Bench Back SQUAT

This exercise allows to work with a rather heavy weight and is great for leg strength gain during the preparation period. It's important to remember the technical nuances of the current exercise in order to make the performancesafe and effective: 

- always work face to the racks – heavy weight on the barbell is a big risk; 

- before you start working with heavy weight, make sure the bench and racks are located conveniently; 

- height of the bench should be at the level of the knee joints, the correct angle of squat in this exercise is the parallel of your thigh and the floor; 

- position of the bar on the shoulders is the same as in the usual weightlifting BS – a stiff back, the blades are brought together, the bar must be well fixed on the traps and prevent it from sliding to the neck or down; 

- always look forward – it will help to keep your trunk in the right position; 

- the movement downwards should always be slow until your buttocks touch the bench followed by an active (fast) extension upwards, pushing the floor through your heels.