Barbell Squat JUMP

One of the best exercises for the development of jumping skill, explosive power and strength. This exercise is considered to be expedient for use not only in weightlifting functional training, track and field, and even wintersports use it as an element for improvement of the level of general physical preparedness for more than a dozen years and each of these sports has its own specifics of performing this exercise.  

Basic rules for this exercise: 

- position of the barbell on your shoulders is the same as in the usual weightlifting, Back Squat – strong back, scapula together, barbell must be well fixed on the traps in order to prevent it from sliding down; 

- always be land on "soft knees" in order to have proper amortization and reduction of compressive loads. 

 In weightlifting, the reactive method of performing this exercise is most often used: athlete performs squats to the bottom and jumps up with maximum effort, the moment of landing is considered to be the beginning of thenext rep. This way of performing the exercise influences the development of explosive power and intermuscular coordination, as well as depletes the nervous system – it should be taken into account when in the training programdesign.