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   When I was a child and began training in my small and beloved gym in Zugres, Ukraine, I would look in admiration at the pictures of the great champions that hung on the walls.  My coach would tell inspiring stories about how our national team was training and it sounded surreal, almost like a fairy tale. In retrospect, however, once I was selected for the national team training camp, my own fairy tale blossomed into the dream I live today. Thanks to my childhood experience, I have always known that the best way to the pedestal is through the training camp of the national team.

    This appears to be the case historically as well. The strongest and most promising children from youth competitions are attracted to this centralized process. Highly skilled coaches scout for the most promising talent and the national team is then formed with the best.

    So why does everyone in my country dream of getting into a training camp?

    There are a number of benefits, all of which increase the long-run effectiveness of your athletic career:

  1. Ability to carry out a greater workload

    One day in a training camp consists of two or three training sessions. Though your daily volume is increased significantly, it is broken up throughout the day. This will allow you to work at a higher intensity because the body will have adequate time to recover.

  1. Regimen

    This word contains everything! Life is chaotic and sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day. Planning your day beforehand helps you stay on track for your daily goals and reduces the chance of missing a workout! At this camp, you will receive a training regimen consisting of optimal and balanced nutrition, sleep, massages, stretching and  recovery procedures that will lead to a much better performance.  

  1. Life

    When you arrive at the training camp, put your worries to rest and focus your mind on the one task at hand: weightlifting! These issues have already been resolved here and there are no similar problems - the whole focus is put on achieving results.

  1. Success = Sacrifice

    It’s friday and you’re tired from the long work week. You want to go out and drink with friends and stay out late to destress. Of course, nothing is stopping you from from going out, but this is where the line between greatness and mediocrity is drawn. The athletes who sacrifice the partying and stay on track with the plan designed by their coaching staff are the ones that get into the national team and are rewarded with the chance to stand on the pedestal.

  1. Environment

    Training camps become competitive hubs for the best athletes in the country to work towards becoming the best in the world! This environment will push the limit of what you thought was possible. This camp will disconnect you from the modern world and allow you to concentrate on training your body and spirit. It will help you find your inner-self and develop your personality, all with one goal ... to BECOME the BEST.

    The average age of athletes I meet at my seminars and who come to Ukraine to the Olympic training center are 25-34 years old, however I’ve had 18 and 60 year olds before, so don’t allow your age to deter you.

    I will be frank and honest with you. A two-week training camp will not make you a professional weightlifter. On the other hand, the experience and skills learned from this camp will equip any devoted athlete with the tools needed for success. You will have the opportunity to use top-notch athletic technology and to plunge into the very epicenter of the olympic athlete life. You will completely immerse yourself in the training process, see all the technical “schticks” and secrets of the sport and take adequate time to understand the technique of exercises. I will give my advice and set goals for you to achieve.

    Remember: I think, therefore I am!!! Let’s BECOME the BEST.

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