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    Modern weightlifting absolutely does not look like it did 20-30 years ago, and even not as it was when I first came to the weightlifting gym. Nowadays it is a basic part of functional fitness and many people who want to diversify their fitness routine are increasingly coming to weightlifting training programs.

    In my childhood, a beginner was a young man of 12-15 years old who came to the gym with the goal of becoming stronger and building muscles. Today, a 36-year-old strong man, who has been training in strength mode for 15 years, can easily be a beginner, or a 28-year-old mother of three children, who once went to yoga, and now decided to involve strength, but does not want just to swing. Taking into consideration the fact that neither the first athlete nor the second one has a clue about how to snatch and clean&jerk they are beginners, but very special ones, not as if they were before.

     Their training programs will be similar, but they will have different accents. Definitely, they will both need a lot of time and patience to master the basics of mechanics in new exercises. Before performing a snatch and clean&jerk, beginners will have to perform a significant amount of work in auxiliary exercises. "Experienced athletes" will have to devote enough time to increase overall mobility,

and those who did not hold the iron in their hands will have to develop a certain power base.

    As I mentioned above, before performing a power snatch and clean&jerk, a beginner must master a number of important preparatory exercises in order to work out specific skills.

    Athletes, whose training experience is less than one year, have to include the following exercises to their training program on a permanent basis.


    SNATCH exercises:

    High Snatch PULL above knees

    Power SNATСH above knees

    Overhead SQUAT

    Snatch PUSH PRESS

    SNATCH Balance

    Snatch PULL


    CLEAN & JERK exercises:

    High Clean PULL above knees

    Power CLEAN above knees


    Push JERK

    Push PRESS

    Split JERK for both legs

    Overhead SQUAT with JERK grip

    Clean PULL

    Military PRESS


     Power and additional exercises:

     Back SQUAT

     Front SQUAT

     Split SQUAT

     Bench PRESS

    Push up

    Squat Jumps

    Long Jumps


    Good morning



    Certainly, one can use other exercises. This list is just an advice.

    During the first two-three weeks (sometimes this stage can be longer - up to two months), one should start training with practicing power position, for this, I recommend using a set of auxiliary exercises with PVC and a barbell from the starting position - from the snatch.

     Power position is one of the most important elements. From the very first training, it is very important to form a correct understanding of this movement. If a beginner at once “catches” the wrong move, it will be very difficult to correct the mistake later.

     During performing the snatch and clean&jerk exercises, a common mistake for beginners is a relaxed (round) lower back in the moment of lifting the barbell from the platform. To avoid this, I recommend the following exercise. Snatch or clean begins from the hang position above knees. In this position, the athlete should arch his back, “open” the chest, relax arms, and only after that gradually descend to touch the barbell from the platform and perform the exercise. After the mechanics of movement becomes optimal, the final repetition in the set one can perform from the starting position from the platform with a pause in 3 seconds to work out this position. The weight of the barbell is selected individually in order to perform the exercise without undue stress.

    Training for beginners is a special and important stage when the foundations of movement and understanding of exercises are laid. It is important to go through this with patience and consciously. It is extremely important not to rush to work with heavy weights, pay enough attention to warming up and auxiliary exercises, improving joint mobility and ligament elasticity. Believe me, it will help to avoid discomfort, unnecessary microtrauma and strengthen the necessary joints and muscle groups. All this will allow you to enjoy training, progress faster and improve health!

    Also do not forget when starting a new training format, you need to remember both the training and sleep modes and also a balanced diet that is suitable for this type of load.

    Do not rush to become a professional. Being a TOP athlete is difficult and a big responsibility, as a professional has no right to make a mistake. His task is to show skill and a high result.


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