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Living Fit Dumbbells Review (2024)

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If you want seamless transitions and ergonomic design, we have just the thing. Take a few moments to read our Living Fit dumbbells review – they have rubber coating and hex shape so they won’t roll around and storing them is a piece of cake compared to traditional dumbbells. 

They’re perfect for both beginners and those that are more experienced, so stick around and see how these dumbbells will meet the needs of everyone that’s on the hunt for efficient, comfortable equipment.

living fit dumbbells

Living Fit Dumbbells Review Quick Summary

Living Fit Dumbbells

living fit dumbbells
  • Weight range: Available in pairs of 5 to 100 pounds
  • Handle design: Textured, ergonomic
  • Warranty: Lifetime for home use, 2 years for commercial use
  • Material: Iron, rubber

Although Living Fit is relatively new to the market, the brand is backed by a team with a lot of experience in the fitness industry. The founder, Jay Perkins, is not new to creating successful fitness brands. He previously co-founded Kettlebell Kings, a company that’s well-known for its quality and service in the kettlebell niche. With about a decade of experience in the industry, the team is committed to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service.

The dumbbells have a solid cast iron core and it’s encased in a protective rubber shell. This design is fantastic because you have the durability and robustness of the iron core, but then you also have the rubber coating that minimizes noise and protects both your floors and dumbbells from damage.

The weight range is very comprehensive and it goes from 5 to 100 pounds, so they’re very versatile and anyone can find a pair or two for themselves. Each pair adheres to a strict weight tolerance guarantee within 3% of the stated weight, meaning you have a lot of accuracy and reliability in your training metrics. 

The handle is ergonomic. Unlike traditional handles that are straight, these are textured and contour to widen slightly in the middle to mirror the natural grip of your hand. They’re very comfortable to hold and you won’t feel like they’ll slip out even if your hands are really sweaty. 

view on living fit dumbbells

Durability is a big deal with dumbbells and these won’t leave you disappointed. Living Fit offers lifetime warranty if you’re buying them for home use. If you want to get them for commercial use, though, the warranty lasts for 2 years. But as great as the warranty is, you never really want to be in the position to use it, right?

Well, the good news is, you probably won’t need to because these dumbbells are super durable, and the rubber coating extends their life even further and protects them from rust and wear from intense use. 
The price is very reasonable, and you can split the cost into 4 interest-free payments with Shop Pay. Living Fit offers free shipping, and with their warehouses being strategically placed, you’ll get your order in no time.


The dumbbells have a solid cast iron core and it’s encased in a protective rubber shell.

Weight selection:0
Value for money:0


  • Ergonomic, textured handle
  • Wide weight range
  • Robust and durable
  • Excellent warranty

Could be better:

  • The rubber initially has a smell

Who and What Are the Living Fit Dumbbells For?

Short answer – these are meant for everyone and dumbbells in general will give you results just like bulky machines would

If you’re building a home gym, you really don’t need any other dumbbells. These are a perfect blend of durability and user-friendly features, not to mention the reasonable price. The rubber casing will be very nice to your floors and won’t damage them in the slightest. 

dumbbells by living fit

They’re suitable for commercial gyms, too, because they’re built to withstand heavy use in a professional environment. 

Beginners will love these dumbbells because the weight range starts at only 5 pounds, giving them more than enough space for progressive overload, which is the foundation of progress. But advanced lifters and athletes will love them just as much as beginners will because the weight goes up to 100 pounds and allows for progressive resistance. 


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The Living Fit Dumbbells Review

1. Weight Selection

The weight range is impressive, to say the least. It starts with 5 pounds per pair and ends with 100 pounds, and it increases in 5-pound increments. This selection allows people of all fitness levels to find the weight they need. 

2. Design

The handles are ergonomic and textured, meaning they’re comfortable to hold and they won’t slip. They distribute the weight evenly across the hand, reduce pressure points, and improve the strength of your grip. 

rubber hex dumbbells

3. Durability

Solid cast iron core and rubber coating – what more could you ask for? These dumbbells will handle anything you throw at them and no matter how intense your workouts get; you won’t need to worry about your dumbbells getting damaged. 

4. Value for Money

The initial price is more than reasonable considering the quality, but if you think about cost per use over time, you’ll see that the price is actually really, really low.

Living Fit Dumbbells Alternatives

LivingFit Cerakote DumbbellsRogue Rubber Hex DumbbellsRep Fitness Dumbbells
Weight rangeAvailable in pairs of 5 to 100 lbAvailable in pairs from 2.5 to 125 lbAvailable in pairs from 5 to 100 lb
Handle designTextured, ergonomicContoured, textured chromeStraight or contoured handle with a knurled grip
WarrantyLifetime for home use, 2 years for commercial useNo explicit warranty; but Rogue is known for its durable products and customer service5-year warranty against breakage with normal use, which extends to both home and commercial use
MaterialIron, rubberIron, rubberIron, rubber

1. Living Fit Dumbbells Vs Rogue Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Rogue Rubber Hex Dumbbells

rogue rubber dumbbells
  • Dumbbell type: Rubber hex dumbbells
  • Shape: Hexagonal
  • Handle material: Chrome-plated steel
  • Head material: Rubber encased steel
  • Handle diameter: 0,98’’ for weights up to 10 lbs, 1.37’’ for weights 12.5 lbs and above
  • Weight range: 2.5 lbs to 125 lbs
  • Increments: 2.5 lbs and 5 lbs increments
  • Knurling (yes/no): Yes
  • Price per pound: Approximately $3.13
  • Can be dropped: Yes

While Living Fit offers a really wide weight range for their dumbbells, the Rogue Rubber Hex Dumbbells expands these options even further. These dumbbells have their weight ranging from 2.5 to 125 pounds, which means they can even be used for rehabilitation. Design-wise, Living Fit’s dumbbells have ergonomic, chrome-finished handles that are textured and feel very comfortable in hands and all of this is aimed at reducing fatigue during long workouts. Rogue’s handles are knurled, and the focus is more on the grip than comfort.  

Rogue Dumbbells Instagram
Photo by @mvd.pix

Both Rogue and Living Fit dumbbells are exceptionally durable, and both have rubber-encased, hex heads. However, Rogue’s dumbbells don’t have clear warranty terms, which can be concerning for some people. As far as cost goes, both of these options are great value for money because of their excellent quality and functionality. 

All in all, you won’t go wrong with either of these. Rogue has a wider range of weights at a low cost per weight, while Living Fit has fantastic warranty and the design is very focused on comfort.


  • Wide range of weight increments
  • Securely connected heads and handles
  • Rubber-encased to minimize the noise and protect the floor

Could be better:

  • Ergonomic handle is not as comfortable as expected
  • No clear warranty details

2. Living Fit Dumbbells Vs Rep Fitness Dumbbells

Rep Fitness Dumbbells

rep rubber dumbbells
  • Dumbbell type: Rubber hex dumbbells
  • Shape: Hexagonal
  • Handle material: Chrome-plated steel
  • Head material: Premium, low-odor rubber
  • Handle diameter: 1.18’’-1.33’’ (depending on the weight)
  • Weight range: 5-50 lbs
  • Increments: 5 lbs
  • Price per pound: Approximately $3.38
  • Can be dropped: Yes

The next alt are the Rep Fitness Ergo Hex Dumbbells. Rep has a slightly wider weight range, with it being from 5 to 125 pounds, and they have more weight increments. In all honesty, everything up to 100 pounds will be okay for the average person, but if you really want to make your workouts more intense, it’s good to have that extra option Rep offers. 

Both options have great-quality rubber coating, but Rep makes their dumbbells with low-odor rubber, so if that initial rubbery smell bothers you, you might want to give Rep a try. 

As far as warranty goes, that’s something they have in common - both offer lifetime warranty for home use. if you want to use these dumbbells for commercial purposes, though, you’ll get only 1 year of warranty. 

Again – neither of these will be a mistake. Rep costs slightly bit more but they have more weight options and smaller increments, so if that's something that concerns you, Rep is the way to go.


  • Low-odor rubber
  • Comfortable handle
  • Great warranty for home use

Could be better:

  • Only one year of commercial warranty


Is Rubber Coating Enough to Protect the Gym Flooring? Is It Durable Enough to Withstand Intense Workouts?

The rubber coating is enough to protect gym flooring, and the dumbbells can be dropped without any damage being made to either your floor or the dumbbell. 

What Kind of Knurling Does It Have? Does It Feel Sharp on the Hands?

The knurling is not sharp. This can be an issue with heavy weights, but the knurling is appropriate for the 25 lb dumbbells that were reviewed. 


If we can take away one sentence from this entire review, it would be, “If you’re looking to upgrade your training routine, then you won’t choose wrong if you pick Living Fit dumbbells.”

They score a 10/10 on all the categories, and when compared to some nifty alternatives, they stand tall with ease. By getting these dumbbells, you’re buying versatility, product longevity and all of that for a very reasonable price. No one wants to spend a fortune on dumbbells.

By design and because of the knurling, the dumbbells will feel nice and secure in your hands during each workout (even those sweaty ones, which is a huge plus), and due to their hex design, they’ll be very easy to store even if you lack proper storage or a rack. What else can you ask from your dumbbells? A great buy; has our suggestion fully deserved!


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