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    Eating properly is very important during long trips, especially when certain habits in the diet have already been formed and you don’t want to just eat whatever is handy. If you have to travel by train or plane, most likely you will be offered a sandwich, hot dog or sweet pastry. In order to continue with healthy habits during the trip, you need to be prepared with a small snack from home or pre-purchased healthy snacks.

    So, let´s have a look at what you can take on a trip in order not to break your regimen and still satisfy your hunger:

1. Salad. 
    Salad is the best option. It can be prepared to be light or nourishing and satisfying. The base can be fresh lettuce, basil, arugula or spinach. Other constituent ingredients are limited only to your imagination: boiled beans, lentils, baked vegetables, mushrooms, cinnamon, couscous and other cereals. In order for the salad to turn into a full-fledged meal, you will have to add protein products that fill you up and maintain your body at proper levels. Add a handful of nuts or seeds to get the correct fats and not feel hungry for the rest of the trip.
    2. Toast.
    Toasted breads are loved by many athletes and considered a more versatile snack option. The main thing to consider with toast is the right choice of bread. The bread should be whole grain and, preferably, prepared without sugar and additional ingredients (baking powder, preservatives). There are lots of ways to prepare toast: with avocado and greens, with hummus and baked pepper, or with ricotta cheese, spinach and tomatoes. You can vary the toast by adding boiled meat, eggs, baked or slightly salted fish. You can sweeten the toast as well. For example, you can use ricotta cheese as a base and add berries or a banana, you can add natural peanut paste instead of cheese. Toast with peanuts and berries is not only delicious, but also incredibly satisfying and healthy.  
    3. The right protein bars.
    A protein bar is a great option for a quick snack. When choosing a bar, you should pay attention to its composition. The more clear the list of ingredients is for you, the more natural the product is. Bars based on whole grain cereals, chia seeds, flax, pumpkins and nuts will quickly help to satisfy hunger and give strength. Ideally, a bar should be made without sugar and honey. The best sweeteners are dried berries and fruits. Just because something is called a protein bar is still not a guarantee of quality, therefore I recommend reading the composition in any case. The bars are pretty much convenient and can be put in a backpack and eaten any time during a long trip.

    4. Healthy chips and bread.

    Recently, there have been more and more interesting products emerging aimed at a healthy lifestyle. As a proper snack, you can also consider healthy vegetable chips, fruits cooked without heat treatment and without the addition of oils and sweeteners. Breads based on flax seeds and whole grains can also be a good snack. The main thing is to carefully study the composition on the packaging and choose natural, quality products.

    When going on a trip, think about whether it will be possible for you to get healthy food on the way. If not, you need to prepare in advance so you won’t go hungry or break your regimen by consuming junk food.


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