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IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024 – Women’s 81 kg Division Recap

Day 11 of the IWF Weightlifting World Cup showed us an impressive lifting session in the Olympic Women’s 81-kg weight category, where eleven female athletes were performing in the Group A.

The battle in the division presented a thrilling performance as the category’s supposed leaders were going hand in hand. Each lifter wanted to get a decent place in the Top ranking and get a qualification for the Olympic Games.

Let’s analyze the highlights of this competition and finalize who became the winner in each exercise. Keep following our review to know the details of this world-level tournament.

Eileen Cikamatana
Eileen Cikamatana Gold C&J at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024

Ecuadorian lifter Dajomes Leaves Wang Behind, While Cikamatana Performs Her Bests 

Let’s see the TOP 3 weightlifters who gained the highest awards due to their exemplary lifts: 


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  • 🥇Dajomes Neisi (ECU) 123-146-269
  • 🥈Wang Zhouyu (CHN) – 120-147-267
  • 🥉Eileen Cikamatana (AUS) – 114-149-263

The winner in today’s weight class was Dajomes Barrera Neisi from Ecuador who lifted 123 kg in Snatch at the third attempt, 146 kg in Clean & Jerk at the second lift, and a total of 269 kg.

The second place moved to Wang Zhouyu from China who got in a total of 267 kg, she lifted 120 kg in Snatch on the first attempt, and 147 kg in Clean & Jerk on the first lift as well. Unfortunately, it wasn’t her best performance: during the exercises she was quite nervous and couldn’t focus on clear lifting.

The bronze medalist was Eileen Cikamatana from Australia: she lifted 114 kg in Snatch, 149 kg in Clean & Jerk, and got 263 kg in total.

Top Athletes’ Review

The Women’s 81-kg weight category winner Dajomes Barrera Neisi, is an Ecuadorian weightlifter, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Champion in the 76-kg weight category, six-time Pan American Champion, Pan American Games Champion, and three-time Junior World Champion. Today she performed her personal best in Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and total.

What about the silver medalist, Wang Zhouyu, she’s a Chinese weightlifter who is the gold medalist in the 87-kg category at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. She’s also a two-time gold and silver medalist at the World Championships, and a three-time gold medalist at the Asian Championships.

Today she did the Snatch equal to her result at the IWF World Cup in 2019. However, concerning the Clean & Jerk exercise, the 147-kg lift was one of the worst in her career.

Wang Zhouyu
Wang Zhouyu Silver Snatch at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024

The bronze holder, the Australian lifter Eileen Cikamatana, is a silver and bronze medalist at the Worlds, a gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games and Oceania championships.  She did her second best lift in Snatch and fell one kilo behind from her junior world record in Clean & Jerk. Still, today she showed a skyrocket performance proving her ambitions to the Olympics.

Snatch results:

The Snatch session was good in general, as almost all athletes had just one failed lift. While a lifter from Japan Nagashima Wakana bombed out from the competition trying to lift 105 kg. While the athlete from Egypt Ahmed Sara Samir E. didn’t lift in this exercise. The Snatch leaders showed the following results: 

  • 🥇Dajomes Barrera Neisi (ECU) – 123 kg
  • 🥈Wang Zhouyu (CHN) –  120 kg
  • 🥉Kim Iseul (KOR) –  115 kg

South Korean lifter Kim Iseul from Group C managed to surpass the Australian lifter Eileen Cikamatana just by one kilo by winning bronze in the exercise.

Wang Zhouyu didn’t manage to lift 125 kg on her second and third attempts. Liang Xiaomei who won gold at the World Championships in 2022 and 2023 clinched just sixth position. While the American Kate Vibert was fifth with the 113 kg on the second attempt which was her new personal best.

Dajomes Neisi
Dajomes Neisi Gold Snatch at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024

Clean & Jerk results:

During the Clean & Jerk exercise, anyone managed to perform all attempts with success: five lifters had two red lights, with the Japanese lifter withdrew from the competition. Sara Ahmed from Egypt didn’t perform today.

  • 🥇Eileen Cikamatana (AUS) – 149 kg
  • 🥈Wang Zhouyu (CHN) – 147 kg
  • 🥉Dajomes Barrera Neisi (ECU) – 146 kg

Liang Xiaomei didn’t succeed to perform the second and third lifts of 148 kg. Her compatriot Wang Zhouyu also failed to lift 150 kg on the second and last attempt. Meanwhile the American Vibert ranked fourth in the exercise and total too.

Watch the next performances among the most solid weightlifters of Group A from Olympic and non-Olympic weight classes that will perform in the final days of this World Cup. The competition is already over, so the most tense and striking competitions are waiting for us.

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