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9 Best Weight Plates in 2024

Whether you’re looking to master Olympic lifts or maximize 1RM deadlifts, weight plates are one of the most important, dynamic, yet overlooked home gym equipment. A barbell is given more thought when purchasing free weights. But wheels at the ends coordinate the lifting experience in real time.

We have rounded up the best weight plates up for grabs, fitting all budgets and training modalities.

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Our panel of experts and professional athletes has evaluated 25 weight plates to bring you 9 top choices that blend functionality and quality. They assessed the plates on 5 key factors, with the team spending over 400 hours testing them.

In addition to their rigorous testing, they’ve also reviewed hundreds of online user reviews. This list is always evolving, so don’t hesitate to leave feedback, share your experiences, and engage with us!

9 Best Weight Plates in 2024

Top 9 Best Weight Plates Reviewed 

  1. Titan Urethane – Top Pick
  2. Rogue Echo V2 – Runner-Up
  3. Balance From Iron – Budget Pick
  4. Eleiko IWF Training – Premium Pick
  5. REP Old School
  6. CAP Olympic Grip
  7. Yes4All 1-in Cast Iron
  8. Sporzon! Cast Iron
  9. Pinroyal Bumpers
ProductTotalMaterial QualityDurabilityEase of UseVersatilityAffordability
Titan Bumper Plates49.510109.51010
Rogue Bumper Plates V248.59.5109.5109.5
BALANCE FROM Weight Plates479910910
Eleiko Weightlifting Plates479.5109.5108
REP Fitness Iron Plates468.59.59910
CAP Grip Plates458.58108.510
Yes4All Grip Plates448.599.589
Sporzon! Weight Plates43.58.581089
Pinroyal Bumper Plates4389899

1. TITAN FITNESS Urethane Bumper Plates – Top Pick

Weightlifting accessories are costly. But Titan is making them more accessible for at-home fitness enthusiasts. And they’ve outdone themselves with these good-looking Olympic weight plates.

TITAN FITNESS Urethane Bumper Plates
  • Plate Type: Bumper
  • Material: Urethane, Rubber, Steel
  • Width: 2″ (51 mm)
  • Diameter: 17.7″ (450 mm)
  • Collar Opening: 2” (50.6 mm) Olympic Barbell
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 45 lb
  • Weight Tolerance: 1%

These sleek and stylish bumper plates are top quality equipment. The rubber casing of chromed steel insert is urethane molded around the center hub. It rules out excessive bounce and damage.

They have a vibrant blue color and striking weight ID. You can buy an entire set of 25-55 lbs in four increments. They all share the same dimensions with distinct coloring. A smaller and thinner 10 lb weight plate accompanies it. Sets are also available in kg values.

The weight measurement only allows a 1% deviation, which is a top-notch. Also the durometer rating of 90 ensures minimum bounciness. Urethane bumpers make a thud. Still, it’s a convenient respite from smelly rubber and noisy iron, not to factor in the long-lasting performance.

Titan has intelligently fused a rubber ring around the steel hub. Otherwise, a barbell loaded with multiple plates generates metal-on-metal contact when smashing PRs left and right.

There are no handles like in old-school lifting plates. But the outer edge showcases a raised, rounded lip. You can slide your fingers underneath for easy pick-ups. There is a bit of texture as well.

All in all, these are the best weight plates for home gym or commercial use – the only one you need for a variety of exercises. They’re slimmer than average bumper plates. So, you can log in a hundred pounds, launch the heaviest lift, and leave it overhead.

Titan always gives a bang for the buck. But the quality is also extraordinary this time. Still, you’ll miss these stellar vibes from packaging and FedEx shipping.


The rubber casing of chromed steel insert from Titan Fitness is urethane molded around the center hub. It rules out excessive bounce and damage.

Material Quality:0
Ease of Use:0


  • Super-strong steel inserts
  • Dead-blow drops
  • IWF-standard
  • Available in pairs and set
  • Decent pricing

Could be better:

  • Only 1-year warranty

2. ROGUE Echo Bumper Plates V2 – Runner-Up

Owning classic black-and-white bumper plates with the brand value of Rogue is every fitness athlete's dream. Thankfully, Echo is offering it all in a competitive price range.

Rogue Echo Bumper Plate
  • Plate Type: Bumper
  • Material: Virgin Rubber, Stainless steel
  • Width: 0.8-2.4" (21-61 mm)
  • Diameter: 17.7" (450 mm)
  • Collar Opening: 2" (50.6 mm) Olympic Barbells
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 10, 15, 25, 35, 45 lbs
  • Weight Tolerance: 1%

Rogue produces these bumpers with stainless-steel discs and virgin rubber coating. This selection of material has made a higher durometer rating possible. You'll enjoy near-death bounce with ultimate safety for gears and the floor.

Most rubber weight plates are thick, sitting wide on sleeves. Rogue Echo is an exception. Its 10lb variant starts from the average 0.8” thickness. But as you scroll up, they swell to just 2.4”. However, thicker plates absorb shocks more effectively, resisting damage and deformation.

ROGUE Echo Bumper Plates V2 Instagram
Photo by _karenlucia

Pro athletes will appreciate the ample loading space and a bulky lift. But they wouldn’t like a max set of 260#, followed by two smaller ones. If you want to join the 500lb club, you’ll have to add two sets or a few individual discs. Either way, buying a bigger competition-grade set makes more sense.

Bars fit snugly in standard 1.9” co-molded collar openings. All five pieces in this barbell plate set are of uniform 17.7” width. They are matte black with a smooth but grippy surface. You’ll know which plate to grab due to the visible lettering. Although a color-coded Echo line is separately sold, the black-and-white contrast is impressive on another level.

Rogue offers plenty of discounts. And no one knows shipping better. All plates are carefully padded, packed, and delivered. Make sure to track orders using the UPS website. There is assuring 3-year warranty on 25s, 35s, and 45s.

If you’re into fitness, Olympic-style lifts, traditional powerlifting, or even functional training – Rogue Echo V2 is for you.


Most rubber weight plates are thick, sitting wide on sleeves. Rogue Echo is an exception. Its 10lb variant starts from the average 0.8” thickness.

Material Quality:0
Ease of Use:0


  • Three different sets
  • Quieter operation
  • Tremendous value for money
  • Shore durometer rating of 88
  • Approved for Army Combat Fitness Test

Could be better:

  • Only black color scheme

3. BALANCE FROM Cast Iron Weight Plates – Budget Pick

Cast iron weights never go out of fashion. They hark back to the genesis of powerlifting. Balance From sells such ultra-durable specimens in various sizes and styles at a great value.

BALANCE FROM Cast Iron Weight Plates
  • Plate Type: Iron Plates
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Width: 0.55-1.4" (14-35 mm)
  • Diameter: 7.5-17.7" (190-450 mm)
  • Collar Opening: 2" (52 mm) Olympic Barbells
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, 45 lbs
  • Weight Tolerance: 3%

These cheap weight plates from Balance From are perfect to excel at your strongman or power lifts. They sit close to each other, enabling you to move massive weights. Available in a wide range, they differ in diameter. Each one singles out from the stack. And values are painted in both pounds and kilograms.

You can literally perform any exercise as long as you don't drop the bar. Whether they break or not, drops give a huge blow to the surrounding equipment and space. You may not mind those bangs after gains, but neighbors surely will!

For this reason, many refrain from it when doing Olympic lifts or even deadlifts. You can throw 2.5- and 5-pounders with 450 mm bumpers at both corners, so they don’t touch the floor.

The center spacing is quite clean in these plates. Bars made to fit 2” holes will easily slide in and out. The iron is prone to corrosion despite the enamel finish. You better keep it in a shaded and dry area. Although rust doesn’t lessen the weight per se, it hurts the grip and looks.

You can order them with/without handles. There are weights with large openings and enclosed strips. You can move them around easily. The good thing is they all are round. Hex-shaped plates often roll back to hit you on the shins.

If we are talking about sets, there are three smaller and three bigger ones. 210#, 245#, and 280# pack pairs of heavy discs. Go with 35#, 70#, or 85# if you’re a beginner. You can also use them with dumbbell handles. All are an inexpensive and worthwhile boost to your fitness fetish.


These cheap weight plates from Balance From are perfect to excel at your strongman or power lifts. They sit close to each other, enabling you to move massive weights.

Material Quality:0
Ease of Use:0


  • Seven different styles
  • Large cut-outs for easy handling
  • 2.5lb change plates
  • Budget-friendly
  • Baked enamel finish

Could be better:

  • Sold in sets only
  • Impossible to safely drop the weights

4. ELEIKO IWF Weightlifting Training Plates – Premium Pick

The name "Eleiko" on a product guarantees its quality and longevity. The same is true for these aesthetic training bumpers, certified by IWF and relied upon by thousands of athletes worldwide.

ELEIKO IWF Weightlifting Training Plates
  • Plate Type: Bumper
  • Material: Virgin Rubber
  • Width: 1.4-2.3" (35-58 mm)
  • Diameter: 17.7" (450 mm)
  • Collar Opening: 2" (50.4 mm) Olympic Barbells
  • Color: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red
  • Weight: 25, 35, 45, 55 lbs
  • Weight Tolerance: 0.5%

Eleiko was the first to innovate rubber weight plates. They wrapped empty cycle tires on their metal wheels. And the rest is history. Many manufacturers have followed suit, but none has mastered the art better than the original Swedish brand.

These training plates are identical to competition-approved counterparts. The only difference is they allow up to 200g of weight deviation. It’s still a remarkable precision.

They use zinc-plated steel discs instead of hard-chromed ones. So, the hub doesn’t catch fingerprints. You’ll notice two pieces clipped strongly with five screws. The hub’s interior is machined to hug the barbell snugly. It’s not the case with lighter gym weight plates due to a weak impact.

ELEIKO IWF Weightlifting Training Plates Instagram
Photo by d.siriu

Not to say that minimized wiggle room complicates unloading the plates. Less rattle during the drop translates into a long life. Moreover, you can quickly get to the next reps without having to adjust the plates after every lift.

To say the least, durability is unmatched! Steel inserts and SBR rubber are patented for exclusive use. Eleiko has drop-tested these plates 100,000 times. A 10-year warranty comes at a cost. However, you must utilize a 30 mm-thick rubber platform to file a claim.

These plates boast a redesigned, slim profile. The 45 lb weights are 58 mm thick, outrunning Rogue Echo. High and beveled flanges are almost similar. Officially, there is no durometer rating. But we expect it to be around 90, given the low rebound experienced.

The coloration is in line with IWF recommendations. Kg and Lb variants are sold separately. Furthermore, Eleiko doesn’t bundle these best weight plates as a set. You’ll be spending about $2000 for a great workout collection.


Eleiko has drop-tested these plates 100,000 times. A 10-year warranty comes at a cost.

Material Quality:0
Ease of Use:0


  • IWF-certified
  • Minimum weight tolerance
  • Safe-grip lip for handling
  • 10-year industry-leading warranty
  • Long-lasting, multipurpose plates

Could be better:

  • Pricey

5. REP FITNESS Old School Iron Plates

The classical charm of one-sided weight plates with a deep lip and raw finish is still a fine pick for anyone looking to outfit their powerlifting gym from scratch.

REP FITNESS Old School Iron Plates
  • Plate Type: Iron Plates
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Width: 0.5-1.4" (12.5-35 mm)
  • Diameter: 6.3-17.7" (160-450 mm)
  • Collar Opening: 2" (52 mm) Olympic Barbells
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, 45 lbs
  • Weight Tolerance: 3%

REP FITNESS cast iron plates feature a matte finish and silver lettering. They resemble Rogue Deep Dishes. One side of such old-school plates is completely plain. The other end displays weight IDs and a deeper lip. You can even do halos or farmer’s carry due to the extra room.

They’re slightly more expensive than Balance Form. But you can buy individual pairs. Furthermore, REP’s free shipping will save you big time! In addition, mammoth weight plate sets are also available. Customize them for 175#, 245#, 265#, 335#, 365#, or 425#.

This categorization is helpful for newcomers as well as accomplished lifters.

You’ll also receive a one-year brand warranty.

Regular iron plates aren’t calibrated for an accurate weight rating. This can cause problems when going heavy. Imagine fitting multiple 41s on one side and 48s on the other. The bar will be out of balance as soon as it is removed from the rack.

Thanks to the stated 3% weight tolerance, 45lb old-school plates should remain between 44-46lb. REP doesn't manufacture these items, but rather sources them from abroad. There can be serious discrepancies. Noted, all their products have received four/five-star reviews thus far. Too good to be true?

What is more, the finishing needs to get better. You’ll see sharp edges around the lip and center hole. In some situations, they can lead to injuries. Also, there needs to be a version with handles. Perhaps, these improvements are purposefully saved for the higher-end, urethane-coated Equalizer.

Balance Form is an ideal budget choice. However, these cheap weight plates will also do if you want to buy individual pairs, not necessarily a set.


Regular iron plates from REP aren’t calibrated for an accurate weight rating.

Material Quality:0
Ease of Use:0


  • Sold in sets and pairs
  • Corrosion-resistant matte finish
  • A one-sided deep lip
  • Vintage design
  • Reasonable cost

Could be better:

  • No cut-outs

6. CAP BARBELL Olympic Grip Plates

Tri-grip plates by CAP Barbell check off all the boxes of functionality, portability, and value for your money. No surprises are waiting to unfold!

CAP BARBELL Olympic Grip Plates
  • Plate Type: Iron Plates
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Width: 0.5-1.4" (12.5-35 mm)
  • Diameter: 6.3-17.7" (160-450 mm)
  • Collar Opening: 2" (52 mm) Olympic Barbells
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, 45 lbs
  • Weight Tolerance: 5%

The best thing about Olympic-grip plates is that they get the job done. Based on the expectations, you can rate the same product five-star or your worst ever. They're heavy, drilled in the center, and ready to pump up your muscles. All this at a reasonable price!

More or less, this has always been the philosophy of CAP Barbell.

The deep enamel coating withstands elements. Its semi-gloss finish enhances the aesthetics of your home gym, too. If you take good care of this weight plate set, it'll last a long time before yielding to rust.

CAP’s offering stands out thanks to the three-hand grip. It almost appears and moves like a steering wheel. You can transport them with zero difficulties. If you nail your plates on a power cage, these openings will hasten the loading process.

On the other hand, large gaps hurt weight distribution and durability aspects. Promise not to toss them around, and they'll stay with you as long as the next brand.

There is a major drawback you must know beforehand. The plates won't be precisely machined to stay true to specs. The height and weight can take a significantly bad detour.

For example, the plate wobbles when the center spacing is extra large. The bar only sits straight when there is a minimal size difference among weights. It is an inherent problem with these plates. The top edges aren't flat. They have a radius. So, make sure to tighten the collars on both ends.

Iron discs don't usually come with an encouraging warranty. However, CAP enables a 30-day return and replacement window. Another crucial detail: these Olympic weight plates leave soft, tiny metal shards. Avoid leaning up against the sleeves of the bar.


CAP’s offering stands out thanks to the three-hand grip. It almost appears and moves like a steering wheel.

Material Quality:0
Ease of Use:0


  • Convenient tri-grip design
  • Thick enamel finish
  • Set and pairs available
  • A low-cost, heavy-duty option
  • Universally compatible 2” center hole

Could be better:

  • Weight not denoted in kilos
  • Low weight tolerance

7. YES4ALL Standard 1-inch Weight Plates

Lacking enough space and budget is a deadly combination for aspiring weightlifters. But these thin cast iron dumbbell plates say Yes For All.

YES4ALL Standard 1-inch Weight Plates
  • Plate Type: Traditional
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Width: 0.74" (19 mm)
  • Diameter: 7" (180 mm)
  • Collar Opening: 1" (28 mm) Standard Barbells
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Weight Tolerance: 3%

Yes4All is geared toward beginners. Its equipment strikes a balance between cost-efficiency and quality. Similarly, these gym weight plates can go with standard dumbbell handles and straight/curl barbells. Such bars would follow a constant 25-28 mm thickness. In contrast, Oly bars possess rotating 50 mm sleeves to assist your heavy cleans and snatches.

These plates won’t prepare you for a weightlifting or powerlifting competition. They’re perfect if you don't want to break anyone’s records but yours.

The 7.5lb weight is a great option to stock. Most sets give you 2.5s and a bunch of 5s. But a single plate occupies less space, especially when it's less than an inch thick. You can gradually progress with your strength training routine – lifting 12.5, 17.5, or 22.5 lbs before rounding up to the final goal.

In the same design, you can have a 15lb plate. Only part of the suppliers pack it. It’s a huge space-saver compared to a couple of 10/5lbs. The entire range is full of such rare finds.

If you get a loadable dumbbell, you will be able to fit in these weights. They’re slim and short. You can easily perform rows, curls, and extensions.

The same outlet sells cast iron adjustable dumbbells. They’re much cheaper than Bowflex SelectTech and PowerBlock models. Maximum weights are 10 pounds. You can jack them up with these plates. A connector can also transform those dumbbells into a barbell.

The semi-gloss black paint is a responsible protector. It has a hammered texture. It doesn’t leave any odor or residue, but chips away over time. These are fairly small. And the compressed center won’t make you feel the need for handles.

Check out all the edges, lettering, and center spacing. You may have to sand them down.


If you get a loadable dumbbell, you will be able to fit in these weights. They’re slim and short. You can easily perform rows, curls, and extensions.

Material Quality:0
Ease of Use:0


  • 7.5lb space-efficient weights
  • Durable black paint coating
  • Solid cast iron
  • Good for dumbbells
  • 5-year amazing warranty

Could be better:

  • Not compatible with Oly bars

8. SPORZON! Cast Iron Weight Plates

Weight plates, cast and coated for year-round performance in any season, will go with existing equipment. Sweat it out in the garage – the muscles' ultimate charge.

SPORZON! Cast Iron Weight Plates
  • Plate Type: Iron Plates
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Width: 0.6-1.5" (15-39 mm)
  • Diameter: 6.5-15.7" (165-400 mm)
  • Collar Opening: 1" (28 mm) Standard Barbells, 2" (52 mm) Olympic Barbells
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, 45 lbs
  • Weight Tolerance: 3%

This weight plate set is crafted with a rigid enamel gray paint. It protects the metal core from corrosion and oxidation to a large extent. It also reduces loud noises. However, slight drags end up scuffing the floor.

Thankfully, three large cut-outs let you handle these plates with relative ease. They’re further lined for a firm grip. The weight is largely concentrated in the central blades. Thus, the outer ring is susceptible to cracks. The bottom line is to avoid dropping them down.

Bigger weights don’t have that problem. But 10lbs and smaller ones have a high ratio of vacant spaces. It beefs up the overall size. You wouldn’t like to use them with dumbbells.

What still makes them versatile?

The inner ring is available in 1" and 2" hole diameters. There are no sets or pairs. You're free to match and mix according to your specific needs and current equipment. Keep adding plates piece by piece. A full weight range makes it possible.

More often than not, you'll have weights falling under the typical 3% tolerance. Both kilogram and pound values are given.

Jagged edges shouldn’t surprise you. 1” plates sit too tight on the bar. File down the center spacing. And you’ll be good to go!

Sporzon Olympic weight plates are a decent choice for anyone seeking cast iron plates to be used at home. You’ll find a vast range of weights for both standard and Oly bars. Although shipping is free, deliveries sometimes take a month. They constantly run discounts on Amazon.


SPORZONE weight plate set is crafted with a rigid enamel gray paint. It protects the metal core from corrosion and oxidation to a large extent. It also reduces loud noises.

Material Quality:0
Ease of Use:0


  • Vast weight selection
  • 1” or 2” collar openings
  • Easy to handle
  • Sound-dampening thick coating

Could be better:

  • Sold individually
  • Bigger than average

9. PINROYAL Bumper Plates

Fairly affordable, environment friendly, and a worthy candidate for the best Olympic plates – Pinroyal bumpers will stand the test of time and gym abuse.

PINROYAL Bumper Plates
  • Plate Type: Bumpers
  • Material: Rubber, Cast iron
  • Width: 1-3.3" (25-85 mm)
  • Diameter: 17.7" (450 mm)
  • Collar Opening: 2" (51 mm) Olympic Barbells
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 10, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55 lbs
  • Weight Tolerance: 2%

Pinroyal bumpers are made of recycled rubber. It's dense and shock-absorbing, not as vulcanized as virgin rubber, but reasonably functional and cheaper. Moreover, it's good for the environment. Many gym owners care about that.

The seller doesn’t state any durometer rating or weight tolerance. These specs must linger below the market average. It’s a crumb bumper. A slightly rough appearance, uneven surfaces, and a high bounce are expected! You won’t be entering competitive events with training plates anyway.

Furthermore, 2” stainless-steel discs sit under the coating. A co-molded hub peeps out. They won’t crack or break, no matter how hard you push on your bear complexes. One benefit of extra bounce is that less impact is eventually transferred to the plates. Also it tends to make less noise when dropped.

The repurposed rubber is treated to avoid splits while in inventory. You may find it greasy right out of the box. Clean it with a damp cloth if it bothers you.

Although these bumpers are low-grade, craftsmanship has not faded into the background. There is a satisfaction guarantee. You can claim a refund in the first two months. Also you won't have to wait for weeks due to the fast Prime shipping.

This steel weight set gives you all major increments between 10-55 lbs. A small deviation in weight rating is allowed. They're not thin. 45lb plates of Titan Urethane are 51 mm wide. For Rogue Echo, the measuring tape extends to 61 mm apiece. However, the good ol' Pinroyals are 84 mm. The cumulative thickness of all six plates is over 16.25", the standard sleeve length.


Although Pinroyal bumpers are low-grade, craftsmanship has not faded into the background.

Material Quality:0
Ease of Use:0


  • All-black, high-density rubber
  • Fights off wear and tear
  • Makes less noise
  • Up to 55 lb weight selection

Could be better:

  • Low weight and size accuracy
  • Not available as a set


The latest reviews of must-have home gym training equipment, apparel, and supplements that will enhance your performance and bring you new results.

Types of Weight Plates

Gym weight plates have as many types as many manufacturers. But we can broadly categorize them according to their shapes, sizes, and uses.

1. Standard-Sized Plates

You’ll find a massive quantity in garage sales and online platforms. They’re made to fit old-fashioned bars with a 1" diameter. Yes4All plates offer an excellent weight selection in this category.  

2. Olympic Plates

Despite the name, they’re not specifically Olympic barbell plates. From powerlifters and strongman contestants to fitness athletes, the majority of sports training facilities use plates with over 50 mm of collar opening.

Weight Plates workout

3. Competition Plates

The specs are sanctioned by IWF and IPF, including the colors of the plates. They have tight tolerances, staying below 1% of the listed weight. They’re very hardy and costly. If you’re on a budget, search elsewhere for the best weight plates for a home gym.  

4. Technique Plates

Freshers to lifting can get their hands on technique plates and refine their cleans, jerks, and snatches. They have the same 450 mm diameter for 5lb and 10lb variants. Lifters can lift heavier weights, thus improving the technique.

5. Metal Plates

You’ll find metal plates in cast iron or steel. They are dark-toned with light-colored weight IDs and raised lips. Some are even machine-calibrated to stay true to the stated weight. You'll find these in both standard and Olympic sizes. Titan, Rogue, REP, and all major companies produce them.

6. Rubber-Coated Plates

Bumper plates are rubber-coated to absorb shocks. You can drop them overhead. They also make little noise. Companies use recycled or high-quality virgin rubber. Some are even urethane-molded, like Titan Fitness Bumpers, to outlast your lifting career. 

7. Specialty Plates

Group fitness classes and large commercial gyms stack up on a few specialty plates. They serve a limited purpose. For example, wagon wheels are thin and large, reducing the range of motion. They assist in block and partial deadlifts.

8. Change or Fractional Plates

They are smaller than your typical barbell plates. They enable micro-loading. With weight increments of 1-10lbs, you can gradually lift heavier sets. A few 5s and 7.5s will come in handy when doing overhead presses or heavy exercises.     

9. Grip Plates

Round plates with triangular cut-outs leave blank spots for picking them up or sliding them on/off the barbell. A strong grip gives a chance to do more resistance exercises, such as Russian twists. BalanceFrom cast iron grip plates are a cost-efficient option for 2” barbells. 

10. 12-Sided Plates

Instead of a round shape, some cast iron plates have flat edges. Although 12-sided is the right term, many people go with hex plates. They don't roll away. However, you have to reset them before successive reps. They're not ideal for moves that start from the ground, such as deadlifts.

Traditional vs. Bumper Plates: What are the Differences?

Step into a fitness gym or just watch Olympic weightlifting, and you'll see a lot of different plates.. They're your trendy bumper plates. In contrast, stand the regular iron weights. They have been there for ages, and no one can say that they are any worse..

So, which ones to buy? Decide Yourself!

1. Coating

Cast iron plates are rarely lined with rubber. Nowadays, you’ll find corrosion-resistant enamel paint. It adds to the finish and durability. But rust is inevitable. Also you can’t drop metal pieces.

Bumper plates are plentifully encased in rubber or urethane. Their metal core is strong. And Olympic-style weightlifting is impossible without them. Bumpers also thicker than traditional plates. Therefore, you might’ve seen powerlifters constantly breaking iron.

2. Circumference

All bumper plates have the same circular shape and a 17.7” diameter, save the smaller weights. On the other hand, traditional gym weight plates don't have any standard specifications. They’re generally round. But you might also stumble upon irregular shapes with eight or twelve sides.

The diameter of iron plates keeps increasing with the weight. If the 10lb plate is 250 mm. 45lb would eventually touch 450 mm standard diameter.

3. Coloration

Iron pieces are either black or gray. Several lettering and weight values may be painted in contrast. Traditional designs have witnessed a lot of experimentation in recent times. For instance, multicolor rubber coatings are a norm.

But if you’re looking for colorful weight plates, opt for bumpers. They usually conform to the below IWF standards, such as Eleiko Training Bumper Plates.

ColorKilogram (kg)Pound (lb)

Since sizes are identical, color coding allows quick recognition. The international organization regulates weight in only kilos. The fitness equivalent poundage is mentioned against each color. All major weight training plates are available in both metrics.

4. Cost

Budget is a great determining factor, especially when young athletes step into weightlifting. Traditional plates can help you get started in your career. You can shop from Eleiko or BalanceFrom. The choice is yours!

However, the "buy nice or buy twice" rule applies here.

What to Look for in Weight Plates?

1. Mode of Training

The best weight plate is the one that suits your lifting style the best. Bumpers are made for you if you're into Olympic-style or fitness lifting. It's as simple as that! Powerlifters and bodybuilders can choose traditional iron weights and save hundreds of dollars per set.

Types of Weight Plates

2. Materials & Durability

Our product selection holds durability and material quality to high standards, as none has performed below 80% on our 10-point scale. Go with any cast iron plate. They'll stay intact if you don't regularly slam them on floors. In case you can't resist dropping bars, plenty of competent bumpers are there to withstand.

3. Handles

Handles are a distinctive feature of iron weights. 35s and 45s are very cumbersome. And maneuvering them isn’t easy. If you constantly change weights (as in a circuit workout) this can lead to hassle. Plates, having engineered handholds, make this process easier.

4. Weight Tolerance

Bumper plates remain closest to the weight rating. However, non-calibrated metal plates may go off by as much as 10%. Prefer products with stated weight tolerances. And do not forget to check with user reviews.

3-5% is alright if you’re not weight training for competitions.

5. Value for Money

Go for mid-grade products, as offered by Rogue and Titan. You’ll maximize value without sacrificing quality. Consider overall experience when judging the price tag. Shipping, packaging, brand recognition, and warranties are characteristics to look out for.


Are 100-Pound Plates Worth It?

You don’t need a single 100lb plate to strength train. These aren’t grip plates, and lugging them on/off the bar is challenging. Instead, a couple of 45s or 55s will come cheaper per pound. They'll also allow different combinations when switching exercises. 

Do Rusty Plates Weigh More?

Sure! The oxygen carries mass. And once it chemically interacts with iron to form iron oxide (usually called rust). plates catch up with the weight. If anything, rusty weights are heavier than clean ones. So your workout routine needs to stay the same. 

Why Do Weights Feel Heavier at Different Gyms?

There are two possible explanations.

First is objective; weight tolerance and rust may have a say. On the psychological level, you decipher weights based on size and shape. Small-looking gym weight plates can be denser and thus heavier.


Buying the best Olympic plates is a wise investment. They’re long-lasting, saving you funds and the hassle of purchasing equipment repeatedly.

Dismissing a serious thought on weight plates (they’re just plates) can entail disasters for your fitness goals and space, and for your safety. Here are a few tips to avoid free weight-related injuries.

Although there are different types, bumper plates are a must-have. And Titan Urethane Plates are of no parallel. Do you use bumpers or traditional discs? Mention in the comments!

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