4All Medicine Balls are proper to use at functional fitness workouts with high intensity and speed.

Yes4All Medicine Ball

Due to the strong yet soft cover, they can maintain their shape for a long time. The key features are perfect impact absorption, a finger loop for better grip, diverse weights, diameters, and coloring to uncover your sports potential.

6. Plyo Boxes

As a part of traditional fitness WOD’s, jumping on the plyo box is an exercise that isn’t included in Workout 23.1, but still, is necessary for the next Open stages.

Plyo Boxes Workout

Being a simple box platform, known also as a plyometrics box, this item is enlisted in the fitness equipment list participants must deal with. You’ll build your muscle power significantly, with the highest force in a short time to boost speed and strength when performing such powerful repetitive jumps.

BalanceFrom 3 in 1 Foam Plyo Box is irreplaceable equipment for your functional fitness season prep workouts. This 20″×24″×30″ jumping box will benefit everyone who strives to get into shape quickly before the season. There’s an option of a regular style weight with 16 lb and heavy duty style with 60 lb.

BalanceFrom 3 in 1 Foam Plyo Box

Anti-slip cover and durable foam material will guarantee you efficient drilling with no injuries and damage to flooring. The 3-in-1 design enables you to adjust the needed height to make progress in jumping and increasing the difficulty of your workout.

7. Gymnastics Rings

For functional fitness athletes who intend to participate in functional fitness Open 2023, training with gymnastics rings is an integral part of their workout to advance muscle building.

Gymnastics Rings

They’re useful for gaining better functional strength and developing overall body endurance which is important when performing push-ups during the qualifications. For getting satisfactory scores, you need strong upper muscles, including the upper back, shoulders, and arms to execute each set clearly in one go.

For total body conditioning and increasing mobility, we offer PACEARTH Gymnastics Rings made of heavy-duty solid wood. A sportsman will benefit from 1.5” wider straps with scales, 1.10” rings for a more comfortable grip, and a huge load capacity of 1000 lb maximum.

PACEARTH Gymnastics Rings

An extra perk is getting two tape rolls with sweat absorption and anti-dust features, which you can replace depending on the frequency and intensity of your pull-ups, flies, or rows.

8. Jump Ropes

Jumping ropes are another cardio workout all-fitness training equipment that is included in the functional fitness Games qualifications in 2023. Considering the competition regulations, there’re several sets of double-unders an athlete needs to perform on time to get enough scores.

So, 30 and 36 double-under sets aren’t so easy for a functional fitness newbie. This exercise requires high dexterity, power, speed, coordination, concentration, and stamina.

Athlete Rope Jumping

For gaining blazing jumping speed we recommend both functional fitness pros and amateurs try WOD Nation Speed Jumping Rope.

You’ll highly appreciate it due to its exceptional quality: ballistic nylon resin handles, silky smooth liquid steel bearings, and nylon-covered steel cable. It’s also adjusted easily to the needed length just with the help of wire cutters.

WOD Nation Speed Jumping Rope

9. Concept2 Rower

Rowing machine workouts are a good solution for arranging cardio to get better muscular strength and full-body endurance. This kind of exercise will assist you to train rowing intervals to activate your back, shoulders, arms, legs, and core muscles. Especially, considering the fact that you need to perform 60 calories row during Workout 23.1.

Concept2 Rower Review

No matter whether you’re a beginner, or already an elite athlete in functional fitness, the rowing machine will help you get prepared for any intensive competition. So, Concept2 RowErg offers sportsmen equipment of exceptional quality that will help to track your physical efficiency development and help you to become stronger.

It’s available in two options: for tall legs with 20” seat height and standard legs with 14” from the floor. Its high-performance monitor can connect to apps, enabling you to track your results and improve them with each training.

Concept2 RowErg

10. Pull-Up Bar

Any functional fitness competition can’t do without pull-ups. It’s a fundamental exercise that has several options, i.e., hanging knee raises, chin-over-bar pull-ups, or jumping-chest pull-ups. Therefore, you should strengthen your back muscles, as well as the chest, shoulders, forearms, and abs to perform those sets without a hassle.

Pull-Up Bar Workout

Take a look at Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar which is perfect for a door frame upper body workout. With this sports device, you’ll perform pull-ups, chin-ups, and core muscle work. It’s also possible to place it on the ground to execute pushups, dips, and sit-ups to hit other muscle groups.

Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar

11. Wall Space & Clear Floor Space (25 Ft)

When doing any fitness, yoga, pilates, or home workout all of us use a mat to gain more stability during exercising. This is essential sports equipment even for serious functional fitness athletes during the competition season that cushions their joints and supports them generally while performing push-ups, squats, burpees, or planks. 

Some types of mats are permitted to use during the functional fitness. Open, so we advise you CAMBIVO brand that presents all fitness-level athletes large 6”x4” yoga mat, which doesn’t hamper your movement thanks to its double width.

CAMBIVO Wall Space & Clear Floor Space

Its double-sided surfaces with non-slip features vouch for extra traction for hands and feet, and excellent grip with the floor, so you won’t slide during any movement. You’ll have no sore feelings thanks to the 1.4” thickness and can feel confident during exercising.

12. Climbing Ropes

Climbing ropes are irreplaceable equipment for fitness contents. Although, if speaking about the functional fitness Open, this item isn’t required for this particular stage, but can be applied for other stages of the functional fitness Games qualifications.

Climbing Rope

Still, no matter what your level is, you can try your capabilities and practice climbing the rope to be ready for the later stages.

Considering the latest functional fitness standards, we chose one of the best climbing ropes of high-quality and tensile strength. Rogue Manila Climbing Ropes guarantee reliable grip and material durability by offering three length options (15”, 20”, and 25”) for any kind of gym or military training, functional fitness competitions, and other HIIT sessions.

Rogue Manila Climbing Ropes

13. GHD

The Glute Ham Developer machine is standard equipment for a functional fitness box that targets three major functional fitness workouts: hip extension, back extension, and GHD sit-up.

Athlete GHD training

Like with the climbing ropes, this tool isn’t included in the Open competition. But, you can use this time to practice this kind of exercise in advance to gain better strength and conditioning.

REP Fitness presents high-quality GHD machines to get better functional strength both for experienced functional fitness athletes and fitness followers.

Glute Ham Developer machine

This sports tool will bring you much benefit when preparing for a serious functional fitness contest by enabling you to find a balance between muscle development and an intensive workout program.


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How Many Weeks Is the Functional Fitness Open 2023?

This year, the functional fitness Open lasts over 3 weeks starting on the 16th of February and closing on the 6th of March, including three workout sessions. 

Where Are the 2023 Functional Fitness Games?

In 2023, the functional fitness Games take place in Madison, Wisconsin starting on the 1st of August and closing on the 7th of August.


Preparing for the functional fitness Open 2023 requires a stable workout regimen that facilitates the overall physical conditioning of a sportsman and improves their prior results. A proper training routine is impossible without the corresponding sports tools that are enlisted in the functional fitness Games equipment list. 

Structure your workout plan, choose the needed equipment among those we presented you with, and tune in to surpass your rivals to succeed in powerlifting or functional fitness competition. So, feel free to write us, comment on your functional fitness experience, and share your thoughts about the equipment you use for your training in the comment section. 

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