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    A technique is an ideal system of movements, of varying complexity, that while respecting the laws of economy and rationality, result in the athlete channelling all his physical qualities onto a bar.

    It is a considerably difficult and complex task to develop a high level technique as it depends to a great extent on numerous factors such as:

  • coordination;
  • sensory skills;
  • joint mobility and flexibility;
  • proportion of bone levers;
  • development of force and speed.

    It is possible to develop a rational technique, proportional to our ability to apply greater force and speed when performing the movement.

    When analysing and understanding a technique we must take into consideration kinematic components such as speed, time, acceleration and joint angles and on the other, dynamic components such as force and barbell flexibility. We can therefore conclude that a sports technique can only be defined as such, if all the above physical qualities are developed in a harmonious and subjective manner, especially if this technique is associated with lifting heavy loads.

    The basic requirements that characterise the effectiveness of a technique can be summed up as follows:

  • balance skills: static and dynamic;
  • differentiation skills: the differentiation of force impulses of suitable intensity developed over time. This determines the structure of the athletic movement, conferring a sequence of effective and economic move;
  • fluidity of movement: the perfect coordination of the distinct phases the move incorporates, optimising the mechanics of the development. Correct trajectory: performance of the move in the most rational form possible.

    The ideal technique is not subject to the evolution of a sport, although it remains dependant on applications combined with the subjective characteristics dictated by the varying characteristics of the individual athletes, not least, gender.

    In weightlifting, the performance technique is apparently quite consolidated and does not seem to have undergone substantial changes in recent years. An individual technique, which is generally limited for a series of anatomical reasons, requires the combination of as many possible elements from the theoretical model so as to create the most rational move possible for the characteristics of the subject in question.

    From the book “Weightlifting. Sport for all sports”, Antonio Urso

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