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    I start every single seminar by talking about the importance of the correct setting of hands in snatch grip, and how that grip affects the entire technique for these exercises. There are several methods for determining the snatch grip, but I use the following technique: Holding a length of PVC, set one hand vertically, and set the second hand parallel to the floor to for a 90º angle between them. This method makes it possible to take into account the individual structure of the athlete’s skeleton and the unique width of the individual’s grip.


    This in turn makes it possible to make the best effort to the barbell in the power position phase. The change in the width of the grip in either direction significantly alters the biomechanics of motion. Therefore, before you change your grip you need to understand why and for what purpose you would ever need to do that. As a young athlete grows, arm length changes and shoulder width changes as well. All of this changes the individual’s biomechanics and leverage, which requires a change in the grip width for optimal results. I often hear that grip in a snatch can be awkward and can often bring discomfort, even if it was correctly identified. Most often this is due to the fact that your shoulders and chest are very tight and inactive.

   The solution to this should be systematic work on improving the flexibility and mobility of large muscle groups, ligaments and joints. Also, to improve the fixation of the bar and to increase the feeling of the wrists comfort, you can use the wrist wraps. I want to warn you right away - no equipment can save you if you make really bad technical mistakes or if your training program has some methodological mismatches.

    I want to remind all of us that in weightlifting, flexibility and mobility of the upper limbs is extremely important not only in learning how to do the exercises correctly, but also from the point of view of your safety.


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