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Clean PULL till power position + Muscle Squat CLEAN

The complex is for working out angles in pull. The clean pull is performed up to the middle of the thigh with the almost complete knees straightening, but shoulders remain above the bar and always cover the barbell, arms arerelaxed, the trajectory of bar movement is as close to the body as possible. After the pull, the athlete slowly lowers the bar along the same trajectory and after touching the floor immediately performs muscles squat clean,keeping the same angles in movement.

The feature of this exercise is that the athlete each time alternates the pull and muscles squat clean. This contributes to better skill development. The exercise is great for warm-up,as well as for recovery and technical training. The recommended period: transitional, preparatory and sometimes competitive. Load: up to 60%, 2-4 sets, 1-3 reps per exercise.

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