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9 Best Lat Pulldown Machines in 2024

Reviewed by: Oleksiy Torokhtiy (21 years of Oly Lifting experience)

Targeting primarily the largest back muscles known as latissimus dorsi, or lats, lat pulldown machines, and power rack attachments are among the most common and popular training equipment in any gym.

These tools aim to strengthen your upper back muscles, namely rotator cuff muscles, posterior deltoids, rhomboids, as well as engage your arm muscles, i.e., biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis. Want to know what are the best lat pulldown machines and choose the one for your home gym?

Follow our comprehensive guide of the top worthy lat pulldown machines and attachments on the market. Here you’ll find top models to strengthen your lats, their benefits, and also check how to choose a proper machine to meet your needs.

Out of 25 lat pulldown machines our experts have tested, only 9 of them were considered good enough to make it to this list. Our team of professional athletes and certified experts spent over 450 hours testing the lat pulldown machines and they have evaluated them across 5 key categories.

They have also researched hundreds of online user reviews to complement their testing process. We’re updating this list on a regular basis, so feel free to leave a comment or two and share your experiences with us!

Best Lat Pulldown Machines

Top 9 Best Lat Pulldown Machines Reviewed

  1. Rogue LP-2 Lat Pulldown/ Low Row – Top Pick
  2. Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown/ Low Row Trainer – Runner-Up
  3. Titan Fitness Lat Tower
  4. NordicTrack Fusion CST – With Magnetic Resistance
  5. REP Fitness Lat Pulldown 1000 Series – Best Compact Pulley Attachment
  6. BodySolid Leverage Lat Pulldown Machine – Leverage Lat Pulldown Machine
  7. Deltech Fitness DF910 Lat Tower Cable Machine
  8. X-Mark Lat Pulldown Machine
  9. GDLF Lat Pulldown Machine
Body Solid47.

1. Rogue LP-2 Lat Pulldown/Low Row

Rogue LP-2 Lat Pulldown/ Low Row
  • Item dimensions: 83” L x 42” W x 108” H
  • Item weight: 775 lb
  • Weight stack: 300 lb (10 lb increment)
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb
  • Footprint: 83” x 42”
  • Pulley ratio: 1:1
  • Lat bar size: 48” L/ 1.125” in diameter
  • Warranty: limited lifetime warranty

Having observed tens of trainers, we defined the best lat pulldown machine that is made by the Rogue company.

This standalone 2-in-1 training machine is made from 3×3” 11-gauge steel that makes it super durable and sturdy under the weight. It includes a 300 lb weight stack with 10 lb increment, stainless steel lat bar, adjustable footplate, 6” aluminum pulleys, a set of carabiners for the lat pulldown and the low row exercising.

This exceptional lat pulldown trainer enables you to instantly shift from seated lat pulldowns and triceps pushdowns to a low row by switching your body position. The lat bar size is 48” long and 1.125” in diameter.

The pulleys, weight stack, and the ¼” cable itself are made according to the military specifications as aircraft cable, jacketed in nylon for superior flexibility and durability.

It comes with a 16.5” L x 11.75” W foam seat and a new swing-arm style foam leg roller with 8 adjustment positions spaced 0.83”, and flip-down foot pegs for the low row with 8 adjustment positions spaced 2”. So, the machine can be customized to any athlete.

The manufacturer recommends bolting the training machine to the floor for better stability. However, the mounting hardware isn’t included in the package. It’s also compatible with other Rogue attachments such as multi-grip cable attachment, tricep push-down attachment, tricep straps, and resistance bands.


The Rogue Lat Pulldown Machine offers adjustable features for athletes of different sizes and is compatible with additional Rogue attachments.

Value for Money:0


  • Made from 3x3” 11-gauge
  • Durable aluminum pulleys
  • Easy to switch between the lat pulldowns and low rows
  • Comes with adjustable leg rollers and low row foot pegs

Could be better:

  • You need to bolt it, but there's no mounting hardware

2. Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown/Low Row Trainer

Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown/ Low Row Trainer
  • Item dimensions: 58" L x 40" W x 96" H
  • Item weight: 605 lb
  • Weight stack: 300 lb (10 lb increment)
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb
  • Footprint: 58" x 40"
  • Pulley ratio: 1:1
  • Lat bar size: 48" in length, 1.125" in diameter
  • Warranty: limited lifetime warranty

This is another option of the Rogue lat pulldown and low row trainer, which differs from the prior model with its smaller sizes. It takes only 40" x 58", with a height of 8' tall.

This lat pulldown machine for home features knurled stainless steel lat bar, adjustable footplate and leg rollers, 6" nylon pulleys, and carabiners set for the lat pulldown and the low row workouts.

Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown instagram
Photo by @crfarmer1981

The cable system works smoothly due to the larger pulleys that reduce the friction and expand the cable serving. This training machine can be used with other accessories from Rogue, i.e., grip triangles, tricep push-down attachment, and resistance bands.


The Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown/Low Row Trainer is a compact and versatile machine that offers a smooth cable system, adjustable features, and compatibility with various Rogue accessories.

Value for Money:0


  • Sturdy and high-quality construction
  • No problems in switching from lat pulldown to low row
  • High-quality machined pulleys

Could be better:

  • It's difficult to transport and unload since it comes fully assembled

3. Titan Fitness Lat Tower

Titan Fitness Lat Tower
  • Item dimensions: 57" L x 41" W x 87" H
  • Item weight: 530 lb
  • Weight stack: 300 lb (10 lb increment)
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb
  • Footprint: 17" x 9"
  • Pulley ratio: 42" L, 1" in diameter
  • Lat bar size: no information
  • Warranty: 1 year

This strength trainer from Titan Fitness is our runner-up choice: it provides a combination of lat pulldowns and low rows workouts as well.

It features a multi-grip lat bar with medium knurling, adjustable low row platform that doesn't bother you to perform shoulder raises, bicep curls, tricep press down, face pulls, and other exercises for your upper body.

Meanwhile, you can continue your training with rowing by adjusting the footplate and attaching the needed cable to a carabiner. By the way, you get 8 options to adjust the leg positions.

It's easy to manage the weight: this lat tower features a magnetic pin on the weight stack of a total of 300 lb, with a 10 lb increment. If you want to add more resistance and push yourself harder, the training machine has pegs for resistance bands.

The package includes a knurled lat bar, but a low-row hand is absent. Additionally, you can adjust such attachments as landmines, Y-Dips, and weight plate pegs.

Generally, this is a compact 2-in-1 lat pulldown machine for home that doesn't take too much space making it the perfect equipment for your home gym. You'll get a highly durable trainer that will substitute the visit to the gym and training with free weights.


The Titan Fitness Lat Pulldown and Low Row Trainer is a compact 2-in-1 strength training machine that offers a variety of upper body exercises, adjustable features, and a durable construction, making it an excellent choice for a home gym.

Value for Money:0


  • Space-saving construction
  • Comes with adjustable foot station and leg roller
  • Can hook resistance bands for extra resistance

Could be better:

  • There's no low row pulleys in the package
With Magnetic Resistance

4. NordicTrack Fusion CST

NordicTrack Fusion CST
  • Item dimensions: 41.5" L x 60.5" W x 73.5" H
  • Item weight: 378 lb
  • Weight stack: not available, comes with magnetic resistance
  • Maximum resistance: 100 lb
  • Footprint: 41.5" x 60.5"
  • Pulley ratio: 1:1
  • Warranty: 10 years for the frame, 1 year for parts and labor

This model of the lat pulldown machine differs greatly from other lat trainers. This one comes with a magnetic resistance of 20 resistance levels. The maximum resistance possible is up to 100 lb which is automatically adjusted with the help of the iFit app workout.

It's connected to the iFit application that enables you to diversify your training and choose other fitness regimes. It also features a 5" LCD display you can track your performance and sync your device with the lat pulldown machine via the iFit app.

Additionally, it comes with a heart rate chest strap, so you can track your pulse zones and watts directly from the monitor and your device. The machine also comes with extra ankle straps and removable handles.

A unique feature is that the lat machine has 6 separate pulleys and 2 squat pulleys that enable you to engage more muscles.

So, you can do multiple exercises such as squats and standing presses with squat pulleys, lat pulldowns, shoulder presses, curls, crossover flies, as well as hamstring curls, hip abductors, and cable kickbacks by using ankle straps. Another perk is the 70" L x 15" W mirror it's equipped with.

So, you'll be able to see the way you perform exercises and check your body form.


This lat pulldown machine features magnetic resistance with 20 levels, connectivity to the iFit app, an LCD display, and multiple pulleys, providing a versatile and effective workout experience.

Value for Money:0


  • Features magnetic resistance, so you can regulate it with several clicks on your device by syncing to iFit
  • Is highly interactive equipment that is compatible with iFit and can be synced with any device
  • Has 6 pulley cables enabling to diversify your workout routine more than with a standard lat pulldown machine

Could be better:

  • Has quite low maximum weight capacity
Best Compact Pulley Attachment

5. REP Fitness Lat Pulldown 1000 Series

REP Fitness Lat Pulldown 1000 Series
  • Item dimensions: 19.5" L x 19" W x 86" H
  • Item weight: 58 lb
  • Weight stack: plate loaded
  • Weight capacity: 1000 lb (for cable), 450 lb (for horn)
  • Footprint: 19.5" x 19"
  • Pulley ratio: 1:1
  • Warranty: limited lifetime warranty

This is a home lat pulldown machine attachment for your REP Fitness power rack that is compatible with specific 1000 Series models. With this attachment, the training machine will be complete with a lat and straight bar, as well as work with other attachments like the triangle row and neutral grip lat bar.

It features plastic pulleys and galvanized cable with a steel core enabling it to withstand 1000 lb. You can use this attachment with iron and bumper plates. With quite compact dimensions, it adds up to 17" to the power rack's depth.

Overally, it's a good fit for those who already have one of the REP power racks to add more versatility to their training. Also, if you have limited living space for your home gym, then this attachment is exactly what you're looking for.


Enhance your REP Fitness power rack with this home lat pulldown machine attachment, providing added versatility to your training with a lat and straight bar, as well as compatibility with other attachments, all while being compact and durable.

Value for Money:0


  • Comes with straight and lat pulldown bars
  • Doesn't take a lot of space
  • Can be used both with bumper and iron weight plates

Could be better:

  • Is equipped with plastic pulleys and wheels
  • Can be attached to the PR-1000 and PR-1100 REP power racks
Leverage Lat Pulldown Machine

6. BodySolid Leverage Lat Pulldown Machine

BodySolid Leverage Lat Pulldown Machine
  • Item dimensions: 76" L x 49" W x 84" H
  • Item weight: 182 lb
  • Weight stack: plate loaded
  • Weight capacity: 400 lb
  • Footprint: 76" x 49"
  • Pulley ratio: no information
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty for the frame, 3 years for pulleys, 1 year of cables

This is another model of lat pull machine that differs from the rest machines in the list. It's a leverage weight training machine featuring dual-axis diverging arms that are designed to correct the technique of lat pulldowns performance. While it also has 360-degree rotating handles, independently moving arms, and adjustable leg rollers.

It's a plate-loaded training machine that has numerous weight plate holders for their storage. It's designed to accommodate Olympic-sized iron and bumper plates with 2" center holes. You can perform lat pulldowns with one arm for more stretch since each side is independent.

The machine is made from a 2" x 3" 11-gauge high-tensile steel frame and durable double-stitched upholstery, so it can withstand heavy loads both while using at commercial gyms and at home.


The BodySolid Leverage Lat Pulldown Machine offers a robust and versatile solution for performing lat pulldown exercises, featuring dual-axis diverging arms, 360-degree rotating handles, adjustable leg rollers, and a durable construction.

Value for Money:0


  • Features independent movement arms enabling you to do single arm lat pulldown
  • Compatible with Olympic plates
  • Highly sturdy construction
  • Built-in weight plate storage

Could be better:

  • Can perform a quite narrow range of exercises as it's more muscle-isolated machine

7. Deltech Fitness DF910 Lat Tower Cable Machine

Deltech Fitness DF910 Lat Tower
  • Item dimensions: 63" L x 24" W x 82" H
  • Item weight: 132 lb
  • Weight stack: plate loaded
  • Weight capacity: 500 lb
  • Footprint: 63" x 24"
  • Pulley ratio: 1:1
  • Lat bar size: no information
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty, 1 year for upholstered parts

The next model of a cable pulldown machine in our list is produced by Deltech Fitness that presents high-quality and affordable 2-in-1 training machine. The package includes chrome plated lat and row bars, and Olympic adapter sleeves to enable you to utilize both standard or Olympic weight plates.

It also features 2" thick leg padded rollers you can adjust quickly with a spring-loaded pull-pin to fit users of all heights. The machine has a high-density 2" thick foam padded seat with sweat resistant cover top.

The lat pulldown trainer is equipped with fiberglass reinforced pulleys with metal hubs and profound high tensile strength cables that will serve you longer.

To diversify your workout with the machine, you can buy extra bars from Deltech Fitness: tricep push-down rope, tricep bar, single grip cable handle, revolving triangle, and pec attachment.


The Deltech Fitness Cable Pulldown Machine offers high-quality and affordable training, including chrome plated lat and row bars, adjustable leg rollers, and a durable construction, making it a versatile choice for your workout routine.

Value for Money:0


  • Will work with both standard 1" plates and Olympic 2" plates due to the included adapter sleeves
  • Uses the free weights and is versatile enough to incorporate any muscle groups
  • Features durable reinforced pulley system

Could be better:

  • Can feel a little wobble while using
  • May occur some full extension limits using a lat bar for tall people higher than 6'

8. X-Mark Lat Pulldown Machine

X-Mark Lat Pulldown Machine
  • Item dimensions: 56.7" L x 48" W x 84" H
  • Item weight: 155 lb
  • Weight stack: plate loaded
  • Weight capacity: 400 lb
  • Footprint: 56.7" x 48"
  • Pulley ratio: 1:1
  • Lat bar size: 4'
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty for the frame, 1 year for pulleys, cables, and hardware

This training machine is designed with both high and low pulley stations for a multitude of exercises including lat pull downs, low rows, bicep curls, triceps presses, and shrugs to target the entire upper body muscles. It can be used both with standard and Olympic plates.

You can upgrade your training by purchasing additional attachments such as chin triangles, single grip handles, curl bars, tricep ropes, and triceps press-down.

Nylon-coated cables have a 2200 lb tensile strength with a 400 lb maximum weight capacity. It features a chrome-plated lat pulldown bar and a low-row bar with textured rubber handles for better grip. Additionally, it comes with a flip-up footplate for rowing exercises.

The training machine is sturdy enough: it comes with an 11-gauge steel 2" x 3" frame construction with a baked scratch-resistant powder finish and with skid-resistant feet. It should be bolted to the floor. You'll feel comfortable while exercising thanks to thick 3" tear-resistant vinyl cushioned seat pads and 4.33" vinyl-covered leg pads.


The X-Mark Lat Pulldown Machine provides a comprehensive upper body workout with its high and low pulley stations, compatible with standard and Olympic plates, and comes with additional attachments for customization

Value for Money:0


  • Includes Olympic adapters for use with 2" Olympic plates
  • Can adjust the knee pads up and down, and flip up the seat
  • Lightweight and doesn't take much space

Could be better:

  • Need to be bolted to the floor
  • Would be better if it had a lat pulldown bar

9. GDLF Lat Pulldown Machine

GDLF Lat Pulldown Machine
  • Item dimensions: 59" L x 26" W x 77" H
  • Item weight: 58.4 lb
  • Weight stack: plate loaded
  • Weight capacity: 500 lb
  • Footprint: 59" x 26"
  • Pulley ratio: no information
  • Lat bar size: upper bar - 41.7”, lower bar - 14.2”
  • Warranty: no information

This lat pulldown trainer is a good option to strengthen large back muscles, shoulders, and arms.

It features 4-position adjustable foam rollers that can fit athletes of any height and lock them securely in position for lat pulldown training. So, you won't be raised inertially by the resistance attached to the bar and can concentrate on your performance. Also, you can adjust the seat by choosing between 4 positions.

You can use both 2" Olympic and 1" standard plates while working out on this machine: it comes with an adapter for the larger Olympic-sized hole on that plate.


The GDLF Lat Pulldown Machine is a versatile option for strengthening the back, shoulders, and arms, with adjustable foam rollers and seat positions for user customization and compatibility with both 2" Olympic and 1" standard plates.

Value for Money:0


  • Comes with adapters to be able to train with Olympic plates
  • Fits well for users of 6'3", they can extend their arms fully while exercising
  • A good option for small spaces

Could be better:

  • Pulleys are made from plastic
  • Lots of wobbles even with light weight


The latest reviews of must-have home gym training equipment, apparel, and supplements that will enhance your performance and bring you new results.

What Is a Lat Pulldown Machine: General Characteristics?

It's likely you've already come across this piece of equipment at the gym once, or at least heard about it. A lat pulldown machine is common strength-training equipment that is focused on the latissimus dorsi muscles which are part of the upper back.

The construction of the machine is as follows: it's equipped with a vertical heavy-duty steel tube, cable and pulley system, an attached long trap bar, seat, and foot rollers. There are upper and lower pulleys you can use for various exercises and involve different muscle groups.

This lat tower machine is designed to strengthen your back muscles, shoulder, and arms, by utilizing various hand positions and aiming to improve your general performance and physical condition. It can fit people of any fitness level, both novices and seasoned lifters will find this tool useful for diversifying their training plan.

A lat pulldown machine can come with a weight stack, or be plate loaded. So, when starting your workout you need to choose a proper weight by adjusting the pin and insert it into the needed weight brick. The second variant is to take proper weight plates on the weight horns and start your training by pulling the bar.

With lat pulldown machines, you can perform various exercises:

  • Lat pulldown exercise with the upper pulley to train the latissimus dorsi mainly, rhomboids, traps, biceps, and rear delts.
  • Tricep press-down exercise strengthens the triceps and engages the front of the shoulders.
  • Upright rows target your shoulders and upper back, namely traps, upper of the mid back, and deltoids.
  • Biceps curls are an exercise that isolates your biceps. Use a supinated grip to recruit the biceps to a greater extent.
  • Glute kickbacks isolate your glute muscles and also work the hamstrings. You need an ankle cable attachment to do this exercise.
lat pull down workout

Types of Lat Pulldown Machines

Today you'll find two main types of lat pulldown trainers on the market:

  • A standalone unit is a freestanding option that besides the upper lat bar pulley can also have a cable pulley at the bottom of the machine for low rows.
  • The second category is a lat pulldown attachment. It acts like a supplement for a cable training rack that is integrated into the rack. With this type, you'll get a wider range of exercises to perform since you have a functional power rack with a particular range of training accessories and a separate lat pulldown attachment.

Besides these models, it's possible to distinguish lat pulldown machines by the resistance type it comes with:

  • Equipped with a weight stack, known also as selectorized lat pulldown machines. You change the weight by putting the pin into a weight brick of the corresponding weight.
  • Equipped with weight rods you can load with iron or bumper plates.
  • Equipped with a magnetic resistance system: we have one machine of this type that is NordicTrack. It features an inertia-enhanced flywheel and has 20 levels of digital resistance.
nordictrack lat machine training

Benefits of Lat Pulldown Machines

A pull down workout machine is a decent strength-oriented trainer that can be useful for building a muscular upper body. Although it targets not only the lats and back muscles, it can benefit you greatly by bringing the following positive points.

✅ Strengthening the Upper Body

This training machine targets the lats, which are important for posture and overall back strength. Performing lat pulldowns aims to work out not only the trapezius, shoulders, and chest, but also the biceps, triceps, and rhomboids.

✅ Relieving Back Pain

Strengthening the lats through lat pulldowns helps stabilize the lower back and may decrease back pain. Pulling down on weights helps strengthen the back muscles so they function better than they did before.

The condition in which lat pulldowns are performed does not put any load or additional stress on the vertebrae, which makes it a great strengthening exercise for people with chronic back pain.

✅ Improving Posture

Injuries and damage to the vertebral structure can happen through wear and tear. Poor posture can lead to back pain, quick fatigue, and other health issues.

Lat pulldown exercise can help improve posture by training the postural muscles to depress and adduct the shoulder blade. The thing is that performing lat pulldowns activates scapular depressors and retractors.

✅ Growing the Muscle Mass

The growth of the lats can be gained by performing lat pulldowns through progressive overload. To get incredible muscle hypertrophy, you need to increase the weights you train with to move further the progress.

You'll see noticeable changes in the volume of your arms when doing lat pulldowns efficiently. Progressive overload is the main factor that influences your muscle growth.

woman lat pulldown stance

What to Consider When Buying a Lat Pulldown Machine?

Before choosing the best lat pulldown for a home gym, you need to observe the most popular models people recommend and check the rating of the chosen lat pulldown trainer.

Additionally, you should consider the specific factors that can influence the quality of the equipment and its performance. Mind the following aspects when picking up a worthy lat pulldown trainer for your home gym.

1. Weight Load Capacity

Maximum weight load is one of the key features you should consider when buying a lat pulldown machine.

Although this criterion isn't a decisive one for beginners, more experienced gym goers and pro lifters should look at the maximum load they can utilize while strength training. This point is highly vital for bodybuilding and muscle mass growth.

Keep in mind that cheaper models come with lower weight capacity since they're equipped with less-durable construction and can have some plastic or aluminum elements instead of steel components.

lat pulldown exercise

2. Distance to the Upper Bar From the Seated Position

Pay attention to the bar height from the starting position when seated. A proper height is when you reach up the bar with the extended arms as high as you can without standing off the seat or shrugging the shoulders. You need to hook the bar wider than shoulder width.

It’s possible to adjust the bar height by shortening or lengthening the cable that supports the bar, or adjust the seat height. The bar should be at a height that you can grasp without having to stand up or outstretch the arms. You should be able to extend your arms to achieve a full range of motion.

For instance, if you’re tall and when you extend your arms to pull the bar, it occurs that your elbows are slightly bent. That means your lats don’t extend to the maximum, so it won’t work on its full range.

3. Adjustability

To be able to lift with a proper technique and keep the right body position, you need a lat pulldown machine that can be adjusted to your height. That's why focus on the trainers with adjustable seats, leg rollers, and feet platforms at the bottom.

A correctly adjusted machine means you can fully extend when holding the lat bar with the arms extending, while keeping your trunk straight, feet planted flat on the floor, and knees bent at 90 degrees.

The leg rollers should be placed correctly to support your thighs when pulling the bar, with your thighs slightly pressed to keep you steadily in place.

Another factor that influences the machine's comfort in usage is changing the load. Having a weight stack is more comfortable than a plate-loaded machine because you don't waste time getting up to replace the weight plates in between sets.

man lat pulldown workout

4. Availability of the Lower Pulley

Some lat pulldown equipment features only one cable, the upper one for lat pulldown exercises only. Although, some can have both upper and lower pulley systems that increase the number of exercises you can perform on the machine.

The double cable system expands the versatility of the lat pulldown trainer by enabling you to do biceps curls, seated/standing rows, kickbacks, and other exercises.

5. Extra Perks

Budget-friendly lat pulldown machines come with basic characteristics, but more expensive models can feature other specs that will enhance your performance.

There can be additional training attachments, reinforced components and frame itself, or extra adapters for you to diversify the exercise range you can do with Olympic and standard plates (in the case of the plate-loaded models).

lat pull down training in gym

6. Price Rate

The key point when buying a lat pulldown machine is that it should be a worthy investment that will serve you long and meet your fitness goals. So, if you want to get a durable highly functional training machine, be ready to spend a considerable sum of money.

Eventually, you'll get high-quality equipment with a higher maximum load, a more durable pulley mechanism, and higher adjustability.


Is a Lat Pulldown Machine Worth It?

Yes, a lat pulldown trainer is a decent gym equipment that is perfect to work out the latissimus dorsi muscle, the largest muscle of your back, trapezium, rear delts, rhomboids, and delts. Also, you can improve your posture and spinal stability.

This is a great option to perform pull-ups, curls, rows, etc. while sculpting a V-shaped body that is desirable by all male athletes.

Which Pulldown Grip Is Best for Lats?

wide grip with a closed, overhand grip is the best for increasing and strengthening the latissimus dorsi, known as the lats. While a closer grip is perfect to increase the rhomboids and trapezius.

Should I Go Heavy for Lat Pulldown?

If you want to gain strong and big lats, you'd better choose heavy lat pulldowns, but not too hefty. With lightweight exercises, you'll increase the blood flow to your muscles.

Since, the goal of a lat pulldown is to increase the size of your lats, while also developing your serratus anterior, you should incorporate the proper muscles and utilize the right technique. So, lat pulldowns are more effective when the weight is reduced.


Having considered many best lat pulldown machines, observing their specs, pros and cons, and functionality, you can compare the key features that are crucial for you.

Presenting both standalone units and lat pulldown power rack attachments, we analyzed their main characteristics and chose a top pick model which is the Rogue LP-2 Lat Pulldown/ Low Row machine.

This 2-in-1 standalone machine features a great weight capacity, adjustable 8-position seat, and leg roller, which is also compatible with numerous Rogue-made training attachments to diversify your training routine.

Although, are you concerned about the functionality and versatility of the reviewed models? Don't know what lat pulldown trainer to select? Write to us directly and receive an all-inclusive response and advice on what option can be a perfect fit for you.

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