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CLEAN from blocks + Front SQUAT

CLEAN from the blocks is one of the best exercises for the simultaneous development of technical elements of the power position-drop under the barbell. The recommended height of the blocks is a barbell below the knees. When thebarbell is placed above the knee level, there is a risk of pulling and slipping through the power position. In this case, this exercise can even ruin the technique. Since the athlete has to work on the shortened amplitude ofthe movement, it is important to apply much more starting force and develop more power during the speed up and after that immediately move swiftly under the barbell and rotate elbows. A mistake that occurs often enough – athletesdo not get up from the squat, but drop the barbell immediately on the blocks after taking it.

As we know, for an effective CLEAN&JERK, it is necessary to form a stereotype of movement in CLEAN, i.e., in the athlete’s mindthe movement should begin in the starting position, and end already in the standing position. To work on the angles and improve the workability, after a short explosive CLEAN, FRONT SQUATs will be perfect to work all the musclesin a more power mode on a long range of motion. This speed-power complex is most effective to be planned at the beginning or middle of the preparation period.

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