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    One of the most important habits that my coach Valeriy Nikulin raised in me is the self-discipline and the most important thing is that he did not impose it, but he showed it to me by his own example. After the competitions, we always gathered for a “debriefing” to analyze what we managed to do during the preparation and what results we achieved at the competitions. In those days, it seemed to me quite a boring and even useless procedure. Only years after I understood the wisdom of his advice.

    The first question he always asked me was: “What is your plan?” So at 17 I learned that there always should be a plan )) At first we pronounced it verbally, and then he asked to write it down or draw it on paper. He taught me to dream but by setting goals and objectives. After all, without action, our dreams remain just dreams.

    At one of the meetings, the coach told me: "We often overestimate what we can do in a year, but at the same time underestimate what we can do in ten years". I'm not sure that I correctly understood this phrase at that stage of my young age, but 10 later everything became clear to me.

    In my seminars, I often say that 90% of my competitions were unsuccessful. But after a while, I saw that every failure and work on mistakes brought me to a new level. Even if EVERYTHING went wrong, try not to concentrate on the unfortunate result, but on what conclusions and lessons can be drawn from what happened. After all, we often “bury ourselves” in criticism of what we didn’t achieve, instead of analyzing the results of what has been done.

    Summing up the past year, it is important not to rely on someone else's judgment, but to honestly answer yourself: How it was personally for you, and what you need to work on in the next year so in 10 years you can say to yourself: “I did it!”

    I want to thank everyone that we have spent this year together! Thanks for the words of support, it gives even more strength and desire to make weightlifting accessible and understandable.

   I wish you all to stay healthy and strong! Happy New Year!



  • Trevor

    Am following the Deadlift Cycle program down here in Australia at the moment, and even at Week 3 experiencing excellent improvements. I get a lot of benefit from all the information you put out and your personal adventures as well. Keep up the good work. Inspirational!

  • Michael Larkings

    Thanks mate, you are a very smart individual, and true Olympian. I have a BsC in Coaching science, and what this means is I can tell what great quality information looks like, and you provide it! Through your videos I am learning how to be a Champion. Congrats on your achievements so far, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s results in 2019 💪

  • Kirk N Bloodsworth

    At 58 I’m still learning and yes dreams do come true you videos are something I watch alot of you sir are a champ! Thanks for your work and all you do. ☮️

  • Tim

    I really like your videos. They have helped my technique tremendously.

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