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Jumping on the box is a “must” for all weightlifters of all levels. In weightlifting, all jumping work during the training process is traditionally performed after the main load, i.e., at the end of the training session. Exception:“novice” weightlifters can also perform jumps after warm-up in order to activate the leg muscles. It is highly important to remember that like in all exercises, it is not the number of reps that`s important, but the qualityof performing every single rep. The correct jump is a full extension of the thigh and a proper depreciation landing.

To develop the power of the jump, the height of the box is not so important – the mechanics itself is thething which is actually important, since the ability to jump to a height above the chest level is mostly determined by the hip mobility. For weightlifters, it is most effective to start the jump from the half-squat and fromthe full squat, and jump on the box on almost straight legs. In this case, the entire set should be performed without stops to increase the intensity of the muscles in the dynamic mode. For beginners, whose technique is notso stable yet, and ligaments need strengthening: you can step down from the box after each jump.

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