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    Many people know about the benefits of weightlifting. Many articles have been written about this, every coach who will invite you to his training sessions will tell you about it and those athletes who have already achieved certain results will share.

     But what are coaches and athletes silent about? What difficulties do you face when you become strong, explosive, and huge as a rock? In this article, we have collected the main complaints of athletes who regularly do weightlifting to feel sorry for their hard work and warn you against these difficulties.

    Disadvantages and difficulties in weightlifter's life:

  1. Your relatives ask where the food disappears from the house.
  2. You scare your relatives when you meet them late at night in the kitchen.
  3. One month after starting the training program, they won't know who you are! 
  4. Every police officer wants to check your documents.
  5. You are constantly being detained for forging documents, since the age of 17 is indicated in your passport, and you don't look like a guy in the photo.
  6. Girls, passing by, begin to giggle crazy.
  7. On the beach, the rest of the men are hidden in the sand.
  8. You suddenly identify that all unfamiliar people want to shake your hand in public.
  9. Your shoulders and chest are very sore, as you constantly hit against the door frames.
  10. You have to move very carefully - it is very scary to step over someone.
  11. Any false move will break the clothes.
  12. When you try on a shirt in a store, all the people around are silent.
  13. The doctor constantly suspects you have tumors in your thighs.
  14. You regularly think that you can lift the house and from time to time you try to do it.
  15. Everyone thinks that your head is too small.
  16. You always want to lift even more.
  17. The gravitational field created by your massive body attracts an incredible number of females.

     This list is not guaranteed to be complete, so be careful and think three times if you want to start weightlifting. But if you decide to devote yourself to this sport, then read this list again, smile and start training!


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