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WWC 2023, Day 4 – Men’s 67 kg Results: Chinese team leaves no chances to contenders

The fourth day of the great world competition brought us new leaders on the podium in Riyadh in the Men’s 67 kg division. Today evening we spectated a memorable performance of athletes from China, Indonesia, Armenia, Colombia, and the Republic of Korea.

Let’s remember the TOP 3 lifters who competed today and took the highest rewards.

Category   Gold Silver Bronze
Men 67kg
Snatch 🇨🇳Chen Lijun 153 kg 🇮🇩Irawan Yuli 146 kg 🇦🇲Sahakyan Gor 142 kg
C&J 🇨🇳Chen Lijun 180 kg 🇨🇴Mosquera Francisco 176 kg 🇰🇷Lee Sangyeon 176 kg
Total 🇨🇳Chen Lijun 333 kg 🇮🇩Irawan Yuli 321 kg 🇦🇲Sahakyan Gor 312 kg

Our congratulations and respect for Chen Lijun, an athlete from China, who did his maximum and got first place in the category. He did 333 kg in total, 153 kg in the Snatch exercise and 180 kg in Clean & Jerk. By the way, Chen Lijun proven his leadership by getting total gold today after taking the silver medal at the World Championships in Bogota 2022.

Chen Lijun made great effort to perform Snatch of 153 kg

An experienced lifter from Indonesia, Yuli Irawan, gained silver with the following results: 321 kg total, 146 kg in Snatch, and 175 kg in Clean & Jerk.

Gor Sahakyan from Armenia gave up his opponents and got to third place with a bronze medal with a total of 312 kg, Snatch of 142 kg, and Clean & Jerk of 170 kg.

WWC In Riyadh 2023 Men’s 67kg

Besides the leaders of this competition day, we had an opportunity to watch other athletes who also took minor rewards in single exercises. Those athletes are Gor Sahakyan from Armenia, Francisco Mosquera from Colombia, and Lee Sangyeon from the Republic of Korea.

Today Mosquera took only silver in Clean & Jerk of 176 kg, however, he succeeded in winning gold at the Championships in Bogota 2022 in the same weight division with much better results – a total of 325 kg, Snatch – 143 kg, and C&J – 182 kg.

Chen Lijun, Yulia Irawan, Gor Sahakyan, Francisco Mosquera, and Lee Sangyeon at the podium after attention-grabbing performance.

What about a promising Armenian athlete Gor Sahakyan, we’ve already spectated his performance at the European Championship in Yerevan. He got total gold with Snatch of 145 kg, Clean & Jerk of 175 kg, and total – 320 kg. So, he became the champion of Europe by taking the first place. However, this time in Riyadh, he showed weaker results and managed to save bronze with a total of 312 kg.

Overall, the 4th day of competition in the Men’s 67 kg weight class was full of failed attempts: more than 60% of all attempts in Snatch and around 50% in C&J were failed by competitors. The reason is that this competition is a qualifying one and this weight division isn’t Olympic.


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