Onions do not only bring tears, but also huge benefits

Onions do not only bring tears, but also huge benefits

    In order to be healthy, nutrition must cover not only the energy needs of athletes, but also consist of products that support all the important human body functions. Onion is one of the most underestimated products. Read about its benefits in this article.

    It is just another constantly avoided product not only because of its specific smell and taste, but also because people certainly do not know about its valuable effects on the gastrointestinal tract microflora.

    Onions contain fiber in the form of various substances, including prebiotic, which is the substrate for valuable microflora reproduction. People with the gastrointestinal tract problems (irritable bowel syndrome) should be careful with this product due to their FOODMAP diet.

    Onions are rich in vitamin C, B6, folic acid (B9) and potassium. It is worth choosing red (or colored onions), as it contains more biologically active substances than white, which improves the cardiovascular system.

    Onions contain the same components as broccoli, which performs antimicrobic function. This means that athletes who consume onions will have their immune system in perfect order.

    The value of the product is preserved only when we know how to properly use and prepare it. The greatest loss of antioxidants during cooking occurs when frying and the smallest - during baking.

     If we talk about the beneficial properties of onions and why they should be included in the athletes’  diet, then of course the cardiovascular system health comes first.

    In addition, the active components presented in onions are responsible for: inhibiting the pathogenic microflora growth (pathogenic microflora), preventing type 2 diabetes, increasing bone density (this is important for athletes in the age category 40+), reducing the risk of developing oncology (stomach, breast, intestines, prostate), prevention of depression due to folic acid presence.

    In addition to useful properties, consumption of onions has certain risks:

    - individual sensitivity and intolerance (there are certain gastrointestinal tract symptoms - pyrosis, flatulence, discomfort);

    - you can shed a tear and even cry because of the presence of special substances, which are destroyed during the heat treatment.

    - people with irritable bowel syndrome can not adequately absorb certain types of carbohydrates and should approach the use of onions individually;

    - the smell you get after eating raw onions, can spoil not only your trainings with colleagues, but also a date.

     However, you can use certain life hacks to somehow introduce this product into your diet: add it to guacamole, scrambled eggs or other egg dishes, caramelize onions and use them to decorate salad or a side dish. Onions will go well with any meat / fish / offal dish or add a flavor to a vegetarian tofu dish. French cuisine uses onions as the main ingredient in making everyone's favorite soup. Onions are an excellent component of any sauce, filling for a pie or even a savory dessert.

    There are a million ways to fall in love with onions and get the most out of it, but most importantly, be careful with the dose (as with any other product).


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