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10 week squat program

When we talk about fitness, leg power stands as an unwavering pillar. Be it navigating a treacherous hiking trail, challenging oneself in a functional training session, or delivering a precise kick in martial arts, the role of functional leg strength becomes palpable.

The legs aren’t just about supporting the body; they are about channeling power across an array of physical actions. This narrative serves as a detailed introduction to a comprehensive 10-week squat regimen emphasizing functional strength and potent power.

Let’s take a look at a weak template example with two Strength and Power training and one Recovery & Mobility. This schedule works best for athletes who use this squat program as an additional load of their athletic performance program in the off season phase.

10 Week Squat Program

How to read Olympic weightlifting training plan load

In Olympic weightlifting and strength training there is a standard form of writing planned load. Coach give a prescribtion that athletes need to do on the each training in specific way.

Let`s talke a look on certain example:

It means that in this specific exercise – Back Squat, athlete will do for
1 set for 4 reps on 50%, 3 sets for 4 reps on 65%, 1 set for 4 reps on 75%,

% – counts from actual 1 RM, means that if your current 1 RM 100 kg (220 lbs), athlete work 1 set for 4 reps on 50% – 50 kg (110 lbs), 3 sets for 4 reps on 65% – 65 kg (143 lbs), 1 set for 4 reps on 75% – 75 kg (165 lbs)

Day 1: Strength Concentratio

Back Squats: 4 sets x 8 reps @ 70-73% 1RM
These target the anterior core and refine squat mechanics, ensuring holistic leg development.

Step-Ups: 3 sets x 10 reps per leg
This exercise seeks to accentuate single-leg strength while instilling functional movement patterns imperative for athletes.

Single-leg Deadlifts: 3 sets x 8 reps
Apart from balance enhancement, they provide targeted attention to the hamstrings and glutes, two primary power generators in the lower body.

Goblet Squats: 3 sets x 10 reps
Through full leg activation, goblet squats centralize the essence of functional strength.

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Day 2: Emphasis on Power

Broad Jumps: 4 sets x 6 reps
Horizontal explosive power, which is indispensable in many athletic movements, gets a boost.

Tuck Jumps: 3 sets x 8 reps
They are fantastic for elevating vertical thrust and enhancing calf responsiveness – a must for athletes who rely on jumping power.

Dynamic Goblet Squats: 4 sets x 5 reps using a challenging kettlebell weight
By integrating speed into the squatting motion, athletes are prepped for movements demanding both strength and velocity.

Plyometric Step-Ups: 3 sets x 6 reps per leg
Designed for strengthening rapid force generation in unilateral leg motions, essential for sports requiring bursts of speed or power.

Exercising by female

Day 3: Recovery & Mobility Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling: 10 minutes, specifically concentrating on quads, hamstrings, and calves
Releasing muscle knots and tension ensures better circulation and can significantly aid in quicker recovery.

Dynamic Stretching: 10 minutes
Flexibility is a cornerstone of athletic performance. Dynamic stretching prepares the muscles and joints for the strains of intensive training sessions.

Yoga Poses Tailored for Legs: Incorporate Warrior variations, Pigeon Pose; each should be held for at least a minute.
Yoga enhances leg flexibility, balance, and aids tremendously in post-training recovery.

Recovery After Exercise

Recommendations for Sustained Growth

Completing the rigorous 10-week cycle ensures athletes are geared with enhanced functional strength and explosiveness. To ensure continuous improvement:

1. Cyclical Training Approach

Every 3 weeks, introduce a rotation between functional strength, power, and mobility workouts. This approach ensures muscles remain responsive and adaptive.

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2. Calibrated Incremental Loads

It’s essential to keep challenging the muscles. Aim for a weight increment of around 2-3% each week. However, the form should remain impeccable

3. Incorporate Full-body Movements

Consider exercises like farmer’s walks or sled pushes. These movements challenge the entire kinetic chain and provide a stellar boost to functional strength.

4. Rest and Recuperate

Recovery is the phase when muscles repair and grow. Ensure a mix of active and passive recovery techniques, including deep tissue massages, foam rolling, and yoga. Every fifth week, consider a deload week, reducing workout intensity to facilitate comprehensive muscle recovery.

5. Nutrition Is Key

Training should be complemented with optimal nutrition. Emphasize protein intake, stay hydrated, and ensure an ample supply of micronutrients to support muscle growth and repair.

Hydration after training


A 10-week commitment to this squat-centric regimen can unlock a realm of athletic possibilities. It’s more than just building impressive quads or hamstrings; it’s about sculpting a robust foundation for holistic athleticism. More details and secrets of how to build strong anв powerful legs, you will be able to find in the LEG KILLER training program.

With a blend of discipline, hard work, and the right techniques, athletes are not just enhancing their performance but are also investing in injury prevention and long-term physical well-being. This journey is transformative; embrace each squat, jump, and stretch, and witness the elevation in functional prowess.

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