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Why Is My Pre Workout Clumpy? 5 Ways To Fix It

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Anyone who takes supplements at one point in their life has opened the jar only to find it clumpy. So, you’ve probably wondered why is my pre workout clumpy. 

There are several reasons why it clumps. While there might be nothing wrong with consuming a clumpy pre-workout, the experience might not be the most pleasant.

Here, we’ll see why you are getting clumpy workouts and 5 ways to fix it. 

The main reason why is my pre workout clumpy is that it contains ingredients that draw water. Ingredients like creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine, BCAA’s, glutamine, and sugar are called hygroscopic ingredients. This means they tend to attract water molecules, resulting in a clumpy powder.

why is pre workout clumpsy

Why Is My Pre Workout Clumpy?

The main reason your pre-workout is clumping relates to having hygroscopic ingredients, which is a fancy word for those ingredients that tend to draw water.

Some of the most common ingredients that can make your pre workout hardened are:

  1. Defatting of the hemp seeds using cold-pressing and solvent extraction, after which we get hemp seed oil and hemp seed meal.
  2. Enzymatic and liquid extraction. During this process, non-protein components, including oligosaccharides, starch and pigments, are removed from hemp seed.
  3. Precipitation. To obtain hemp protein with the highest percentage of protein, the method of isoelectric precipitation is used.

This means that if a pre-workout contains one of the previous ingredients, it is most likely to attract water.

pre workout

Now, there are some factors that can increase the risk of attracting more water molecules into the formula.

  • You are not storing it properly. Environments that are humid or hot can increase the risk of clumping.
  • You took the silica package. You might have noticed that when you open a jar, there is a small package within. These are called silica packages. They are there to attract water and prevent it from affecting the ingredients.
  • Lack of usage. No matter if you store it in the best conditions or if it still has the silica package, the clumping probability is high if you are not using it frequently.

How To Unclump Pre-Workout?

It might have happened that you are getting ready to prepare for your pre-workout, but once you open it, you find it all clumped up. It might have popped into your mind: is clumpy pre workout bad?

There is nothing wrong with consuming a clumpy pre-workout if it is relatively new. However, if the pre-workout is past its expiry date or you see some mold particles, it’s better to throw it in the trash and purchase a new one.

Also, keep in mind that the clumps might mean you are not getting the formula evenly distributed. For example, some clumps might result in caffeine not being evenly distributed, which could cause adverse effects or might not provide the desired effect.

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For this reason, we always recommend breaking the clumps before taking the supplement. Here are some of my favorite tips to know how to unclump pre workout.

  • Place the pre-workout in a blender. Add the pre-workout to a dry blender, and mix it for only a couple of seconds.
  • Break them with a fork or knife. If you don’t use them frequently, make sure to move them or break them apart with a knife or fork once in a while.


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How To Prevent It From Clumping?

If you want to prevent the pre-workout from clumping. Here are some helpful tips:

nitrition shaker in hand
  • Find a supplement with anticaking ingredients. These are typically salts that are used to absorb water within the formula. As a result, it prevents the powder from getting clumpy.
  • Know how to store it. Make sure you are storing it in a cool and dry place. This prevents more water molecules from contacting the formula and increases the risk of clumping. A pantry with closed doors and away from the sun is the best option for keeping your supplements.
  • Don’t remove the silica package. Removing the silica package can result in the pre-workout becoming clumpy. If you didn’t remove the silica package but still are getting a clumpy pre-workout, you can try adding an extra package and consider changing the pre-workout to another location.
  • Change the mixing method. Some methods can help you have a smoother texture. Try the following utensils like a milk frother, blender, fork, shaker, or whisk.

What Is The Best Pre-Workout To Prevent Clumpling?

Naked Energy by Naked Nutrition

Naked Energy by Naked Nutrition
  • Best For: Overall Athletic Performance, Muscular Endurance, Reducing Fatigue
  • Flavors: Unflavored, Fruit Punch, Citrus
  • Caffeine: 200 mg + Stim-free option
  • Special Ingredients: Beta-Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate, B vitamins, vitamin C
  • Package Information: 30 and 50 serving tubs
  • Serving: 4.8 grams or 16 grams (2 scoops)
  • Company Founded: 2014
  • Recommended By Athletes: Hopeh_fitErica Dawn

Naked Energy is one of the best pre-workout options to prevent clumping. It has a clean formula with non-GMO ingredients.

It contains 200mg of caffeine , which might be enough to boost your mental and physical performance. It also contains beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, L-arginine, and essential vitamins and minerals.

naked nutrition instagram
Photo by @mpprincesstv

What makes this the best option is its calcium carbonate content, an additive acting as an anti-caking agent. And, besides calcium carbonate, there are no other additives or artificial sweeteners, making it the best option on the market.


Does Clumpy Pre-workout Still Work?

Yes, if you find a pre-workout clumpy due to water absorption, it is generally safe to use. However, remember to check the expiration date, and if there are signs of mold (or any other spoilage) it is better to avoid it.

Is Clumpy Pre-workout Bad?

No, a clumpy pre-workout is not bad. Nonetheless, the clumps might prevent the formula from being evenly distributed. For example, you might get more caffeine in one scoop (which can cause negative effects) or get less (making it less effective).


The main reason your pre-workout supplement is clumpy is due to hygroscopic ingredients, which tend to draw in water.

To prevent it from happening, make sure you get supplements with anti-caking ingredients, store them in a cool and dry place, and use the right mixing method.

My favorite way to produce a clump-free pre-workout is using a shaker since it’s easy to carry. What are your favorite ways to make clump-free drinks? Let us know in the comments. We are keen to read them all!

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