Deficit Romanian DEADLIFT

A good accessory exercise for the “lumbar spine-glutes-hamstrings” muscle group chain.

 Always focus on 2 important points: 

- bend your knees not more than 20º in the bottom position; 

- arch your back and don't let it round during your performance. 

Especially in the preparatory phase, try to perform this exercise in the «deficit mode» in order to increase the amplitude of movement and to have a more intense stretching of the muscles in order to strengthen and work them out.But if you note that in a certain moment of motion, your back rounds and there is no possibility of keeping it straight – use racks, blocks, or simply reduce the amplitude of motion. A small secret for those who have such aproblem – control the position of the head, always direct your sight slightly above the neutral position of the head relative to the trunk, this should help.