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   Garlic is an undervalued nutritional component.

    A high range of products available nowadays makes us frequently miss important details. This applies to products that serve as additional components to a healthy diet. One of such is garlic. Read about the hidden benefits that can be found in this product below.

    Most athletes who stubbornly monitor diet and always want to have the highest quality shape and maintain their health focus on macronutrients - proteins, fats and carbohydrates completely lose sight of the beneficial properties of most spices and additives. One of such healthy examples is garlic. Of course, many people are afraid of its smell, but be prepared for the fact that this is the worst thing this product may offer. The benefits are much greater.

    So, why it is necessary to include garlic in the diet:

    First of all, garlic contains sulfur, phosphorus, zinc and potassium, selenium, vitamins A and C. All these components are key elements not only in the formation of the immune system, but also in the work of many glands and organs. Garlic contains substances that inhibit the action of many bacteria, thus presents an antimicrobial effect. Also, these components stimulate the cells of the immune system.

    Secondly, these important substances indirectly increase the glutathione production - an amino acid that is an antioxidant and protects our body from various external influences, including poor nutrition and ultrahigh loads. Thanks to these components, the body’s resistance to viruses grows up - and this is the most powerful prevention of acute respiratory diseases, and inflammatory substances are reduced in the body.

    Thirdly, the garlic active substances reduce pathogenic bacteria growth, including Candida growth, thus providing an antifungal effect. In many studies, improved oral microflora has been observed.

    But that´s not the only benefit of garlic. Its active ingredients are also active in the Helicobacter treatment and prevention, a bacterium that disrupts the gastric microflora and leads to gastritis, erosions and ulcers (gastritis, and stomach ulcers). Maintaining a healthy stomach microflora is an important part of adequate food absorption. The composition of garlic includes a component diallyl disulfide (diallyl disulfide), which in studies has shown a decrease in the development of oncological diseases, primarily breast cancer. Also, garlic has a general antiallergic effect, protects the skin from the negative effects of the sun and fights free radicals, thereby providing an anti-age effect.

    In regard to the proper functioning of fat metabolism, the components of garlic reduce total cholesterol and the fraction of "bad cholesterol", and also prevent obesity, affecting the number of adipose tissue cells.

    Considering the fact that the training process requires the proper liver functioning, mainly its detoxification function, garlic contains a substance that activates the detox process, as well as protects brain cells from destruction and improves cognitive skills.

    The benefits of garlic are colossal, but there are also things to be taken into consideration. Do not eat garlic on an empty stomach, as this can cause unpleasant gastrointestinal tract symptoms. Also, be careful in case you are hypersensitive to garlic, as allergic reactions may occur. But all these cases are very individual. Therefore, be sure to add this product to the diet, but moderately - the same way as with any other product.


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