Overhead Mobility

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Adams thing

Bar elbow stretch

Behind head upper back acitvation with rubber band

Backbone mobilization

Bar Triceps Stretch

Banded birddog

Barbell Ankle STRETCH

Body Weight Ankle STRETCH

Diagonal child pose

Duck Walk with PVC

Clean good morning sitting

Clean Sots Press

Clean good morning

Chest massage with plate

Chest parallettes stretch & activation

Elbow Rotation

Four point kneeling shoulder rotation

Full squat behind head upper back activation with rubber band

Floor seated PVC press

Floor seated press

Glute bridge plate hold

Glute bridge shoulder rotation

Good Morning

Hyperextension with mini band overhead press

Horizonal banded sitting press

Horizonal banded deep squat press


Half Kneeling Landmine Press

Hyperextension with rubber band press

Incline behind the neck press

I Y T Lead-springs lying

Knees & backbone mobilization

Kneeling triceps PVC stretch

Kneeling wrists mobilization

Kneeling wrists mobilization with bar

Kneeling Chest Opener

Kneeling Deep Chest Opener

Kneeling Chest Mobilization

Kneeling scapula activation near wall

Legs dead bug

Lat Triсeps STRETCH

Laying barrier Y’s and T’s

Neck mobilization with plate

One arm overhead plate hold

One arm Adams Thing

PVC frontal rotation

PVC shoulder circle up

PVC shoulders mobilization

PVC lunge position rotation

PVC shoulder`s rotators stretch

PVC lats rotation stretching

PVC upper body stretch

Plank arm side walk with mini band

PVC raise laying

Plate front rise

Plate Good Mornings

Plate hold lying on your side

Plate hold sitting on the floor

PVC press behind head laying

Rack lats strech

Recovery 90 90 Hip ROTATION

Rack chest strech

Rubber band rack lat pull

Rack triceps stretch

Shoulder spins with rubber bands

Sleeping armwrestler

Shoulder Band STRETCH

Support 90 90 Hip ROTATION

Shoulder rotation - outside lying

Sitting press on 4 plates

Sitting press on 3 plates

Sitting good morning

Sitting press on 5 plates

Vertex press laying

Y PVC static hold laying

Weighted alternating dead bug

Weighted Deep Squat STRETCH

Wall squat

3 position arm abduction in quadrangle position

4 point kneeling shoulder rotation

3 position arm abduction in tripod position

2 arm 2 leg dead bug

90 90 Hip ROTATION