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Barbell Jack Review (2024)

This article has been created in collaboration with our esteemed partners at Barbell Jack, combining expertise to bring you valuable insights and useful information about the product.

Do you always face the challenge of an instant barbell lift from the floor without slowing down your tempo? Then it’s exactly what you need: use the Barbell Jack review and get assured that it’s exactly the thing that will help you to load a barbell at a glance.

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The Barbell Jack Review Quick Summary

Barbell Jack Deadlift Jack

The Barbell Jack is among the best tools for barbell loading. This is a hook-like equipment with a stable footing that you place under the barbell. It enables you to pull one side of the bar from the floor effortlessly and load it with plates.

The majority of lifters worldwide prefer to work out with it due to its exceptional features, i.e., light weight, functionality, and simplicity with no odd burdens and issues in exploitation. It targets to optimize your lifting training, nail your technique, and also prevent injuries.

  • Material: injection-molded nylon + GF
  • Weight: 2.16 lb
  • Weight limit: 550 lb (for each side)
  • Items included: barbell jack, resistance loop band
  • Color palette: black, orange

No joints and muscle strains, and no finger pinches will happen with the proper use of this equipment. From now on, changing plates will take several seconds and your bar is ready. You preserve your energy for the upcoming lifts, save time between exercise sets, and don’t disturb your focus on putting weighty plates on the bar.

With this tool, changing plates is no more a problem, so you can concentrate on performing more reps of your favorite deadlifts. There’s no matter whether you’re a newbie in weight training or an experienced Olympic weightlifter, this tool will become irreplaceable to your every workout.

The Barbell Jack is very lightweight, just 2.16 lb, measuring 19” in height, which makes it easily portable in your gym bag. It fits 17.7” Standard Olympic plates and you can pull up to 550 lb on each side. Additionally, you get a high-quality durable resistance band made of poly cotton latex silk material, sizing 3.15”x15”, to diversify your workout and perform hip thrusts. With this barbell jack, it’s super easy to swap the plates that are much tougher to grasp.


The Barbell Jack is among the best tools for barbell loading. This is a hook-like equipment with a stable footing that you place under the barbell.

Value for Money:0


  • Firm construction & simple design
  • Lightweight
  • Can lift up to 550 lb on each side
  • Resistance band included in the package
  • Easy to use just from the first time, no manual needed

Could be better:

  • Uncomfortable to transport it in the gym bag, it’s better for gym usage
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Who and What Is the Barbell Jack For?

A barbell jack is an essential equipment for serious lifters who train with weights regularly and can’t imagine their workouts without barbell lifting and performing deadlifts, and heavy cleans, jerks, and snatches. Although, it fits everyone who deals with weight lifting. This tool will do all the work for them, so they don’t need to make an extra effort to load and offload a barbell. All an athlete needs to do is to put a jack under the barbell, pull its handle, and that’s all, they’re ready for a deadlift.

A barbell jack will also protect the back from strain and overload when putting weighty plates, swapping them, and taking a heavy barbell before it's raised. Your lower back is involved most when performing deadlifts. By using a Barbell Jack, you relieve your lower back from extra pressure and save strength for the next heavy deadlift set. Thus, this equipment is a helping lever to work out using massive barbells without wasting much time.

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The Barbell Jack Review

1. Quality

The manufacturer guarantees its premium quality: despite it’s not made of steel or metal, it’s tailored from prime high-pressure injection-molded material and is covered with GF and NYL mix that brings extra strength and durability to the product.

2. Durability

Made from injection-molded nylon, this barbell jack is highly durable, so you can use it for putting plates up to 550 lb for each side. You can leave a barbell on the jack if you stop performing exercises. We assure you that it’ll withstand the maximum pressure mentioned in the capacity guidance.

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3. Versatility

This jack can be used for 17.72” standard, competition, bumper, and Olympic plates and fits bars of 1.1-1.25” in diameter. It’s easy to hook, pull to load and offload a barbell in a moment.

4. Packaging

The package includes a barbell jack itself and a resistance band with dimensions of 30”x3.15”. These items are packed in a cardboard box. Global express delivery is available for the product.

barbell jack review

5. Value for Money

This product is worth investment due to its quality, portability, and ease of usage. There are no unnecessary features: lightweight, simple, durable, and functional barbell jack will meet the needs of beginners and elite weightlifters.


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How Do You Use a Barbell Loading Jack?

It’s as easy as pie to use a barbell jack due to its clear and smooth hook and pull system. You don’t need to help yourself to hold a bar with your hand. The product performs its functions perfectly. It’s easy to understand how to use it even without reading the manual. You can even apply it from its opposite side and it still works.

It serves as a lever to help you load and change weight plates without wasting extra energy and saving your precious time for workouts. Put a jack under the bar, and pull a handle till a jack stands vertically, so the bar will lift simultaneously. 

It’s better to put it closer to the bar knurling on the side you intend to load or remove plates first. Don’t put the barbell jack in the middle of the bar and avoid a full load of one side while another one is still out of weight. When you finish loading, pull a jack’s handle back to release the bar. So, now you’re ready to lift.

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Barbell Jack Alternatives

1. Barbell Jack vs IronBull Deadlift Bar Jack

Ironbull barbell jack

IronBull deadlift bar jack is a barbell wedge that is a good alternative for a deadlift jack. It fits mostly powerlifting, bodybuilding, and fitness athletes. Thanks to its unusual form and simple concept, it’s easy to load and unload plates effortlessly. The wedge has an integrated stopper on one side to prevent a weighty barbell from rolling back, and an angled ramp to simplify barbell rolling on it. 

The package includes a pair of wedges enabling you to load and unload a barbell simultaneously. With 0.5” clearance, you’ll succeed to load the needed amount of plates. You should put the first plate on the bar, then roll it onto the wedge, and continue to load the weight. But, still, you need to bend down to adjust weights. 

Unlike Barbell Jack, it withstands up to 1000 lb load with a weight of just 12.8 ounces. It’s applicable to trap bars, and Olympic barbells, and works with bumper, cast iron, and hexagon plates. Additionally, a great benefit is its high portability: you can transport it whenever you plan to train. IronBull wedge is made of anti-compression rubber, with a non-slip gripping surface that enables you to put a loaded barbell steadily.

However, it’s just a replacement for the Barbell Jack because it won’t stay under the bar during the lift. It works as a small ramp to make it easy to slide plates on the bar and then put the barbell away. You also need to line up the barbell right since it can roll with the loaded bar because of the wedges’ own lack of mass.

Despite absolutely different designs and ways of use, both of them function well. However, the IronBull wedge still requires more control when loading a bar. Compared to the Barbell Jack, IronBull is slightly behind it because of its functionality: with a Barbell Jack, you don’t need to roll the barbell back and forth.

2. Barbell Jack vs Yes4All Deadlift Jack

Yes4all barbell jack

The difference is that the Yes4All jack is made of high-quality anti-corrosion stainless steel. This tool is ideal for weight training, and powerlifting, specifically performing deadlifts, T-bar rows, pendlay rows, and other exercises.

It goes with a rubber handle that simplifies pulling a weighty barbell with smooth lifting. It guarantees a safer and firmer grip to avoid slipping.

Yes4AllJack has also the UHMW plastic cup for a stable and safe bar position and scratching protection. It also has a sturdy construction that enables it to lift off over 600 lb weight plates, with a weight of 3 lb. 

So, if you compare these two deadlift jacks, Yes4All has more capacity in the weight limit, is made of solid material, is more stable, and has firm gripping. Meanwhile, it’s bulkier and heavier than the Barbell Jack, and when using it you can see that bar knurling leaves imprints in the plastic. So, if choosing between these two options, we’d rather opt for the Barbell Jack.

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Are deadlift jacks worth it?

Sure, a deadlift jack is a must-have tool for weight training, particularly in saving time and energy between sets. This equipment makes plate loading and unloading much easier. Being simple in construction, it helps to pick the bard off the ground and put them back.

Does the barbell jack work with all barbell types?

The barbell jack fits bars 1.1-1.25” in diameter, except for extra thick ones with a 1.9” diameter. It can work with some Hex and Trap deadlift bars with a diameter of 1.1-1.25”. The jack’s opening can be placed 8” from the plate's stopper ring or on the knurling.


To summarize, we can confirm that the Barbell Jack is a perfect tool that copes with its functions excellently and provides athletes with reliable support while hauling extra heavy plates throughout the gym. You’ll stay satisfied with this barbell jack fully because you’ll be able to improve your lifting technique and benefit from a more productive workout. The Barbell Jack is an absolutely worthy investment for your sports goals.

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