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   Athletes are well aware of the fact that the more muscles they have, the better their metabolism is - they have less subcutaneous fat, are less likely to get health problems and sometimes even have better results in sports. Let´s try to figure out if there is a “magic pill” for muscle growth.

   Considering the huge amount of information even a child can answer the question how to gain muscle mass. Though, it is necessary to carry out 4 simple truths: eat more than is spent, consume enough protein for that exact athlete, go to bed and sleep on time and, of course, train correctly and constantly! But who is looking for easy ways? Every athlete always wants to improve his performance, that’s why he is constantly in search of "miraculous" pills. Let´s discuss the most popular and reasonable supplements for athletes that affect metabolism including muscle mass.

    First place deservedly goes to creatine. This substance is produced in our body and provides it with energy. Scientific studies suggest that, taking it from the outside, the level of creatine in the body can grow by 40% from the initial level. Its main function is to increase muscle strength for athlete’s better performance and can lead to the muscle tissue growth over time. In addition, creatine affects the IGF-1 production, which also contributes to the tissue  growth in the body.

    Second place goes to the gainer. An additive that contains a large amount of carbohydrates and protein. Suitable for athletes who want to gain weight and those who basically do not have time or can not eat the required amount of food per day. In fact, there are no miracles in the use of gainer, just a large number of calories can be digested at one meal without overloading the digestive system. But there are always prons and cons. Gainer allows you to gain not only pure muscle mass, but weight in general (this also applies to subcutaneous fat). Its frequent use can lead to diarrhea and allergic reactions, because the dose must be selected individually and its composition well studied before use of the product.

    Third place goes to protein. Muscle growth is impossible without the right protein intake. Very often, for many reasons, an athlete cannot consume protein products or assimilate them well, then protein powder is an excellent way to replenish protein in the body. But one should keep in mind that if it is possible to get protein from food - you should use it first of all.

    Athletes, who perform heavy physical exertion, should consume 1.6-2 g / kg of protein depending on weight, age and lifestyle. If you choose protein, then the most valuable and pure protein can be obtained by using whey isolate. There is a huge list of a variety of protein shakes - whey, egg, beef, vegetable and so on. Each athlete can choose what is right for him and will help to achieve one´s goals.

    Some sources mention another sports nutrition  product - BCAA. In fact, there are some disputes among scientists whether this additive should be used at all. Nowadays one thing is clear - if you cover your protein needs from food or additional protein use, which contains the entire amino acid profile, it’s pointless to use BCAA.

    Before looking for "magic" ways of increasing muscle mass, all athletes need to take into account general basic needs and to provide their bodies with everything necessary.


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