8 Push Up Bars Benefits: Are They Worth It?

When it comes to the value of push-up bars, opinions vary, with some claiming them to be a great piece of equipment. Others are less complimentary, stating that they are no better than a standard push-up.

The following will look at the various push up bars benefits and whether they are worth the investment or not.

Push-up bars offer a wide range of benefits; these include reduced pressure on your wrists. They also help train different muscle groups, help work your chest more, help strengthen your grip, and be more challenging than regular push-ups.

How to use push up bars

Push-Up Bar Benefits You Should Know

Less Pressure on Your Wrists

If you perform a lot of push-ups, you may experience wrist pain from time to time.

Sometimes people who suffer from wrist pain will opt to perform this exercise with their hands made into a fist. However, this can be uncomfortable on your knuckles.

Using a push-up bar could be a more comfortable solution to both issues. The angle of the handles will allow you to keep your shoulders and arms in better alignment, which will be more comfortable for your wrists, and will prevent you from using your knuckles on the floor.

Using a push-up bar can even help strengthen your wrists. As you continue training, your wrists will become stronger, and you won't need to stop due to pain.

Works Your Chest More

If you have ever wondered to yourself what do push up bars do, then you will be pleased to learn that using a push-up bar will work your chest more than a standard push-up.

As your hands are raised on the bars, your chest must go below them to complete a repetition. This move means that your shoulders are abducted to a higher degree, which will work your pectoralis major more than usual. 

Push up bars training

More Challenging Than Regular Push-Ups

Consider using a push-up bar if you are looking for a new challenge and find regular push-ups too easy.

Using the handles ensures a greater range of motion, with this additional distance to travel making the exercise more challenging.

This extra distance also helps stretch out your muscles, which has its benefits.

A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that lengthening your muscles leads to an overall increase in strength.

Train Different Muscle Groups

Using a push-up bar can help you train different muscle groups.

For example, depending on the thickness of the handles, different muscle recruitment patterns will occur in your muscles.

You can even use these bars as an alternative to other gym equipment, such as low parallettes (a type of portable dip bar) that you can use to perform exercises such as dips, L-sits, and various other bodyweight exercises.

If you have muscle imbalances on either side, try performing staggered push-ups so one hand is elevated on the handle and the other on the floor. This move can also help you work towards completing a one-arm push-up.

Help Strengthen Your Grip

Performing standard push-ups won't strengthen your grip as your palms are usually flat to the ground; therefore, you won't be holding onto anything.

The simple act of gripping the push-up bar will help improve your grip, plus it will help to increase your forearm strength.

They Prevent Slipping on the Floor

Are you one of those people whose hands get sweaty when you exercise? If you are, then, depending on the flooring used, you may find your hands slipping while performing push-ups.

Many push-up bars have non-slip bases and foam padding on the handles, both of which will help keep your hand in a safe and secure position that will prevent your hands from moving while performing push-ups.

Perfect for Beginners

If you have struggled to perform a standard push-up in the past, a solution would be to use a bar.

By tucking your legs up towards your chest, rather than having them outstretched, you will be better able to perform a rep when compared to a regular push-up.

Convenient and Easily Stored

The final benefit of push-up bars is that they are convenient and easily stored.

Being so small means they can be used in a small home gym or garage without needing much storage space. They are not large or cumbersome, so they can be brought out of storage when needed.

Drawbacks of Using Push-Up Bars

There Is More Strain on Your Shoulders

If you have any previous shoulder injuries or are a beginner with poor shoulder strength, you may want to avoid using push-up bars.

The increased range of motion you can achieve when using a push-up bar offers a range of benefits, but it can put your shoulders in a compromised position that can increase discomfort and the potential for injury.

Plyometric Push-Ups Are Impossible

Push-up bars may not be the best option for plyometric or clapping push-ups.
This variety of push-ups can help build explosiveness in your upper body. However, they should be avoided on a push-up bar.
For one, it will be difficult to generate enough power off the handles to move your body high enough to complete a repetition. It will also be challenging to regrip the handles while descending quickly.

They Are Not More Effective Than Regular Push-Ups

You can perform a wider variety of exercises with a push-up bar. However, research has shown that when it comes to muscular endurance and hypertrophy, they are not any more effective than a standard push-up.
According to the Missouri Journal of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, there was little difference in lean muscle mass gains of the chest and arms when performing a standard push-up and using a push-up bar.

Won't Be Able to Do As Many Reps

Again, the increased range of motion has its benefits. However, there are drawbacks too.
As you need to travel further to complete a repetition when using a push-up bar compared to a standard push-up, you may tire yourself more quickly. Therefore fewer repetitions will be completed each workout.

The Importance of Using High-Quality Push-up Bars

It is vital that you use a high-quality push-up bar to allow you to complete any exercises safely and in comfort.

Buying a cheap push-up bar made with inferior materials will put you at risk of injury, particularly when performing the more advanced exercises.

There are three main varieties of push-up bars available; plastic, metal, and disk. Plastic is the cheapest and will be the least secure. Disc-shaped push-up bars are a good option, as they offer stability and comfort, but if you want to avoid potential injury, a metal push-up bar would be the best option.

The handles of the push-up bar should be high off the ground to allow for a good range of motion, and most importantly, they should be stable and not wobbly. If your push-up bar is unstable, you are putting more strain on your muscles and joints.

Finally, the handles should be firm and padded so that the push-up bar is comfortable to hold and maintain a steady grip while performing any exercises.

Which Push-Up Bar Do We Recommend?

When it comes to push-up bars that we recommend, one stands out among all the rest.

The Readaeer Push-Up Bar is lightweight and easy-to-use, perfect for a home gym, office, or traveling.

At just 8.7 inches long, 5.5 inches wide, 4.7 inches tall, and just 1.6 pounds, this push-up bar can be stored in a bag for use whenever or wherever needed.

This metal push-up bar is solid and sturdy, with comfortable handles that are angled and cushioned to help reduce strain on your wrists.

The bars have a handy non-skid base to prevent slipping while in use. This is an important safety feature to avoid potential injury and embarrassing falls while exercising.

READAEER Push Up Bars Gym


Are Push-Up Bars More Effective?

Push-up bars are not more effective than regular push-ups. However, they allow you to perform a wider variety of exercises and a greater range of motion that will enable you to focus on your shoulders rather than your chest.

Do Push-up Bars Make Push-ups Easier?

Push-up bars do not make push-ups easier. The angle and range of motion make completing each push-up more difficult.

Conclusion: Are Push Up Bars Worth It?

When asking the question, are push up bars worth it, and do push up bars work? The answer is yes to both.

There are plenty of benefits of push up bars, but also a few negatives you should keep in mind before buying.

Overall, they are a good piece of equipment that is small enough not to cause an inconvenience in your home gym.

If you are still wondering are push up bars good, please leave your questions below.


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