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Muscle SNATCH + Overhead SQUAT

It’s a power variation of the SNATCH. Performed without a jump and without a distinctive power position. A slight detachment of the heels from the platform is allowed. The main task in this exercise is the development of the powercomponent of the movement. So, basically it is usually planned in the preparation period. Correct performance implies a long powerful pull at the end of which arms are involved in the power work actively, while an importanttechnical detail is the holding of the barbell as close to the body as possible with the help of power.

After reaching the maximum point of the trunk extension, athlete should continue interaction with the barbell, but at thesame time drop under the barbell as quickly as possible to go into the low squat. Exercises can also be of a technical nature for testing of the “”athlete-barbell”” interaction during the final acceleration, work on the positionin the squat and balance training.

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