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10 Week Olympic Weightlifting Program 

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Stepping into the world of Olympic weightlifting is a commitment to power, precision, and progress. This 10-week regimen is designed to gradually introduce enthusiasts to the techniques and intensities associated with the snatch, clean & jerk, while also incorporating vital accessory work.

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Weeks 1-2: Foundation Building

How to read Olympic weightlifting training plan load

In Olympic weightlifting and strength training there is a standard form of writing planned load. Coach give a prescribtion that athletes need to do on the each training in specific way.

Let`s talke a look on certain example:

It means that in this specific exercise – Back Squat, athlete will do for
1 set for 4 reps on 50%, 3 sets for 4 reps on 65%, 1 set for 4 reps on 75%,

% – counts from actual 1 RM, means that if your current 1 RM 100 kg (220 lbs), athlete work 1 set for 4 reps on 50% – 50 kg (110 lbs), 3 sets for 4 reps on 65% – 65 kg (143 lbs), 1 set for 4 reps on 75% – 75 kg (165 lbs)

Day 1

Warm-up: Dynamic stretches, focusing on shoulders and hips.

Specific warmup (3 rounds):

  • Gakk SQUAT 12 reps
  • Monkey JUMPs 8 reps

Muscle SNATCH 4×6
Enhancing turnover speed and upper body strength.

65-75% of max Snatch, 6 reps / 1+3 reps
Improving bar trajectory and under-the-bar speed.

50% of max Snatch, 4 sets / 4+2 reps
Strengthening overhead stability and drop-under technique.

Pause Back SQUAT
60-70% of max Back SQUAT 4 sets / 3 reps
Building core and leg strength with controlled depth.

Mobility & Stretching (10-15 min).

Day 2

Warm-up: Emphasis on wrists, hips, and shoulders.

Specific warmup (3 rounds):

  • SUPERMAN 20 reps
  • Monkey JUMPs 8 reps
  • PVC Muscle Clean + FS + PRESS 4+4+4 reps

Power CLEAN + Hang Power CLEAN
70-75% of max C&J, 3 reps / 1+1 reps
Refining clean mechanics and transition phases.

95-105% of max C&J, 3 sets / 3 reps
Augmenting explosive pull strength from the floor.

3 sets / 4+4 reps
Elevating single-leg stability and power.

Mobility & Stretching (10-15 min).

Day 3

Warm-up: Full-body dynamics.

Specific warmup (3 rounds)

  • Split Squat 6+6 reps
  • Wall SQUAT 6 reps

50-60% of max C&J, 3 sets / 2+2 reps
Merging overhead strength with precise technique.


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80-85 % of max C&J, 6 sets / 3 reps
Mastering the art of overhead stability.

90-100 % of max C&J, 4 sets / 4 reps
Bolstering quad strength and core stability.

Barbell Squat JUMP
4 sets / 8 reps
Enhancing Plyometric ability.

Mobility & Stretching (10-15 min).

Tips for further progress

Weeks 3-6: Technique Refinement & Strength Building
Progressions: Add 2-3% load every week and refine form.

Weeks 7-8: Power Emphasis
Focus: Work at 65-75% 1RM, concentrating on lifting speed and explosiveness. Reduce reps to 2-3 per set but maintain intensity.

Weeks 9-10: Testing & Peaking
Reduce volume but up intensity. Work in the 80-90% 1RM range, preparing for testing or competition. Dedicate the last session of week 10 to testing new 1RMs.

Further Programming Guidelines

1. Gradual Progression

Beyond the initial 10 weeks, your ambition should be a methodical and sustained growth in your lifting capacity. Targeting a 2-3% load increase every week is ideal, but it’s crucial to keep a keen eye on the quality of your lifts. If at any point technique falters, it’s a sign you might be advancing too swiftly.

2. Stay Balanced

As you advance in your Olympic weightlifting journey, there will be the inevitable temptation to push harder and lift heavier. While ambition is commendable, balance is vital.

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3. Regular Check-ins

Consistent monitoring ensures you remain on the right path. An excellent way to keep tabs on your form and progress is to film your sessions, especially when you’re integrating new movements or techniques into your routine.

4. Recovery

The magic of muscle growth and strength building isn’t just in the lifting; it’s in the recovery. As the weeks roll on, it’s essential to listen to your body. Every 5-6 weeks, consider integrating deload weeks or sessions with reduced intensity.

A structured 10-week Olympic weightlifting journey can bring about transformational changes in strength, power, and athletic performance. Prioritizing technique, ensuring consistency, and recognizing the importance of recovery will be key to achieving weightlifting success.

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