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CLEAN PULL + CLEAN combination of exercises, which is used mostly in the preparation period, when athletes perform large amounts of training work, build strength and special efficiency. There are several variations of this exercise.First, the athlete works with one weight and can perform from 1 to 3 reps in the CLEAN PULL and then from 1 to 3 reps in the CLEAN. Depending on the goals and the preparation period, the number of reps can not be combined proportionally,for example: 1+3 or 3+1.

Another variation (Vladimir Safonov’s method) is: when in CLEAN PULL the athlete performs 1-2 reps with the weight of the bar 90-110%, after which the assistants remove plates from the barbell reducingthe weight of the barbell by 15-30% and the athlete performs CLEAN. This option is very effective, but it is recommended to be applied for experienced athletes with advanced level of preparation. The use of such a variationis also permissible in SNATCH.

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