BACK SQUAT is probably the most popular exercise in weightlifting after SNATCH and CLEAN & JERK. A lot of training videos have already been made about this exercise and many athletes, especially beginners in weightlifting believethat heavy kilos in BACK SQUATs can significantly improve SNATCH and C&J. Of course, strong legs are important for weightlifters, but everything has its limits. According to the scientific literature, leg strength is consideredto be optimal when the achievements in BACK SQUATs (1RM) are about 130-140% of C&J. Of course, the results in squats can be even greater, but then the question is: what prevents an athlete from lifting heavier in competitionexercises? Maybe there are issues with technique? Also, don’t forget that frequent (more than once in 2 weeks) BACK SQUATs with more than 110% weight of C&J or more than 4 reps, reduce the explosive capacity of your legmuscles (they become sore) significantly, it influences speed and dynamics of SNATCH and C&J.

CLEAN CYCLE (5 weeks)